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WHITEHALL 15Built 1983 at the Washington County Vocational-Technical Institute in Calais, Maine. The Whitehall Spirit® line of classic rowing and sailing boats make their east coast debut at the US Sailboat show October 8 – 12. This classic Whitehall handles wind, waves or calm water and converts to a double position slide seat rowing boat in minutes.
Whitehall boats have a long history in American Maritime Heritage as workboats and pleasure craft.
The South Haven Whitehall is a great rowboat, an excellent sailboat, and a respectable power launch with a small 2-3 hp, long shaft outboard.
The interieor of the boat is varnished and the exterior painted with marine quality finishes for a long lasting finish.
Great Lakes Boatbuilding is a small custom woodworking shop and each boat is individually crafted by hand to order on a first come first serve basis.
A second payment is due when the boat is planked and the final when the boat is done and ready to ship or be picked up.
This is an 18 foot version of the yawldory hull with high performance sails, centerboard, and rudder by Eric Sponberg. I also drew a sail plan, based on the practices of the time and a rough sailmaker’s sketch of the original vessel.
Erik went over the details of this plan in great detail, even making sure that the block were exactly scale size.

The deckhouses and topping lifts are not shown because my part of the project came to a sudden end. The design fee was one of my double paddle canoes so we would have a second one for my wife.
Carbon fiber sculls, three place fixed seat, Shaw and Tenney spoon blades, bronze centerboard, tan bark sails, and covers for all loose equipment. The classic Whitehall design is taken from one of John Gardner's plans in his book "Building Classic Small Craft", written while he was working for the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum.
The Spindrift Whitehall rower, with its classic horseshoe stern seat design, has many available options. Fitness Fun Rowing sculling seafaring boats Whitehall Rowing & Xeno thousand ller theme song whitehall rowing boats Newport Beach 625 likes ii t. I may add other boats from time to time as I find suitable pictures so check back occasionally.
I designed this 39 foot, foam cored, fiberglass schooner in 1973 intending to start a boatyard with a friend. Additional detail such as wood overlay on the bow and stern flotation chambers is available.
The gunwales are riveted together with copper nails and roves in the traditional style, making them very strong.
The mast and sprit are made of laminated Philippine mahogany so it matches the woodwork on the rest of the boat.

To gain membership into the club, you must catch a Tyee (30 lb.+ salmon) using a rowboat under oar power only. The owner has reported great success with local races but really enjoys a leisurely row during the Midnight Sun.
Whitehall Spirit words boats are legendary classics known arsenic the most beautiful rowing boats in the world and ideal for fitness and exercise when fitted with Classic Rowboat Builders of senior whitehall rowing boats. The original Whitehall’s were the ultimate rowing boat used for commercial transport, pleasure boating and also racing all along the eastern seaboard. The source was a very detailed lines take off of the badly hogged and heavily modified hulk. I created this site mostly for my own browsing pleasure, but if you like it too - all the better. Laminating the wood gives you a very strong mast and sprit that is lightweight and attractive. Row boats sculling boats sailing rowboats low fishing boats lifeboats yacht tenders sauceboat accessories boat supplies boats oars rowing whitehall rowing boats. Known worldwide as floating works of art Whitehall Spirit® classics feature exquisite lapstrake styled fiberglass hulls, impeccable teak woodwork and fine cast bronze fittings.

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