Solve the Problem of Duplicate Content and Download This Mega Batch of 10 Full Content Funnel Survival PLR Outlines Now!

This is a niche that I, myself am in - and it's lucrative. One of the most popular forms of PLR that I produce (and to my knowledge I don't know of anyone else doing this) are my funnel outlines.

These outlines include everything you would need for a complete funnel - the eBook, bonus report, opt in or viral report, articles, emails, and product reviews.

For many marketers, the initial brainstorming and research of what ideas to compile is the hardest part - and that's what I've done for you. 

You can take this information and flesh it out into a full product yourself or hand it over to a ghostwriter to do for you.

The BIGGEST PERK is that no two buyers will end up with the exact same final products because you're working from a PLR outline and notes only. 

Want to see an example from a DIFFERENT niche so you can see what I mean by an outline? Here's an example from my previous anti aging funnel outlines launch: Example Only

So as you can see, the ideas have been researched and organized and there are brief notes for each item to explain what you should put into each section. 

Here's what's in this bundle:

Surviving a Weather Catastrophe - 5 pages, 2,121 words of outline and notes

Surviving an Economic Collapse - 5 pages, 1,659 words of outline and notes

Surviving Terrorism or War - 5 pages, 1,902 words of outline and notes

Surviving a Health Disaster - 5 pages, 1,269 words of outline and notes

Survivalist Food and Water Planning - 5 pages, 1,811 words of outline and notes

Survivalist Defense Tactics 5 pages, 2,037 words of outline and notes

Wilderness Survival Tips 5 pages, 1,698 words of outline and notes

Homestead Prepping Plans 5 pages, 1,743 words of outline and notes

Off-the-Grid Living for Survivalists 5 pages, 1.978 words of outline and notes

Survivalist Families and Females 5 pages, 1,760 words of outline and notes

The outlines above give you the potential to have ten full products on the market. 

Think about all of the different info products and tangible items that you can promote for every single one of those topics. And not only that, but I allow you to use this content in a variety of ways.

You can't pass the PLR rights along, or use my name on it - but you can break it up and use it on your blog or in emails or social sites to promote products as an affiliate.

Or you can package it up into a massive membership site or product (with read only rights). It has an enormous potential to help you make sales and influence consumers with a strong call to action. 

Important Upgrade Options You'll See If You Buy

For those who buy the above outline bundle, you're going to see two upgrade options. The first is where I took the Wilderness Survival Tips outline and created a complete full content funnel for you. 

That means I wrote the eBook, sales copy, bonus report, opt in report, articles, emails and product reviews - so you're ready to go with it. 

The second upgrade option available to you if you grab the outlines will be a huge bundle of all of my existing survival PLR - 15 packs - at an enormous discount. This gives you plenty of content to be able to fill up a site with evergreen information that attracts lots of traffic. 

Download Instantly to Your Computer!

Access it immediately and get started right away setting yourself apart in the survival and prepping or homestead niche. 

Sorry, there are no refund on my PLR.

Survival Niche Starter Outline Pack Bundle

Tiff ;)

P.S. I only have 2 rules:

1. Don't use my name on it.

2. Don't pass the PLR rights along to others.