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I told my wife that I planned to remodel the kitchen because we were replacing our appliances. Once I started the project, I learned quickly that you should never paint a wood surface that you will eventually want to strip the paint off. Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company is a boat building and spar fabrication shop located in Orleans on beautiful Cape Cod. This entry was posted in Home repair, restoration & improvement and tagged 34 Suzanne Leahy, cover story, Epoxyworks #34, Pleasant Bay Columns, spars, Spring 2012, STA Architectural Group on June 15, 2015 by ewadmin. Having thought about constructing a nice lantern post for many years, I was inspired when I read an article in Woodenboat Magazine about building hollow spars with “bird’s mouth” joints. This entry was posted in Home repair, restoration & improvement and tagged 34, Donald Stevens, Epoxyworks #34, lantern post, spars, Spring 2012 on June 7, 2015 by ewadmin. There are often interesting articles in Epoxyworks magazine illustrating the different uses of the WEST SYSTEM epoxy. This entry was posted in Fixing Broken Stuff!, Home repair, restoration & improvement and tagged 28, Epoxyworks #28, Jeff Blackmon, lawn deck, redwood, rot, Spring 2009 on April 3, 2015 by ewadmin.
Those working on projects that use epoxy for restoration and rot repair often ask, “How long will this last?

At the end of moving day, after many large items had passed through the doorway, our house’s steel door was left with a nasty crease about a foot long. This entry was posted in Fixing Broken Stuff!, Home repair, restoration & improvement and tagged 24, Epoxyworks #24, Fall 2006, Jim Derck on January 27, 2015 by ewadmin.
The Mahogany hull was cold-molded in Holland and imported by Paul Rimoldi of Miami Florida.
Here are three projects that are perfect examples of what you can do with those partial cans of WEST SYSTEM® resin and hardener.
The first thing she said was, “Not another project!” She has learned over the years that I will always be working on something. With a lot of help and advice along the way, I developed an efficient system to make hollow “bird’s mouth” poles that were turned into masts, booms and gaffs for sailboats, and flagpoles.
Having a pile of red cedar drops from other projects I came up with the design of using two staved sections connected by a turned collar of the same material.
I admire the time and effort that goes into some of these handmade boats that are like art projects.
Will the rot return?” At Gougeon Brothers, Inc., we have lots of in-house test approaches that can analyze tension, compression, shear, and fatigue.
With a ?” thick coating, you can cast a variety of objects in the epoxy for decorative accents.

But in my particular situation, I was most concerned about strength rather than the aesthetics.
Coins, fabrics, sticks of wood, memorabilia and photographs have been used in this decoupage application. There are two levels on this deck, with the patio furniture on the top level and a built-in hot tub in the lower level.
We bought the boat in August 1992 from his widow and sailed it for almost a season before we discovered that the hull was in very poor condition; the Urea-resin glue between the veneers had begun to turn to dust.
Flagpoles were shipped as far away as Bermuda or installed on the facade of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. But after some doodling on paper, I decided to build a planter with flared sides and rounded corners.

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