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The obvious choice was a Drascombe Dabber, which has the kick-up rudder lacking in bigger Drascombes, or a Scaffie with its simple rig and uncluttered cockpit, but although they are robust and pretty boats, they don't sail upwind or in light airs. This boat will be kept on the edge of the lake, either hauled out onto a beach or kept on a running mooring, so it needs to be fairly light. I'd like it to be capable of accommodating two or three friends for occasional trips, but could live with a limit of one or two.
There seem to be lots of boats which fit the criteria so far, but I have a few extra requirements which narrow the field. Most of my use will be day-sailing, but I would like to be able to do some overnighting in the boat.
One other thing: I love the idea of having a small mizzen, to facilitate heaving-to and stabilising the boat at anchor. And finally, the heart and head agree on one thing: lots of epoxy-plywood boats fit both the lightness criteria and the real-boat-feel criteria. I have been googling way and reading lots of blogs and forums, and so far, the boats which seems to come closest to my criteria are the designs of John Welsford and Iain Oughtred.
I'm slightly tempted by the Swallow Boats Trouper 12 and Storm 15 or Storm 17, but none of them quite gets there. Rationally, the Navigator looks like a wise choice against nearly all my criteria except rowability: it looks just a little fat for easy rowing. It seems to me that the singlehanding problem is likely to be mostly a matter of stability, solveable by ballast.
It answers none of your criteria, but I thought I'd throw in a vote for the Dublin Bay Waterwag, seen here in Lough Erne. Not too big for a smaller person to sail, row, or haul, but with enough capacity for several.
If you love the CY you will love her almost twin Tern sisters even more - Sooty and Arctic. It would be interesting to work out the maximum weight one can push off and pull up a tidal beach?
I suspect that the Oughtred Rowan design (as recommended above) may be the perfect boat for you, as you clearly want a sail & oar boat, not one with an outboard.
The only other thing to consider would be a similar boat with a plank keel or flat dory bottom -- either the double-ended Gunning Dory or something like Duck Trap's Christmas Wherry with the plank keel option. Navigator and BayRaider are lovely boats, but they fail in the same area as the Caledonia Yawl in not being ideal to row. I suppose that if you are mostly on flat, muddy beaches, your preference may vary, but I'm almost always on pebbly shingle. Showcases the life and times of the Norfolk Broads, including the myriad of ways of working and living on the Broads.
Inside the friendly reception has a shop selling Broads related items and a few refreshments.

This area of the museum is housed in a shed once used to store coal, timber and farm produce waiting to be transported via the Broads rivers in wherries. In this part of the museum you can meet a marshman and investigate his very traditional lifestyle as he harvested reeds and sedge for thatching, marsh litter for animal bedding and hay for horse and cattle feed. In this area you can sit and watch a video explaining the history, traditions and origins of the Broads. There are cabinets containing old tourist brochures and examples of Broads related tapestries. This 20lb fish in a glass cabinet, apparently was caught by a boy from Hickling aged just 6 years in 1955!
In the children's area, there are things to do like turn this boat wheel, linked to port and starboard indicators. In the boat shed you can see examples of how water transport has been vital to the social, business and leisure life of Broadland. The larger boats are scattered about the yard outside and include a provision boat operated by Curtis stores, a Broads racing yacht, a Broads sailing cruiser and a weedcutter.
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I'm not looking for luxury or a cabin, and apart from a bit of stowage for clobber, I don't think this alters my requirements much except by pointing me a little larger to allow some reasonable payload. There are several boats there which catch my eye: Welsford's Pathfinder and Navigator, and Oughtred's Thirrik, Arctic Tern and Caledonia Yawl.

I guess that removable lead ballast is an acceptable solution, though I don't see any reason why I couldn't make a custom-moulded water ballast tank to fit under the floor boards and then use a suitably-arranged bilge pump to empty and fill it. Very well resolved, water ballast for windy days on your own and will be available as a CNC plywood panel kit or complete kit.
The very practical designs that your head would choose such as Navigator or BayRaider 17 might win after 5 years using them? The Norfolk Broads, one of England's unique landscapes, were formed by medieval peat diggings, which became shallow lakes, linked by winding rivers. You can see a full size replica of a wherry 'cuddy', the master's sleeping and living quarters.
You can see working boats, such as punts, displays covering topics such as windmills and even local art.
Examples include a commissioner's launch, the world's smallest concrete boat an ice yacht and an airbourne lifeboat. The interactive displays make this museum interesting for little ones as well as grown ups! Started out tied to the mast of an open catboat aged 18 months, progressed to rowing a wooden dinghy on a lake, graduated to racing a Mirror I helped build, and then raced a very-battered paleolithic plastic 420.
Thinking further, I realised that the boats I loved most were the wooden ones: my ancient clinker-pram rowing dinghy and Mirror.
Still, it must sail respectably in light airs: ghosting along in light winds is a great joy and a real must-have.
That sounds trivial, but when i thought carefully about my intended uses, I realised that being able to sling a hook and then lie down in the bottom of the boat would be one of the most pleasurable things I could do. Today they are a haven for both wildlife and recreation, but behind the tourist industry lays a myriad ways of working and living, much of which is on display in the museum. There's nothing to beat being afloat on varnish you've applied yourself, and since most of world is turning plastic these days, I don't want my waterborne relaxation to be plastic too. I'm not a first-rate woodworker, but I'm confident enough in my skills to build something myself provided I start with a kit. The museum is split into a number of themed buildings, with larger exhibits displayed out in the yard. You may request a TIFF file, if available, or a larger interpolated size for your output needs.

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