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With a rich 8-year history, Abnormal Returns is one of the oldest financial blogs on the Internet with thousands of posts covering a variety of topics. Deal Book is a New York Times blog written by Andrew Ross Sorkin covering topics like M&A, investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, IPOs, venture capital, and regulatory news.
Calculated Risk is a well known financial blog maintained by Bill McBride since January of 2005. Greenbackd is a popular financial blog focused on deep value, contrarian and Graham-based investment theses. The Street Sweeper is a popular financial blog for short sellers interested in finding companies that have questionable practices or reporting. Between the Hedges is a popular financial blog run by a hedge fund manager containing a wide array of market commentary. Meb Faber Research is a financial blog run by Mebane Faber, who is the co-founder of AlphaClone and manager of equity and global tactical asset allocation portfolios. Dividend Growth Investor has become a popular financial blog for fixed income investors, containing a lot of educational articles rather than solely market commentary or individual ideas.
Fallond Picks is a financial blog that provides daily financial commentary with a focus on technical analysis. ValueWalk is a financial blog that began in January of 2010 with a focus on value investing and has since expanded in scope. Kapitall Wire is a financial blog that provides cutting-edge investment ideas, lively commentary, and timely analysis of companies enhanced by its proprietary interactive tools. GuruFocus is a financial blog focused on following top hedge fund managers and institutional investors by looking at SEC filings.
Afraid to Trade is a financial blog that covers breaking news, market trends, and specific trading ideas. TradeStation provides a leading analysis and trading platform to active traders and certain institutional trader markets. TradingSim is a unique platform for replaying historic market movements in order to test trading strategies and train day traders. The Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio Blog provides traders with an extensive source of educational materials related to portfolio management. The Basis Point is a mortgage and housing blog for consumers, investors, and industry professionals. Check out my latest forex video to learn how I set up my daytrading charts & how I know when it s time to start focusing on my 'Between the Greens' set up. A complete guide to the best forex trading blogs on the web See if your favourite is on the list and get voting!.

This Forex blog is used to share my Forex trading experience and any Forex related information that can help the currency traders.
Many of these blogs are maintained by some of the top investors, traders, and economists in the world, with insights that can help traders formulate ideas and enhance long-term returns. While the blog primarily covers news versus forecasts, it has become a staple among financial blogs for its timely and high-quality coverage of events that tend to move the markets quite a bit.
While its coverage of individual stocks is limited, the financial blog is widely followed for its economic commentary.
While the anonymously maintained blog tends to be on the hyperbolic side, many articles point out real concerns with everything from economies laden with debt to high-frequency trading dynamics.
Tobias Carlisle of Eyquem Investment Management LLC has run the blog since December of 2008 during the global economic crisis, with a focus on research-based strategies that have generated long-term, market-beating returns for investors. With many reports throughout the day, traders often use the financial blog as a source for opinions on the latest breaking news, particularly with big name stocks moving the markets. Unlike many other financial blogs, Peridot tends to post longer articles that go in-depth into unique situations or opportunities rather than short summaries of major events or real-time news alerts.
As its name suggests, the blog is focused largely on dividend paying stocks rather than value or growth stocks, which makes it better suited for conservative income investors. With its focus on major indices, the financial blog is a favorite of short-term traders that primarily trade the major indices. In addition to its market coverage, the blog provides research and rankings for top hedge funds, accounting firms, service firms, and other financial firms for investors. In addition to its blog, which is partially maintained by a team of contributors and members, the website provides automated tools designed to help traders and investors track these large institutional investors and mimic their moves in their own portfolios.
Traders use the financial blog to gain both macroeconomic insights and specific trading ideas, with a focus on technical analysis more so than in-depth fundamental analysis. Founder Cory Rosenbloom, CMT, also offers premium services including a series of trading lessons, mentorship, and other subscription services. With a combination of market commentary and actionable trade ideas, both teachers at the trading academy, as well as successful students that completed the program, provide a great resource for traders. On its Traders Blog, the company provides a combination of individual ideas, macroeconomic insights, and weekly recaps.
In addition to newsletter analysis, the financial blog provides contributor content, premium content to subscribers, and a lively community that actively contributes valuable comments. With extensive experience in multiple markets, the TradeStation Blog provides insights into the foreign exchange markets, futures markets, equity markets, and other markets.
With expertise in back testing and day trading, the TradingSim Blog provides primarily educational content to both new and veteran traders.

Founded by the general partner of an investment management company focused on arbitrage strategies, the blog primarily focuses on quantitative opportunities, relative valuation, and correlational analyses, with a combination of timely material and educational content.
Traders may want to keep an eye on the blog for its comprehensive coverage of housing and mortgage market indicators, which can influence individual stocks in the sector and the overall economy.
On commodities trading is relatively lower minimum of stocks options strategies binary signals. The popular blog has attracted more than 15,000 RSS readers and has become a staple in the blogosphere.
The blog notably forbids its editorial team from taking financial positions in the companies mentioned to prevent conflicts. The financial blog is popular among traders for insights as to what major hedge funds and other institutional investors are doing. Traders often use the financial blog as an educational resource, as well as to gain insights into various market trends or specific trading ideas.
Traders may find the Morning Market Briefings the most useful as a precursor to the trading day. Ritholtz writes about everything from specific trading ideas to the excesses of executive compensation to the top five unknown rock albums. The blog primarily focuses on macroeconomic content, but the Buy List provides a great list of potential investment opportunities. Muniz is a partner at Presidium Capital and writes about relatively advanced trading setups that often utilize options. The financial blog covers a variety of different topics ranging from macro commentary to specific trade ideas with a good amount of educational material in between. Of mikes binary options trading stock and technical analyst who had a section on wall street. Futia also runs a subscription-based blog and a trading seminar that provides real-time picks. In addition to the market commentary, the financial blog provides live trades and exclusive content to subscribers. Traders may want to use the blog as a resource for specific trading ideas to follow-up on with additional due diligence. Traders may want to pay close attention to the educational insights that are present in his articles alongside actionable trading ideas.

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