Resell PLR for Real Estate Agents or Those Who Help Them with Their Online Marketing Efforts

There Are a Couple of Ways to Profit from This Resell PLR.
Watch the Video Below for Some Ideas:

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Dear Marketer,

I often get asked by offline friends what it is that I do. Recently, those friends have asked for guidance about Internet marketing - and several of them were real estate agents. Some of them want to learn how to do it themselves, while others would gladly pay a fee for someone to set it all up for them. 

I was shocked at how much money they're forced to spend on services that deliver little to no results. In some cases, they're paying for websites where the opt in form has the users' information sent to a company-owned database that they don't even have access to  when they want it - and it gets shared with many other agents. So they're basically being held hostage by these companies.

The real estate agents that I spoke to were hungry to learn all about Internet marketing so that they could create and own their own website and build a list that they were fully in control of.

They were also eager to understand the ins and outs of social networking and video marketing for their endeavors.

Download this set of resell PLR that you can profit from a couple of different ways!

Resell PLR is perfect for this niche because you can buy it and turn around and sell PLR rights to real estate agents who already have their own sites.

They're always looking for new content and most agents don't have time to create it themselves because they're too busy.

Another way you can potentially profit from the purchase of this package is to offer a marketing service where you set up the content for the agents.

This could possibly be a higher ticket service that you offer to them - setting up their blog with prefilled content found in this package and setting up their email auto responder system with more of this content.

Real Estate Agents NEED This Content!

Sell it to them straight or sell it as a "done for you" system and level up your profits.

Look at what all is included in the sale:

I wanted the real estate agents to be able to attract many different clients, so the content was written to appeal to buyers, sellers, and house flippers. This package includes:

11+ Page Report: Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale

This 11+ page, 4,801-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- How Staging Can Make or Break Your Home Selling Success
- Focus on Rooms Where Staging Makes the Biggest Difference
- Start with a Deep Decluttering Process
- Remove Personalized and Sentimental Items
- Conduct a Thorough Cleaning of Your Home
- Make a Decision on What to Repair or Remodel
- Add Props to Make Your Home Feel Inviting
- Pre-Tour Your Home Through the Lens of Your Senses
- Head Outside and Spiff Up Your Curb Appeal
- Use the Staging Results to Take Pictures for Your Promos

10+ Page Report: A Buyer’s Guide to Financing a Home Purchase

This 10+ page, 4,387-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Research the Basics of Home Buying
- Navigating the Process of Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval
- Know Your Home Financing Options
- Choosing a Mortgage Lender
- Your Lender’s Tasks – What Should You Expect?
- Find the Home – Make an Offer
- A Home Inspection Can Save You Money
- Get an Appraisal
- Closing the Sale
- Some Final Thoughts About Financing a Home

6-Page Report: Flipping Homes for Profits

This 6-page, 2,520-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- The Key to Profiting on a House Flip
- Locations with the Best Flipping Potential
- Build Connections That Can Help You Flip Houses Fast
- How House Flippers Save Money on Their Investments
- Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Profit from House Flipping

Feel Free to Maximize This Content for Your Real Estate Audience!

Aside from being able to pass along the PLR rights to your customers, they can edit the content in anyway they want and put their name on it as the authors!

They can compile all three reports into one eBook or break up the content by subheadings within the reports and create blog posts or email autoresponder messages out of them.

They can even use snippets of the content for engagement on social networking sites where they want to offer short tips or advice to their buyers and sellers.

Note: Buyers of this reports bundle get the opportunity to add on a 55-article bundle that includes 25 articles for sellers, 25 for buyers and 5 for house flippers. 

Rules for the Resell PLR:

1. Don't Put My Name on It.
2. You Can ONLY Pass on the PLR Rights, Not Resell Rights.

Tiffany Lambert

All rights reserved | Copyright 2017