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Hi and welcome to Day Trading University, a resource center for active swing and day traders.
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University is one of the internet's premiere online active day and swing trading training sites. Founded in 1999 by Ken Calhoun, Daytrading University has helped tens of thousands of traders worldwide. Also check for VIDEO Testimonials from traders like we have here extensively at Daytrading University, to prove that the educator is someone that others trust, like we have from dozens of traders on our sites. Ken's Daytrading University site has been trusted by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade stocks, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. Unlike the majority of trading industry vendors (most of who can't prove they even actually trade), Ken is a genuine trader and his articles and training have helped tens of thousands of active traders worldwide since 1999, when he first founded the Daytrading University. Ken is Daytrading University's founder and is a successful entrepreneur, trainer and active trader.

At present, the company claims to have provided training and educational tools to over 8,000 active traders in over 130 countries.Unlike most online educational centers for aspiring traders, Daytrading University places more emphasis on stocks trading over E-minis, options, and forex.
Let’s find out.What Daytrading University Offers to TradersThere are 10 training courses offered by Daytrading University to aspiring traders who wish to have a go at stocks trading.
Each active trader course can also be accessed through the exclusive sites that Daytrading University has put up, including the programs for active trader courses in E-mini, forex, and options training. Below I have outlined several of the active trader programs for aspiring stocks traders and their corresponding coverage.First on the list are Daytrading University Jumpstart Videos for beginners. The course is a 3-part video series that tackles daytrading success, swingtrading success, and tape reading success as well as the techniques that active traders can utilize to maximize their trading gains and increase the profitability of their ventures.Stock Trading Success on the other hand is a 14-DVD and webinar series that aims to teach active traders how they can improve their stock and ETF trading strategies. Students who wish to take advantage of this course are also entitled to 18 months’ worth of trader coaching support which will be delivered twice a month through interactive trading webinars conducted by Daytrading University executives Ken Calhoun and Steve Nison. This course provides additional insights on various entry and exit strategies that students can use to their own advantage once they become ready to actively participate in a live day trading room.Other Active Trading ProgramsBecause Daytrading University mainly provides stock trader training courses and programs, available offerings for forex, E-mini, and options trader training are quite limited. There is also a separate website for their E-mini courses, and those who want to pursue E-mini trading are encouraged to visit it.Forex Firepower and Forex on Fire on the other hand are Daytrading University’s offerings to interested forex traders.

These will include training videos, webinars, guest expert advice, and several other useful resources.Advantages and Disadvantages of Daytrading University CoursesUnlike other trading resource centers that seem to offer just about every program and training material to every potential trader, Daytrading University sets its focus on stocks trading and traders who are really interested in this type of venture. There are no discounts either, so those looking to save money will be disappointed.Pricing and RecommendationPrices for Daytrading University’s offerings vary according to the type of training and the information provided to students. When compared to other trading courses and programs however, some of Daytrading University’s packages cost less than what you would expect. There are no money-back guarantees for the training courses, so one will need to fully evaluate his or her decision before signing up.Traders who wish to have a good grasp of stocks trading and learn about effective techniques and strategies are encouraged to take a closer look at Daytrading University’s programs.

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