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Many beginners may not realize that we are able to make more money when the market goes down than when it goes up.
These are concepts we use to make a daily income, secure long term wealth, and have our financial freedom. If you would like to see live results of our positions you can follow our day trading blog as well as our global investment blog. The Day Trading Academy is lucky to have over 50 years of combined experience in the markets.
There is a reason why we have been named one of the best day trading schools by one of the largest investing websites in the world, Investopedia. Over 50,000 incredible people have signed up for our newsletter for investing & trading advice - you can too! If so, please join over 50,000 people who receive exclusive weekly day trading and investing tips, and get a FREE COPY of our guide to day trading, to realize the 3 Secrets to becoming a successful trader.Click the green button below! In my new training module, "How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks," I will train you to apply High Velocity Trading (HVT), the methodology upon which I have built my successful trading career.
In Section IV, I will teach you some enhancements that you can apply to the core HVT Methodology which can significantly improve your trading results.
Order my training module "How I Make A Living Daytrading Stocks." In it, I teach you the strategy, rules, discipline and thought processes that have enabled me to make my living as a daytrader since 1994.
Could make money on strong argos jobs how do you make extra for or sell penny stocks is binary options can you. In some of my simulations, I will take you through a series of trades within one stock on a single day.
You will learn every detail on how to master my bread-and-butter strategy, High-Velocity Trading, as I walk you through the main concepts through over 25 real-world trading simulations. Today, I not only daytrade full time, but I am also an Exchange member and run my own proprietary trading firm in La Jolla, California.

We have been able to see great results over the last few years with commodities, stocks, and even E-mini futures.
With increased movement and volatility this is one the best periods in history to learn how to day trade. Whether you want day trade in the mornings and make a daily income or have low maintenance positions that you only have to monitor weekly or monthly.
Over the 12 months between Jan 2013 and Dec 2013 we were able to make a cumulative average of 51.35 points per month. We have a unique team comprising of day trading professionals with decades of experience, financial engineers that have been developing strategies for multi million dollar hedge funds in Chicago (Google Quants Trader on Wall Street), and most importantly, a unique community of people that care about helping you succeed. Share your name and email with us and we'll send you our DTA goodie bag - exclusive content in the form of a special set of emails - covering learning how to trade and invest the smart way. HVT is fast-paced form of daytrading in which you trade brief bursts of price momentum that only occur when you see a distinct combination of movements in the S&P Futures, tick charts and the individual stock you are trading.
Once you have mastered the core logic behind HVT, you will learn how to apply it to your own trading.
By applying HVT, you can potentially capture sharp intraday trends trading the same 3 to 5 stocks many times each day. I will show you how to seamlessly switch your trading direction back and forth between longs and shorts on days which provide you with tradable trends on the up- and downside. Then, once you understand my trading technique, I will then train you to apply it properly using real market action. If you use Scottrade you may recognize the layout as this is the screen shot from our Scottrade account. In Section I, I will build your base of HVT knowledge by showing you how HVT works, what its advantages are, what the trade-offs are, and how it differs from other forms of daytrading. My goal is that, once you have completed my module and reviewed the material as needed, you will not only have the knowledge, but a sufficient amount of hands-on experience with which to successfully apply my HVT Methodology to your own trading.

Once you understand these basic principles, you will understand many of the unique advantages you will have, such as no "nightly research" and trading the same 3 to 5 stocks every day. For the first time, the interactive sequences of my trading simulations allow me to teach and demonstrate this information properly. In Section II, I will teach you the basics you need in order to apply my 8 Trading HVT Trading Rules. How to daytrade successfully with no nightly research and the shortest work hours in the trading world. You'll learn about the relationship between S&P 500 Futures and equities that forms the basis for my HVT trading setups.
If you trade HVT as mapped out in my module, your entire work day can be over within 1 to 4 hours after the open.
Because you will be trading the same 3 to 5 stocks every day, there is no need for time-consuming scans in order to build a nightly hit list. You will learn how to enter trades each time that a stock pauses during an extended intraday trend in order to potentially extract the greatest possible gains from a momentum move. I will teach you how, with only one modification to my standard HVT trading rules, you can trade powerful reversals that occur after shortly after the market gaps open. And once you are entered into a trade, I will show you the fastest and most direct way to detect the onset of momentum weakness and exit before it is reflected in the price action of the stock you are trading. By working with me in this way both on the long and short side, you will learn how to make split-second trading decisions as trading setups take shape in the 1-minute time frame.

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