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We understand you don't want any bad surprises before, during or after you board so we follow through start to finish ensuring everything runs smoothly. Charter Brokers attend seminars about marine law, contracts and destinations, so they can be helpful through the entire process of the charter, from your initial yacht search, to signing the contract, to arranging the charter logistics and provisioning, to seeing your happy faces in photos at the end of the charter. Welcome to the BEST WEBSITE to view EVERY used boat and pre-owned yacht for sale and for trade.
This advanced website, updated daily, allows you to quickly select yachts of interest from the a€?Yachts For Salea€? List Column at the right side of this page. We have buyers and sellers of used boats and pre-owned yachts for sale and trade coming here to the a€?yacht capital of the worlda€? to buy or sell their boat or yacht in the Fort Lauderdale area due to the tremendous volume of yacht sales and marine services available. Adventure Yachts is also one of the few yacht and boat brokers in the Fort Lauderdale area that can and will take your trade-in. If you would like to trade in your current boat or yacht, please contact us for a complimentary valuation of what your boat or yacht is worth and how we can save you money on sales tax as a boat and yacht broker in Florida.
Just let us know what type of trade: boat, car, yachta€¦you have and what type of yacht or boat that youa€™d like to buy, and wea€™ll do our best to make it easy and make it happen for you.
We also provide yacht and boat financing, full maintenance and upgrade services, surveys, and can assist you with all your boat and yacht needs both before and after your investment.
Depuis plus de 30 ans a votre service a Antibes Juan les pins, la societe Rio France est votre partenaire indispensable pour tout ce qui concerne la plaisance sur la Cote d'Azur. Buying a luxury yacht is an emotional experience and usually the culmination of a long dream. Reading this yacht buyers guide and preparing yourself and planning for the boat search is very important to avoid hastily buying the wrong used boat and spending too much money as a result of your excitement.
Buying used boats can be a time consuming and complex exercise with finding the best boat, pre-surveys, offers, counter offers, arranging sea trials, haul outs and surveys let alone lien checks, taxes, documentation, licensing or registering the boat and making sure that everything listed is there when you take possession.
I offer you a full-service yacht brokerage; from assistance in selection of just the right boat to bringing her home.
You can search for and buy your yacht or used boat on your own but are you going to have every possible advantage on your side to help you buy the best for the least? Buying a yacht is broken down into to 2 distinct and different parts; consultation and the actual purchase.
I have received a full background check of my past business practices and am bound by a specific code of ethics and regulation. My Florida license number is 5822 issued by the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation. There are a few things I urge you to consider before you begin to search for your used boat. I also have a relationship with a number of independent yacht insurance brokers who can also get you the best coverage for your money. We have developed a 10 point process as part of our yacht buyers guide for locating that perfect boat.
When you enlist me in your yacht or used boat search, the first thing we’ll do is prepare an “inventory” of your “perfect” yacht. Buying a used boat is compromise and some will suit your intended usage much better than others. The varieties of equipment and layout are endless but the benefits and downfalls of each will quickly become apparent after spending some time evaluating each vessel. I will determine if there are similar repossessed or used boats on (and off) the market, the history of the yachts, how long they have been on the market, and the motivation of the seller. Once we determine which styles will work best, I’ll then do some background investigating, making calls to the listing brokers, about the condition of each one. When I locate a few used boats that might just fit the bill, we’ll schedule a trip to go look at them. The Price – If you call any used car dealer or bank in North America and name any production automobile, they will quote a value of within a few dollars of each other. Simply speaking, a used boat is only worth what you are willing to pay and a seller is willing to take.
Review what a Purchase and Sales Agreement contains and how it offers you buyer protection. Part of our offer will be to have a marine survey completed with the findings to your satisfaction. On the day of the sea trial, we’ll bring on board the selected surveyor(s) to inspect the vessel in detail. Language in the Offer to Purchase we have prepared states that if you don’t like the way she handles you can walk away from deal and have your deposit refunded. Once we have completed the survey and sea trial, our Offer to Purchase requires you to sign a formal acceptance document and either accept or reject the used boat.
Once signed by both parties, this document serves to initiate the final legal closing for the yacht. We use a third party company to handle documentation, title abstracts, USCG recording of Bills of Sale, offshore registrations, etc.

At Paradise Yachts, this is what separates me from the rest of the yacht Brokers and boat traders. As our customer, you ladies can expect to receive guidance from me on a number of topics necessary for you to feel confident on the water. As we discuss these various topics, I’ll make sure you understand what the Captain is doing as you complete your roles so you will both be coordinated. Why does your yacht buyers guide not approve of me calling the listing broker when I find a used boat on the Internet?
I am a first-time big yacht buyer; the thought of handling a big boat while docking scares me.
Join our mailing list and be the 1st to receive the latest news, offers and exclusive promotions all delivered directly to your inbox. Over the years I have dealt with many brokers; mostly the kind that are there for the quick deal and then on their way. Yacht broker Croatia is a yacht broker agency, specialized in boat trade and boat brokerage in Adriatic. The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. With the thousands of boats available we take this long task of choosing the yacht you want and we suggest ones we think are appropriate for your budget and preferences.
With our endless positive clients reviews that often praise the brokers for their expertise, communication and support we know that we are doing something right!
The Boatbookings team regularly attend these and so we keep up to date with all the current information, rules and regulations to make sure that we offer the best service possible. We want to put you on the right yacht so that you will come back year after year, as opposed to operators who want only to put you on their boat. While the vast majority of charters go flawlessly, if something does happen, you need someone on your side to help solve the issue. Retail brokers work directly with yacht fleet managers, similar to how a travel agent works on your behalf. Brokers are plentiful, but only a select few are willing to take the time and effort to put the customer first.
If you are looking for a yacht broker in the Fort Lauderdale area to help you sell your yacht with maximum internet exposure, your search for a professional yacht broker stops here. Our yacht brokers have the experience and a strong desire to succeed in searching and negotiating for the perfect yacht for you. This can be an exciting time and a lot of fun as the vision of cruising off into the sunset is very appealing.
If you are a first-time yacht buyer, we’ll be especially helpful in our service to you. Selecting a yacht broker to assist and represent you is critical to a satisfactory outcome, both economically and emotionally. As this yacht buyers guide explains, I make my money from a share of the sales commission paid by the seller from the sale of the vessel.
The State of Florida and California are the only two states in the US that have professional regulations covering yacht brokers. A sedan trawler with full 18″ walk around may not look as sleek as a motor yacht but you will be able to reach the dock without being an acrobat. I know many certified surveyors and I’ll recommend several that are “top shelf” and ask that you interview and select the one you prefer; here are some pointers on how to choose a surveyor at this post.
His job is to operate, test, and evaluate everything onboard to make sure it works and is in serviceable condition. During the sea trial you will get to operate all of the onboard equipment, run the vessel at operating speeds, observe how she behaves and basically operate the vessel and everything aboard to make sure she is what you expected. We will facilitate all the paperwork requirements needed to complete the sale, from the initial Offer to Purchase to the Bill of Sale. Boating has long been considered a manly activity but in the past 5-10 years, more women are getting involved. I will find your chosen used boat, facilitate your purchase and get her to port to have her shipped to you. Generally, I write the Offer to Purchase such that it is partly based upon your personal inspection.
We want to thank you ever so much for all that you have done for us, this week has been a whirl wind, an education and learning process and fun. In our offer we have used sailboats for sale and used motorboats for sale, as well as new yacht models for sale. Our charter brokers have been doing this for years and have gained the skillset, contacts and competencies to locate the best of each of these for the best value. We have brokers over the world that know their destination, yachts and contacts like the back of their hand, so check out destinations such as Greece, the French Riviera and the Caribbean! Charter Brokers do the searching for you - they research the yachts, crews, and then they negotiate on your behalf.

In consultation with you we will recommend suitable yachts from among our multiple owners and operators to assure the yacht you choose is right for you. This is especially true if you're chartering in a foreign country where you may not know local customs or even be able to speak the local language.
In fact, if you're dealing with a MYBA yacht (most of the key luxury yachts) the price is guaranteed to be the same no matter how you charter your yacht. We are independent of any specific yachts and therefore can survey the entire market and find the yachts that meet your needs.
Have a look at our frequently asked questions if you are still pondering, if your question isnt on there get in touch!
Let our yacht brokers use our yacht marketing plan to sell your yacht quickly for a good return on your yacht investment.
I will listen closely to your wants and needs and help you determine if the used boat you are considering is the right boat for you at the best value. The trunk cabin trawler looks salty but a sundeck model will keep your guests dry when it rains. Anyone can look up asking prices on boats on Yachtworld, but I have an intimate knowledge of current market conditions, the values of used boats, a familiarity with similar boats, and information on recent sale prices and time on the market through industry resources not available to the public. With over 15,848 boat manufacturers (USCG Listings) represented in North America there is no such market for used boats and there is no official Yacht Blue Book that gives retail and wholesale prices. We take care of documentation, taxes and other fees, as well as certificates of ownership, and title abstracts you will need. You ladies no longer want to be confined strictly to the galley; you now want to be part of the total lifestyle. If you make the initial call on your own, the listing Broker is likely to claim that you are now his customer and refuse to allow me to be involved.
If you ask, I will recommend some that I know that do a thorough job with surveys and treat their customers appropriately.
This way, if you cannot travel to look at the boat immediately; you rely upon my advice that I have found you a good boat. He left the US and gave me instructions to find him one based upon the specifications that he gave me.
This service does not increase the price, in fact in many cases the broker can get you a better deal because of their relationships in the business. We work with our operators on a daily basis, and because of our size and relationships we can push hard for a satisfactory result. When the selling Broker does so and “sells” the boat, the seller will pay the Broker for his efforts. I have access to some of the best marine finance sources available and will arrange for you to meet with them.
You are going to be excited and would not want your emotions to get the best of you causing you to act in haste. Some parts of the used boat are not accessible unless you cut through a bulkhead and we’re not going to do that. If the issues are correctable, we again negotiate with the seller and determine if the seller will correct the items before we take delivery or reduce the price accordingly and you correct those things after you take possession.
Of course, I’ll be there to offer words of encouragement, not letting you get into trouble. If you don’t like it when you do see it, you can back out and have your money refunded.
We have Pricess, Sunseeker, Fairline, Cranchi, Bavaria, Elan, Jeanneau, Beneteau second-hand yachts for sale. I will be your devil’s advocate, helping you make the best decision and help decide if the boat is just right for you. Oh yes, during the survey it’S ok to ask your surveyor questions of how he’s doing, just don’t hover over him.
I am committed to you, my customer, with the understanding that I will receive compensation for my efforts. I’ll also be there to take a look at her with you, likely looking for things you would overlook. When you find one that interests you or may have potential, just send me the listing number and I’ll take it from there.
Just 10 days ago, June 17th, the boat arrived and he saw it for the first time; he was very pleased. If you have boats for sale or if you are looking to buy a boat, we are yacht broker in Adriatic specialized in yacht trade in Adriatic.

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