Earn More Commissions Than Ever By Making One Simple Tweak to Your Review Blog

High Quality Content Pack Delivers What Consumers Are Desperately Looking for You to Provide!

Have you been slapping up review after review on your blog, only to log into your affiliate accounts every day to see a big, fat zero in the commission column?

Were you told to just review the best products with the highest ratings and a particular price point - and you'd be enjoying a thriving online business? 

I've watched affiliates just like you get duped for years. Maybe it's not intentional, but the fact is, the people teaching affiliate marketing often leave out one very important fact: 

You'll Stay Broke Unless You Can OVER-Deliver with Your Reviews

Yes, of course your readers want to know the features, specifications and pros and cons of products that you promote. 

Who wouldn't? 

But until you can go above and beyond and help guide buyers past the point of purchase, you're going to be unable to compete with affiliate who are using this tactic.

How can you push past their most pressing objections?

It's easy - teach them how to use what they plan to buy!

Elevate Your Expertise and Foster Consumer Loyalty with Content in One of the Hottest Selling Niches Online

Instead of only telling people what to buy, and why, teach them how to make the best use of their potential purchase!

Small kitchen appliances can be used for many reasons, but putting a healthy slant on the articles attracts a large audience.

Plus, they sell like hotcakes:

See how many sales and reviews are on Amazon alone? You can promote there, or through sites using Share-a-Sale or Commission Junction, too (sites like Wal-Mart or Target, for instance). 

30 Top Quality Articles on How to Cook Healthy Meals Using a Variety of Small Kitchen Appliances*

I chose individual categories from Amazon's bestseller list and created an article for each type.  The articles teach the reader how to use the product they're considering buying with a health conscious slant. 

You have the opportunity to link to the tangible products or promote other health info products if you choose to! 

Here's what's in the pack:

Cooking Healthy with Crockpots - 429 words
Healthy Meals You Can Make in a Microwave - 461 words
Using Food Processors to Boost Health - 400 words
Turn your Rice Cooker Into a Health Gadget - 442 words
Countertop Blender Ideas for Better Health - 442 words
Masticating Juicers for a Boost of Energy - 453 words
Can Contact Grills Shave Calorie Consumption? - 417 words
Healthy Things to Make in a Toaster Oven - 431 words
Bread Machines for Health Conscious Cooks - 431 words
Use Mixers to Make Your Meals More Healthy - 405 words
Popcorn Poppers Are Perfect for Healthy Snacking - 412 words
Do You Have a Dehydrator to Help You with Your Health? - 457 words
Rotisserie Cooking Thatís Good for the Heart - 421 words
Electric Griddles Can Cook Up Healthy Fare - 427 words
Using Pressure Cookers to Whip Up Healthy Meals - 440 words
How Cast Iron Cookware Contributes to Your Health (*Not an appliance but healthy cookware!) - 421 words
Woks Are Great for Healthy Kitchen Cooking - 447 words
Choose Steamers for Smart and Healthy Meals - 433 words
How Food Scales Can Keep You Healthy - 428 words
Spiral Your Health Upward with Vegetable Spiralizers - 454 words
Hand Held Blenders Make Life Easier - 413 words
Personal Size Blenders for Health and Convenience - 410 words
Consume More Healthy Citrus with a Citrus Juicer - 452 words
Centrifugal Juicers Can Provide Nutrition and Excellent Taste - 437 words
Use a Panini Press for Healthier Meals - 420 words
Waffle Irons for Ultra-Creative Meals - 439 words
Ice Cream Machines Can Be Nutritious (Really!) - 417 words
How to Use a Grain Mill to Get More Nutrients and Vitamins - 441 words
Herb and Spice Grinders for Zest and Taste - 422 words
Sous Vide Cookers Are Healthy and Help You Cook Like a Chef - 524 words

Put an End to Cold Selling and Share Some Value with Your Prospective Customers First!

Buyers of these articles get access to an opportunity to grab a second bundle that includes a set of 30 high quality "top 3" product reviews for each of the items listed above. 

So for instance, top 3 crockpots reviewed, top 3 waffle irons, and so on. Plus there's an additional 8 packs of healthy nutrition related PLR from my PLR store included in that bundle if you choose to buy it. 

30-Pack of Articles: Healthy Small Kitchen Appliances

PLR Rights: 

1. Don't put my name on it.

2. Don't pass along the PLR rights to others.

Tiff ;)