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Jumping into the world of stock trading, and more specifically, penny stock trading, can be a daunting task. Okay, first thing’s first- You’re going to need a trading account of some kind, and access to trading data. Level II Quotes allow you to view the depth of the market on each stock, for example: The number of buyers on the bid, and sellers on the ask, and the prices at which they are bidding and selling.
Over-the-Counter Stocks are very different from stocks that trade on higher exchanges. There are instances when a single trade can have a significant impact on the price of a stock. It can be difficult to find companies at this level with genuinely effective business models, and a lot of cash on hand, which is why most penny stocks are considered speculative in nature. Things that can have a negative impact, are insiders on Wall Street who have been known to manipulate stock prices, people who make money shorting stocks (betting that a stock will go down), and companies that suddenly dilute their own pool of stock by increasing the number of outstanding shares without adding value to the company.
It is impossible to predict what a penny stock will do all of the time, given all of these potential pitfalls, but a smart trader can still get in and out with a profit even in the most hectic of markets.
50DMA (50-Day Moving Average):  A breach of this point on a stock’s chart is generally considered a bullish indicator, also referred to as a breakout. 200DMA (200-Day Moving Average): Passing the 200DMA is a definite confirmation that the stock has been on a bullish run, however, it is at this point that stock can often get top-heavy, and lose momentum.
We constantly look for stocks that continuously raise the bar on both their lows and highs, as this is very often a bullish confirmation.
These various chart patterns are not a guarantee when it comes to predicting the movements of a stock (like we said before, there’s no real way to do so), but with proper due diligence, and understanding of market mentalities, a healthy working knowledge of common setups and indicators can really give you a leg up. In our latest Trading School lesson for beginning stock traders, we will explain the two primary order types, Market and Limit, as well as the different parameters that can then be applied through the use of various other order instructions. As a result of these loose guidelines, Market Orders are almost always filled, provided the stock is liquid. Using limit orders, you are afforded a measure of control to avoid paying more than you want for a given stock. Now, we’ll look at some of the order parameters that include instruction for the automated sale of a stock.
A Stop-Loss protects the purchaser from damaging losses by allowing one to set a price target lower than the current market value that would trigger a sale, should the stock fall to that level. Some might argue that one should always use Stop Orders as a precautionary measure against unacceptable losses.
A Trailing Stop Order serves the same purpose as a regular Stop Order, but instead of a specific price acting as the sell-trigger, it is a set percentage of the market price.
A Day Order, unlike a GTC, only remains open for the remainder of the trading day on which it was placed. Looking at the history of the stock is important as well, both on the news wires and the chart. Context:  Complete lack of trend during the channel or trading range, but often preceded by a trend. We point out channeling stocks and trading ranges regularly for members of our stock pick service.  Come trade with us! If you are familiar with sports trading and like to trade sports events like tennis tournaments or horse races, you’ll have no trouble getting accustomed with the whereabouts of stock trading.
Chances are that you are actually a sports trader who is interested in making the big move to Wall Street. Now that stock traders have been educated about sports trading and possibly went on reading how they could have traded the French Open tennis tournament, it’s time to help you as a sports trader to decide whether stock trading suits you.
Stock trading, much like sports trading, is all about predicting the ups and downs of prices. Position trading and investing long term would definitely suit those who trade occasionally the Formula 1 championship for instance.

On the other hand, stocks are traded around the clock as the sun moves from east to the west and stock exchanges are continually opening and closing, so there will always be an open exchange to risk your money (for more 24-hour action, make sure to check out forex).
You’ll quickly find out that liquidity and volatility are also very crucial in stock trading. The answer to the original question of this post about the move from sports to stock trading is definitely yes. Jim entered the financial world by trading sports and now invests in US stock markets and forex, trying to buy low and sell high. CoolTrade™ is the first and only personal robotic stock trading platform that does not require programming.
Over the past decade, 80% of all stock market trades have been initiated by institutional computers.
You can retain a private broker, and should if it is feasible for you, but most people nowadays handle their penny trading via online platforms, of which there are a plethora.
The bottom line: it is extremely difficult, and inadvisable to trade penny stocks without access to real-time Level II Quote data.
EquityFeed is fairly expensive, however when used properly, can be the most effective implement in a trader’s arsenal. Penny stocks are not generally long-term investments, and more for rapid trades that net quick gains. Stocks currently trading above their 50DMA can sometimes have less resistance preventing upward momentum.
The resulting line is plotted on the chart, and can give you a good idea as to whether the stock is overbought, oversold, or somewhere in between. Market Orders can also be thought of as “open-ended”, in that they contain no instructions for the sale of the stock. Like Market Orders, basic Limit Orders only contain instructions for purchasing a stock, not selling. Instead of having to adjust your Stop every time the stock trends up, the Trailing Stop will “follow” the price up, and remain set to trigger a sale should the price fall a specific percentage below the market price.
A microcap stock is likely to be very volatile and highly risky, yet can return rapid gains at a moment’s notice.
It can sometimes be easier to gain a better feel for a certain stock by improving your frame of reference; it never hurts to check out the competition. Especially if your trading is based on chart analysis and you have been using software that utilizes a ladder, you will quickly make the transition from sports to stock trading. I don’t expect stock traders to read this article, but in case you are, you might wonder what sports trading is. But you’d better specialize in one exchange before testing your strategy to another one; not to mention becoming an expert at a certain industry, knowing its stocks inside out. Get our latest posts and updates in your inbox and learn how we trade, what we trade and why we trade!We hate spam. CoolTrade™ was specifically designed to level the playing field in the stock market for middle-class investors. This robotic intelligence trader platform is capable of executing a user-defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously without user intervention.
Because computer technologies have revolutionized the playing field for stock market participants,  CoolTrade™ University was created to serve the individual investor and day traders as a source for free stock market trading training and stock trading information.
CoolTrade™ is the only fully automated trading platform available to the individual trading investor (and day traders) that trades in the US stock markets and currency exchange 100% unattended, requires no programming knowledge and operates in total stealth, even from your trading broker. An even greater tool for beginning traders would be a large archive of knowledge such as Investopedia.
Check back for future updates with more information on how you can take some of the mystery out of the wonderful world of penny stocks.

The task of understanding Due Diligence in the context of stock trading and how it’s done can be daunting, and seem overly complex. It is important to determine the level of risk which is acceptable to you as you pursue your investment goals, and understand that it changes from stock to stock. Companies that operate in the same industry sector as that of your target stock can provide a more comprehensive picture of its past, present and potential future. After you read that, I’m sure you’ll begin spotting some of the similarities between sports trading and stock trading. My opinion is that the time frame your trading mind is set on at sports will most likely be the most suitable one at stock trading as well.
Just like at sports trading when scalpers decide to commit a small percentage of their bankroll to long term markets. Therefore money and price fluctuation are needed at both sports and stock trading in order to make money.
Some will find the transition natural, others will have difficulties adapting to the huge world of stock trading.
It offers much more beyond the trading term definitions for which we’ve referenced it here. While one shouldn’t take these transactions as definitive proof of anything, it is just one more factor that can be added into the overall picture, as one attempts to familiarize oneself with a business. Thus, I would expect day trading stocks to be fascinating for horse racing scalpers, whereas swing trading would most appeal to people who trade weekend football matches on Friday. I’d bet you likely trade short odds, given favorite horses or teams usually have the necessary liquidity and volatility. In addition online trading is a game of psychology, no matter the instrument you are trading. Whatever you do though and despite how many similarities you’ll point out between the two forms of online investing, I’d suggest spending a lot of time educating yourself and paper trading before risking your first dime. CoolTrade is revolutionary automated trading software that is available to investors who want to trade stocks from their own personal computer! Even then you are most likely going to lose money, no matter how successful you have been at sports trading.
CoolTrade is a trading phenomenon that spun out of the minds of traders and investors just like you. In this Trading School Series, we are going to start along the path to understanding how to conduct Due Diligence.
For example, getting paid dividends would be a new thing for most sports traders, given there isn’t a corresponding situation at sports trading that I can think of. CoolTrade’s robotic trading software is the only point-and-click, NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED, fully designed to run 100% unattended. Yet, in the end it all comes down to how often your predictions are correct and how much money you win or lose in every trade. When a stock trader buys shares, the seller thinks they have found a sucker to sell their shares.
Eventually, traders need to find suckers who would take the other side of their trades, either long or short.

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