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Brand New PLR Content That Helps Your Readers Conquer Their #1 Barrier to Success in Life!

With any goal in life - whether it's financial or otherwise - people tend to stall out when a setback occurs and their self doubt takes root. 

This PLR is specifically designed to help you cater to an audience that needs assistance pushing past setbacks and overcoming obstacles due to a lack of self confidence. 

It's perfect for many different niches - online marketing, weight loss, dating, and more! Any niche that has goal setting and self doubt involved works perfectly for this content.

The concept of this content is to shore up your self image and build confidence in your decisions so that a setback is only a minor blip in the journey, instead of a formidable foe that defeats you and prevents you from achieving your goals. 

Versatile Lead Magnet List Building Bundle

This bundle is a set of four 10-page reports (total of 40 pages) with editable eCovers. They can be merged together into one eBook, broken up into many blog posts or emails, or left as is to serve as a lead magnet series, viral reports or bonuses.

Here's what you get...

1. Cultivate Success in Spite of Setbacks

This 10+ page, 4,385-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Are You Looking for an Obstacle-Free Path to Success?
Determine What It Is You Want Ė and Then Go After It
Expect Obstacles But Donít Fear Them
Learn How to Take Criticism Well
Identify Your Hardship and Create a Plan to Deal with It
Become Relentless in Your Pursuit of All Goals
Doubt-Proof Your Mind to Ward Off Future Failures

2. Success Is Hiding in Your Self Worth

This 10+ page, 4,373-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Success Isnít Based on Superficial Feelings
Some of the Worldís Most Shocking Success Stories Should Inspire You
When Someone Says You Canít, Prove You Can
Be Mindful of Your Decisions to Help Boost Your Success
Your Future Isnít Anchored to Your Parentsí Past
Put Blinders on If You Need to Move Past Self Doubt to Succeed
Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health to Ensure Positive Self Worth
Are Your Biggest Influencers Helpful or Hurtful?
Learn to Live in the Present and Look to the Future
Extend a Hand to Those Behind You to Boost Your Self Worth

3. You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction 

This 10-page, 4,248-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything
Forgiveness Is a Skill You Have to Master
Believe in the Power of Self-Talk and Your Subconscious Mind
You Help Form Othersí Opinions of You with Self Degradation
How Many Years Have You Wasted Wallowing in Low Self Worth?
Most People Have Never Uncovered Their Personal Gifts
Youíre Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success
Donít Look for Approval from Others
Each of Us Is Both Courageous and Intimidated

4. The Power of a Self-Created Image

This 10-page, 4,232-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Everyone Pictures Themselves a Certain Way
Changing Your Self Created Image Is Hard Work
A Self Created Image Can Destroy You or Lift You Up
Low Self Worth Accumulates to Paint an Unflattering Picture of Yourself
If You See Yourself as Weak, Grow Strong
If You See Yourself as Incapable, Become Capable
If You See Yourself as Unlovable, Become Lovable
Donít Avoid Reality When Developing Your Self Created Image 

* All of the reports have flat and 3D eCovers with editable PSD files

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