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The concept of this new PLR is a work and life balance with a focus on preparing for success through a 4-step process: planning, executing those plans, evaluating the results and repeating them.

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40 New Articles Divided into the 4 Main Success Topics (10 per topic):


Very Few Goals Are Reached without a Plan – 481 words
If Failure Intimidates You, Gain Confidence Through Preparation – 496 words
Get Lost in Your Dreams and Let Your Excitement Fuel You – 475 words
Developing a Game Plan Allows You to Anticipate Obstacles – 509 words
Having a Strategy Mapped Out Helps You Achieve Goals Faster – 453 words
It’s Not Enough to Have a Plan – You Have to Have Commitment, Too – 493 words
Your Plans Should Be Based on What You’re Confident You Can Contribute – 483 words
It’s Okay to Plan the Start of Your Journey without Knowing How It Will End – 498 words 
Be Prepared for Your Plans to Take Different Forms Over Time – 483 words
Some of Your Plans Can Be Contingent on Other Things Taking Place – 484 words


Implementing Your Plans Requires Courage, Determination and Commitment – 462 words
Follow Through of Each Task Is Essential to the Truth About Your Effort – 496 words
Momentum Is Key to Crossing the Finish Line with Your Goals – 443 words
Time Management Is a Crucial Skill in Learning How to Execute Your Plans Efficiently – 515 words
Continually Prioritize Your Tasks for the Day for Maximum Progress – 483 words
Collect Data and Make Notes for Future Analysis of Your Efforts – 460 words
As You Execute Your Plans, Pay Close Attention to Your Level of Competence – 452 words
Have Backup Options for Processes that Aren’t Being Implemented Smoothly – 511 words
Strong Execution of a Plan Requires Precise Definition of Roles – 466 words
Don’t Second Guess Yourself During the Execution of a Plan – 453 words


Decide How You Want to Measure Your Success – 489 words
If This is a Repetitive Project, Consider the First Implementation Your Base – 512 words
How Do You Want Your Process to Evolve Over Time? – 476 words
Did Your Results Live Up to Your Expectations, Exceed Them or Fall Short? – 487 words
Did Any Patterns Develop During the Implementation of a Strategy? – 464 words
Evaluate the Time It Took to Reach Your Goal – 520 words
Look at the Quality of the End Result and See If It Can Be Improved and How – 478 words
Analyze the Cost of Success and See Where Your Budget Can Be Improved – 477 words
Evaluations May Need to Take Place an Intervals – 481 words
Don’t Just Evaluate the Results - Analyze the Impact – 453 words


Repeating Your Efforts Results in Success Becoming a Habit – 461 words
Each Time You Repeat a Project, Work on Leveling Up a Bit – 473 words
To Mark the End of a Successful Project Celebrate Your Efforts - 450 words
Scale Up with Your Success By Revolutionizing Your Efforts – 469 words
Don’t Avoid the Struggle By Relishing Your Success – 452 words
If You Believe Fate Controlled Your Journey It’ll Be Hard to Replicate Your Success – 454 words
Keep Pushing Toward a Second Success without Listening to the Naysayers – 472 words
Become a Serial Winner By Parlaying Your Success Into a Next Level Goal – 468 words
Be Careful About Allowing Others to Leech Off Your Success – 482 words
Take Any Element That Failed and Modify It Until It’s Part of Your Success – 473 words

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