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Un Heros Elementaire et un guerrier de lumiere capable de manier parfaitement toute une panoplie d'armes.
Ein Elementarheld und ein Krieger des Lichts, welcher geubt mit verschiedenen Arten von Bewaffnungen umgeht.
Un Eroe Elementale ed un guerriero esperto nell'uso di svariati tipi di armi.Il suo Raggio Scintillante interrompe il percorso della malvagita.

Um HEROI do Elemento e um guerreiro da LUZ que empunha proficientemente varios tipos de armamento. A robot created to charge electricity and he can generate twice as high voltage as Elec Man can. He is designed after a spark plug and he does not have arms or hands, but in place of them are two high-voltage electrodes called Spark Shock, that are capable of producing powerful electric shocks.

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