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All market participants agree on the importance of latency, and discussions on the topic frequently appear in the media. Traders reacting to latest market volatility and looking for an advanced pricing framework to model Eurodollar options and other short-term interest rate (STIR) products are migrating to Orc Software's Normal Distribution Model.
The Eastern European financial markets are increasingly looking beyond equities and other "plain vanilla" investment products. Orc Market Maker, Orc?s turnkey solution for derivatives market making, is a low latency, high performance, server based market making application used by demanding market makers to expand operations and increase profitability in today?s challenging market.
CME Group and Orc will discuss what is currently happening in the energy options market and how firms can use solutions like Orc Market Maker to stay competitive in their quoting.
Trading firms and banks rely on Orc Market Maker to capture market share in some of the most competitive markets globally.

For market makers on CME, one of the world's most liquid markets, employing performant technology has long been of particular importance for running a successful business.
However, it is not always clear why latency is important to market makers, which general measures can be taken to decrease latency and what low latency is worth. In this article, we discuss what challenges traders face when looking at this important market. As markets mature, a move to more sophisticated investment products follows quite naturally.
Orc Market Maker is fully integrated with Orc?s complete product portfolio to seamlessly manage risk, analytics, connectivity and trading. This has increased the demands on options market makers as they try to quote effectively in these fast moving contracts.

Then, Orc will demonstrate how firms are using Orc Market Maker to quote these energy options. Rapid advancements in technology, both on the exchange and the participant side, have driven a latency race that has put increased pressure on market makers over the last few years.
Staying competitive in the market and handling not only the speed of the markets, but also the growing data volumes becomes challenging for even the most technologically savvy firms.

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