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If you are a new investor and intend to take investment seriously you definitely need to understand the stock market data and stock quotes. The next thing you should know to understand the market data and the stock quotes in the Bid and Ask. The minimum and the maximum price at which a particular stock has been traded in a single day is the Day’s Range for that day. In the real world scenario, if the market manipulators are removed from the question, buying stock becomes a worthy accusation. Due to the excessive dependability and usage of mobile devices, new media and social media, there has been a massive increase in the amount of data being generated and processed. Over the years, the rise in data (dubbed as big data) has been almost a billion times than it was before, say the rise of the mobile phenomenon. Big data is humongous data sets which are virtually impossible for conventional technology to process.
In the stock market, people buy stocks – one, because they like the company and two, they want to be a part of its growth phenomenon. We mean that the number of transactions being transacted on the market by real humans is really a very small fraction of the daily trading volumes. In the stock market, each trade creates a ripple effect, the size increases with the size of trade. However, due to speed, scale and volume of the kind of data being created on the stock market, the problem of mapping the data has been growing manifold.
Big data if not managed properly in itself can be dangerous for the market, and coupled with speed, scale and volume (so large) the effect will surely be something new for the market. Markets were up again today on hopes that a fiscal cliff deal can be reached between Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  While many pundits have been predicting a huge bounce for stocks if a deal is reached, we should preach caution to look before you leap here.
By acquiring stock, you place high stake on how the company functions, since the market in itself is a true determinant of the value of the company you’re investing in.

This rising data quality is a result of spontaneous shift of digital occupancy from office to online. Since, rise in data trading volumes have increased a billion times which has brought about a influx in trade transaction by a similar number.
Big data offers great advantage to companies, only and only if they can have the IT infrastructure and the manual know-how to manage and process this data. But, it has been seen that there is already a very limited inclusion of real human wisdom involved in the stock market. This means the real money game of buying and selling stocks by the most serious traders are being enacted by automated systems that do the most gruesome work.
When trading happens at speeds beyond control, the ripple effect can confuse other machines, which leads to an influx in buying and selling of stocks until profit making is maximize. With the growing speed the data is making the human touch extremely insignificant in the market. You can however still see the ticker tape form on television where the stock quotes are flashed across the bottom of the screen of a particular finance related channel.
The highest price that the traders are willing to pay for a particular stock is known as the Bid Price.
Just like the 1y Est is important to develop a better understanding of a particular stock, the 52wk Range too helps the investor to develop some idea about the stock. Other important terms include the Market Capitalization which implies the total value of a company in dollars. In such hue and cry, where my algorithm on the market is better than yours, the entire stock market has become a robot war and has increased the amount of processable data to an extent which has become difficult for market’s IT infrastructure to handle. Even though the market is influenced by the ripple effect, current stock holders make all efforts to keep the system operational. The market is becoming a robotic battlefield, where large IT infrastructure and supercomputer are going to play the money game.

On the other hand the lowest price that the stock traders are offering as the selling price of a particular stock.
It is the minimum and maximum price at which the stock in consideration had been traded in the previous year. The trade will take place only after both the buyer and the seller have reached a mutual decision regarding the price of a particular stock.
The EPS is the earnings per share of a particular stock calculated over the previous quarter.
Stocks are basically identified with the help of their respective ticker symbols and are listed on financial newspapers or websites likewise. By the term change we understand the variance in the closing price that was reported last day and the current value of the stock.
And the Dividend and Yield helps the investor know how much dividends the shareholders earned from a particular stock. The stocks that are traded on the most of the US exchange have their ticker abbreviations ranging from one to four letters.
If the change price is followed with an upward arrow, that means the price has increased by that particular amount and if it is followed by a downward arrow that definitely means that there has been depreciation in the value of the stocks.
The term Previous close is the last price at which the stock market closed down a day before. And the term Open implies that value at which the stock opened on that particular day you are considering.

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