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One of the first tools to check as soon as you create an account is the Portfolio section (Investing > Portfolio in the top navigation bar). The portfolio allocation tool on your dashboard is also helpful for seeing how much your accounts are diversified.
If you want to go a bit deeper, Mint has a similar tool to Personal Capital under the Investments section. If everything in this article sounds like someone put Greek and Klingon through Google Translate, Betterment may be the best option for you.
You can set up automatic deposits to your Betterment account, much like Sharebuilder, so you can ensure that you keep up on your savings without too much effort. Every provider will have different tools, so we won't go too far into detail about Voya specifically.
It's helpful for people who want to have high degree of control over their investments, but if you're new to investing and just want to see how it works, you should check it out, too.

One of the great things about Sharebuilder is that you can set money aside without investing it and research without risk. Unlike Mint, it has specialized tools to help you diversify your portfolio, as well as compare your performance to the market as a whole.
This site allows you to invest directly like Sharebuilder, but provides many tracking and analysis tools like Personal Capital. While you can use Personal Capital or Mint to monitor your accounts, the firm that made your investment for you may have some useful tools as well. If you're new to investing in general, start by setting a watch list and keep an eye on it for about six months. You can also use the Investment Checkup tool to look into diversification across various industries. It's comparatively low-risk, and in fact is a much smarter option if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to investing.

This tool allows you to see and adjust how much of your paycheck you're setting aside for your 401(k). If you'd rather just keep an eye on it without getting too complex, Mint is our favorite do-it-all finance tool. If you use nothing else to track your investments, this tool in Mint should be something you check once every few months or so.
If you just put money away in your company's 401(k), you'll need different tools than if you're choosing your own stocks, mutual funds, or index funds. You can also check out our intro to investing guide if you need a primer on the stock market and basic investing terminology.

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