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1427 Products Dollars Labor boat tug charter tugboat for sale towing services Mar tugboat for sale. Tug Boat Yacht For more than info visit http tug boats for sale If you are probing for tug boats for sale on that point are group A lot. I don't know what the heck this thing is, but we saw it on our way from Jacksonville to Brunswick, Georgia. We saw plenty more nice houses as we headed from Thunderbolt to Charleston, South Carolina. For some reason it always seemed to be low tide during this trip, which wasn't good in a boat that draws 7 feet of water. We spent Saturday night in Charleston, where we caught up with Rachel and Nolen, friends from the Chesapeake Inn, who moved there in January. I don't know what the heck this thing is, but it scared me so we tied up over on the other side. Tuesday we hit some rough water on our way through the Pungo River towards the Alligator River.

At the Alligator River Highway Bridge we took the dinghy into a marina, where Heiko Sunkler brought us an anchor to replace the one we lost. This picture didn't come out too good, but I was showing that we were finally crossing the line from North Carolina into Virginia.
The sun was setting rapidly, and we still had a long way to go to Norfolk, where I had to end my journey so I could be to work on Thursday.
We caught the John Arthur just south of Rock Hall, and rode along side of them up to Rock Hall. The water wasn't deep enough to get into Rock Hall, so George decided to finish the trip, and make the additional four hour ride to Harbour North. It was shallow there too, so George anchored the tug just outside of the channel, where it spent Friday night. Utilizing the high tides on both Saturday and Sunday, George finally got the tug to the bulkhead at the marina.
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George bought the boat two years ago, and has been working ever since to get the boat ready for its journey to its new home in Chesapeake City.
It took 24 days total, and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend 7 days onboard, from Jacksonville, Florida, to Norfolk, Virginia. These trees were really cool, and we saw them all over the place on our way to Morehead City on Monday. VESSELS WANTED This sites offers Tugs for sales event and Tugboats for cut-rate sale Ships for Sale Barges for sales event furnish Vessels for Sale Fishing Vessels for Sale Drydocks and early TUGBOATS FOR SALE.

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