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Our wooden masts and spars are made with the same uncompromising quality and attention to detail as our oars and paddles. Unfortunately, because of its length, this product cannot be shipped through our Online Store.Please call 800-240-4867 to place your order.
Ash Our workhorse hardwood, ash is extremely durable and tough, and well suited to a wide variety of paddling and rowing conditions. Spruce Our lightest and only softwood, spruce is an excellent choice for an all-around, every day paddle and almost all rowing oars. Soft Maple A durable, closed grained hardwood with a moderate flex, soft maple is usually slightly lighter than ash, and therefore excellent in a wide variety of conditions. Bird's Eye Maple With strength and flex attributes nearly identical to curly maple, bird’s eye maple features a distinctive pattern that resembles tiny, swirling eyes. Curly Maple Sometimes called tiger or ribbon maple, curly maple features a translucence that can only be described as radiant. Mahogany An imported hardwood well suited for boathooks and inlaid tips on oars and double blade paddles. Walnut Similar to cherry in its weight and flex, walnut’s deep chocolate brown, with beautiful grain, make it an attractive choice both on and off the water. Sassafras Favored most by the paddling craftsmen at Shaw & Tenney, sassafras is nearly as light as spruce, but as a hardwood, is far more resilient. To determine the correct length oar for your boat measure the distance between the port and starboard oar sockets.
To help our customers size their oars correctly, we’ve been using the same formula since 1858: Measure the distance between the center of the port and starboard oar sockets, which hold the oar locks on each gunnel. For traditional wooden paddles the ideal length for the Stern paddler is the bridge of your nose or 6 inches less than your height. For paddling canoes when standing (yes our mother let us do this) a 69 inch or 72 inch paddle is usually about right. While technically founded in 1858, this hand painted sign dug up from the archives shows that the company was actually doing business two years before that. I am looking at a 110 Oregon pine mast that was designed by Camper Nicholson in 1966 and is part of a 100' Bermuda ketch. Location: maine There are many different wooden mast construction types, the most common being solid, solid laminated, and hollow. Laminated spars can check too, but there normal checking should be quite minor compared to a solid spar. Location: Eustis, FL A new mast would have a few sections to it to make up the length. Even if you do get a good deal on an aluminum stick, all the hardware will have to change or need modification to attach to the aluminum extrusion. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Our search engine is sad too when it tries to fetch images that have been recently removed.

Royalty Free images such as Wooden mast can be used and modified for web designs (websites, headers, icons, banners), advertisements (flyers, brochures, posters), powerpoint presentations, book covers and pages, CD covers, software applications (apps) and many more. I just know this is going to be a super fine thread and your model is going to be a joy to behold for a long time after she is done.
If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
Sailor, there have been a few times when I wondered just what exactly I'd gotten myself into. In their latest on line newsletter (which is a very good read by the way) is this ad for a DVD- Bob do you know anything about the mentioned use of ammonia? Maybe I should figure out how to add a bit of a weathered look to give a plausible reason to have the cabin to off and be caulking the deck with the rig in it.
For a display case I was thinking about a glass case with a book self under it for the growing collection of boat books that seem to be piling up. I noticed on strake 5 that the planks were really straightening out so for number 6 the whole strake came out of one plank. McCaffery holds the record for a contemporary ship model at auction, in excess of $100,000 for one of his Navy Board style warships. McCaffery also works in larger scales, but with the same fine detail as in his micro miniatures. The kicker with Lloyd McCaffery is that he doesn't live in some salty harbor town oozing with maritime history. We have made hundreds of masts and spars for boats as small as nutshell prams, for many Herreshoff designs, and numerous larger boats like Concordia yawls. We typically require the original naval architects drawings or your old mast, but can assist you in dimensioning the mast if the aforementioned items are unavailable to you.
Ideal for mast making, it has the highest strength to weight ratio of all North American softwoods. A deep red, closed grained hardwood, cherry is strong and durable for virtually every paddling condition. And like walnut, bird’s eye maple boasts a beautiful visual appeal both on and off the water. Grown here, in Maine, curly maple is also a hard wood — often lighter than ash, and often more flexible.
Valued for its wonderful flex, sassafras continually darkens over time, and always maintains its beautiful patina.
Then apply the Shaw and Tenney oar length formula to determine the oar length that will provide the correct 7:18 leverage ratio.
Either way, we're still the second oldest manufacturer of marine products in the United States today.
There are several cracks along the mast (See photos) My question, can or should the cracks be repaired and can this be a good mast and how do I tell.
Alan is correct in that checking on this type of mast is normal and that only on site inspection by a qualified person is required.

Check with Dwyer Masts and see if they have a section large enough to accommodate your requirements. In Reuel Parker’s leger on cold molded building he encourages building a wooden mast to accompany your wooden boat.
The Spar Shop at the Historical haven believes Hoosier State preserving history every bit it customs duty builds wooden masts booms gaffs and yards for historic and modern sailing wooden mast.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. If it weren't for the fact that it's winter time and I'm not ready to start the big one, I might not have started over after the setbacks with station molds and backbone.
It seems the beefier the casting the slower the corrosive effects become apparent and it's seems to be caused by exposure to an acidic environment, like being mated to a piece of wood that has a high acid content. I have that site book marked I saw a couple of really small ship models that were absolutely amazing.
John Cox Stevens, Commodore of the New York Yacht club and a prime figure in the syndicate formed to create the yacht, is seated in the cockpit. I have seen masts of this type that looked fine from the outside but only had a fraction of an inch of good wood on the outside, the core being totally rotten. As it stands now I'm pretty pleased to have persevered, thanks in large part to the help and encouragement of you guys. He gestures with his right arm 'across the pond' to indicate the future course of the venture.
I will get a surveyor to look at it but before I go through that expense my question is in principle or anyone from experience :A mast that is more then 44 years old, wood, Oregon Pine. If the cracks are delamination at the glue joints I woukld reccommend that you have the mast split full length on the glue joints, completely cleaned out on the inside, epoxy sealed on the inside, reglued with epoxy and then sealed on the outside with epoxy and varnished for UV protection. This article shows you how to make whatever solid inwards cross surgical incision length of wood into a perfectly polish up unrivaled without using ampere lathe. Sized correctly, when rowing your hands will be 1 to 3 inches apart and you will be pulling directly towards your abdomen.
This will give assurance that there are no rot pockets in the mast and will protect against future rot. At his right side are papers representing the correspondence which brought about the birth of the yacht.
Most of the sailcraft I dream upwards have masts around the 6 to 8 meter mark amp size one can build at home and step even in a bit of breeze. Typically they will require two different length oars which is fine if you’re going to be rowing tandem and need two sets. As always feel free to call us and were happy to help you select the correct oar length and blade style for your boat.

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