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Renee Sanders is a fourth-grade teacher at Shelton Park Elementary, and, according to colleagues, she holds her classes to the highest standards - even just in their conversations.
I have the ultimate respect for teachers, both my sisters are teachers and I see firsthand their dedication to their students in spite of the many challenges they face. My definition of a great teacher is one who inspires their students to greatness, instills a sense of confidence, and motivates them to be lifetime learners. Teachers can make a difference in a child's life – and, in some cases, they can make that difference without so much as meeting their students. I'm not sure what school you are a teacher at, but what I can say is, your students are extremely fortunate, to have such a compassionate teacher, who enjoys what she does.
Though we have never met face to face, I will say, that you are truly one of the best teachers I have ever come across. Marx is such a skilled and caring teacher Monika was able to develop the skills needed for success.

Personally, I am not sure why someone would voluntarily choose to be a middle-school math teacher, but I am confident there is no one better suited for this profession than Mr. Although a very bright and successful student, when her fifth-grade teacher recommended her for Advanced Math instead of Pre-Algebra, I had to reluctantly agree. Good Morning America surprised the art teacher with a new 3D printer for her classroom as well as tickets to the upcoming Brad Paisley concert right here in Virginia Beach. Piper, a teacher at Princess Anne Middle School, had Scarpulla’s daughter for a summer school class this year.
Dey’s Physical Education Teacher Scott Kamholtz is proof of the crucial role teachers play in a child’s development.
Case in point, take the example of Kathryn Lienau, a social studies teacher at Landstown High School.
The man behind the annual ShaggFest concert and the Z104 Stuff The Bus campaign is also a graduate of Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Lienau signed up to teach an online summer school class, and Tallwood High School Senior De'Qwuann Jordan was in her virtual classroom. When summer came to an end, and the regular school year was about to start, Jordan let Lienau know how much she meant to him. She enjoyed reading - so much that with the guidance of several teachers and the principal Robin Davenport she helped form an after school reading program.

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