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To start off with it, navigate to Review, and from Track Change click Change Tracking Options. You will reach Track Changes Options dialog, here you can play with loads of options to mark the changes in desired way. If you want to track changes for formatting, enable Track formatting option from Formatting, select type of formatting you want to observe and select a color to distinguish formatting change from other track changes.
Navigate to Review tab, and from Show Markup drop-down menu, you can enable multiple options to keep track changes against them. As shown in the screenshot below, when someone will delete the line, Word automatically strike-through the line and change the font color as specified, on inserting any line, color will change to red. You will also be interested in our previously reviewed guides on How to use Mail Merge in Word 2010 & How to disable protected view in Office 2010. The Remove All button for Comments, Revisions etc removes comments and accepts all tracked changes.

I have checked the Change tracking options, and set deletions and format changes to strikethough,but this doesn’t help.
After tracking changes on a Word 2010 document we accept all changes, turn off tracking and save. I’m trying to set the options so that deletions are called out to the side, as in previous versions of Word, rather than as in-line strikethroughs in the text. Hello there, I am using MS Word 2010, inserting the comments and track changes into the existing documents but having problems with the dates e.g.
I'm reviewing a document in MS Word 2007, and when I add comments, the bubble has red text on a slightly lighter red background. The Track Changes Options dialog isn't of much help, I can change the background color for Comments, and it's slightly more readable. Under Balloons, you can choose different options for noticing any changes to Print & Web layout.

On changing the font, a balloon will be appear at the right margin of the window as configured in Track Changes Options dialog. In versions of Word previous to 2010 when deleting a picture using track changes there would be a strikethrough across the middle of the picture. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. But I know that Word assigns a color to each user who reviews the document, I'd like to be able to change mine to a different one, and still have it work properly when I pass the document on to others.

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