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Bug Out Starter Content Pack

Nothing has helped the survival-prepping niche grow more than the 24 hour news cycle. It plays into the concerns of consumers worldwide, and in America, that means many who previously thought nothing of it, are now making sure their family is properly prepared for any disaster. 

Whether it's watching a story about a weather disaster, a foreign leader with nuclear capabilities, an economic collapse or a nervous stock market, a health scare (like bird flu, Ebola, or the Zika virus) - people are getting ready so that in the event something bad happens, they don't have to worry.

Think of how many times we see simple pictures shared on social media about grocery store shelves being wiped out in an instant when a winter storm hits. Imagine what it would be like if there was a real disaster looming with no end in sight?

This niche has grown from something only pursued by an educated and informed few - into a mainstream niche everyone's clamoring to find out about. That's why it's been nicknamed the Doom Boom - because there's been explosive growth in the last decade, and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

You can target many dual niches (increasing your profit potential), including:


Hunting and Fishing

Meal Prep - Canning/Dehydrating



Self Defense


Health...and more!

Guide Worried Consumers on How to Bug Out and What Supplies They'll Need Using Readymade Content Written By a Prepper!

Bugging out is the very first step any man or woman needs to know before they begin prepping for a long-term disaster. Everyone should have a 72-hour bug out bag handy - something suitable to get them past the most crucial moments when escape from harm is vital. 

This is a niche that I, myself am in - both as a marketer and as a consumer - and it's lucrative. I whipped up 20 articles specifically designed to help my fellow prepper marketers attract traffic and educate their audience about what they need to know about bugging out. 

Here's what's in this bundle:

The Definition of Bugging Out Can Vary - 551 words
Pros and Cons of Bugging Out Versus Bugging In - 563 words
Picking the Best Location for You to Bug Out - 535 words
Practice Your Bug Out Scenarios for a Seamless Escape - 522 words
Strategies You Need to Learn for a Bug Out Situation - 563 words
The Importance of Speed in a Bug Out Situation - 482 words
Donít Draw Attention to Yourself and Your Supplies When Bugging Out - 514 words
When Bugging Out, Awareness Is Key - 530 words
Bugging Out with the Right People - 538 words
What Does It Mean to Be a Gray Man During a Bug Out Event? - 545 words
Study Human Psychology to Help You Navigate Treacherous Situations - 472 words
Physical Fitness Prepping for a Bug Out Scenario - 537 words
How Heavy Should Your Bug Out Bag Be Realistically? - 553 words
Regional Threats to Be Aware of When Bugging Out - 509 words
Check Your Bug Out Bag for Sounds - 430 words
Use Unscented Toiletries When Bugging Out in Dangerous Situations - 489 words
Donít Multi-Task When Youíre Bugging Out - 466 words
Understanding the Terms Bug Out Bag, Inch Bag and Go Bag - 536 words
See Which Items You Can Combine to Save Space - 505 words
Place Extra Supplies Along Your Bug Out Routes and Secondary Paths - 467 words

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Bug Out Survival PLR Article Bundle

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