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Do you own a pet site or want to build one? 

If you're like millions of Americans and people all over the world, you're a firm member of the "dog lover's" community. Your pet is a part of your family, and because you feel that way, you invest in them heavily. 

You can create a fantastic dog site that effortlessly generates thousands of likes, shares and profits based on nothing more than your target audience's love of dogs! 

The Perfect Niche for Dual Digital and Tangible Income

As an affiliate marketer or product creator, you can easily cash in on this niche simply by providing your readers with what they need. 

That includes helpful information about their dog's health, training, grooming, nutrition and more. 

But there's another rich source of income to be had from using content in this niche - tangible referrals.  

Even if you're not allowed to be an Amazon Associate, you can promote dog items on Share-a-Sale and Commission Junction, too!

You can instantly download a set of articles designed to attract dog owners to your site and engage them so that they become loyal followers of your advice. 

You Get the Following 20 Articles:

Dog Grooming

1. What's the Best Way to File Your Dog's Nails? - 431 words
2. Finding the Right Shampoo for Your Dog's Bath Time - 401 words
3. Tips to Get Rid of and Prevent Matting Fur - 417 words
4. Is Shedding a Problem with Your Pet? - 425 words
5. Tips on Keeping Your Dog's Ears Clean - 414 words

Dog Health

1. Has Your Dog Been Diagnosed with Parvo? - 418 words
2. First Aid Kit All Dog Owners Need to Have - 417 words
3. What to Do When Your Dog Has Diarrhea - 439 words
4. What Is Reverse Sneezing?  - 411 words
5. Dog Rashes and How to Care for Them - 450 words

Dog Food

1. How to Find Out If Your Dog Is Allergic to Certain Foods - 463 words
2. How to Make the Best Homemade Dog Treats - 460 words
3. Putting Your Dog on a Diet - 454 words
4. Do You Feed Your Dog Too Much Human Food? - 520 words
5. Is Raw Food Good for Your Dog? - 467 words

Dog Training

1. How to Stop Your Dog from Hunting Small Animals - 526 words
2. Is Your Dog Aggressive Over Food? - 620 words
3. Stop Your Dog from Digging Up Your Yard - 535 words
4. Three Potty Training Issues You Can Solve with Ease - 555 words
5. The Best Way to Socialize Your Dog - 537 words

Think about how eager people are to pursue and share things about pets online - especially when it comes to dogs.

You can quickly and easily be part of that online community and be rewarded financially for your efforts.

Heads Up About Profit Upgrade

I've split this into two parts, so if you invest in the informative portion of this content listed above, you'll be given the chance to download a second profit-based bundle with 20 dog product reviews and more than $72 worth of additional dog PLR.

Dog Parenting PLR

P.S. I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

1. Don't use my name on it.

2. Don't pass along the PLR rights to it.

Tiff ;)