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It will incapacitate your attacker up to 30 minutes allowing you time to safely escape and marks the assailant with UV dye for easy identification by law enforcement. This unit delivers a potent liquid blast up to 10 -12 feet and is more effective than mace or tear gas in deterring attacks - including those from dogs and bears. Any product that helps your makeup last longer, is something you should know about–and make room for in your makeup bag. Your makeup setting spray is like your hairspray, and it is the finishing touch in your beauty regimen. In addition to keeping your makeup fixed to your face for up to 12 hours, this mist gives you a dewy glow. Every bit of feedback, be it long or short, supportive or critical, is greatly appreciated.

You’re probably familiar with primers, which you apply before your makeup to help keep it in place. If you have sensitive or dry skin, watch out for makeup setting sprays that contain alcohol, as they will dry out your skin.
Depending on the formula you choose, some help to hydrate skin, while others will even keep you cool on balmy days. It keeps your makeup in place for up to 12 hours, and it has time-release temperature control technology, which helps to keep you cool on those especially humid days. It is also sweat-proof, rub-resistant, and alcohol-free, so it stays put without drying out your skin.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has climate balancing ingredients, so it helps stop makeup meltdowns in the summer and keeps you hydrated in the winter.

A makeup setting spray is quite similar to a primer, except they are applied after your makeup. Another key difference, like the name states, is that they come in a spray or mist form, whereas a primer is usually a cream or gel. Makeup setting sprays are also transparent and don’t change the color or texture of your makeup.

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