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In some ways this seems more like a competitor to small express cruisers and would certainly be a better option for the PNW. Recent CommentsChris watson on Bad News From BRP: Tim, Is there any corrosion preventative measure one can take to try and prevent this from happening.
Go offshore blue water, near shore, river, day or weekend cruising, and you'll find relaxation at a slow and steady pace.
An internal combustion engine often mounted amidships that runs a drive shaft through the hull bottom. Propulsion system composed of an inboard engine connected to a steerable drive unit extending through a cut-out in the transom. Full instuction will be given to hirers before they depart, along with a map of the river and suggestions of the best places to stop. At 18ft long, she is small enough to explore the river above Stratford, but big enough to navigate the locks downstream to reach the beautiful quiet stretches of the river below Stratford, towards Luddington, Welford-on-Avon, and even as far as Bidford.

Boats are to be returned by 18:00, but may be returned at a later time by arrangement with us at an additional hourly rate. To book our boat, please use our online booking system, following the click through button above.
The Skibsplast is quite a bit heavier than a C-Dory or Arima, more in line with a Sea Sport of comparable size.
Creature comforts include a galley or kitchen, a head or toilet, and one or more berths or sleeping areas. Please allow 30 minutes at the start of your trip for some guidance on the river, safety briefing, use of locks and to familiarise you with the boat. The boats may be booked for half-day hire, but not on Bank Holidays or at weekends from May to October.
But it’s a compact, all-weather cabin cruiser, and it packs a lot of cruising features into a small package, much like the C-Dory, Sea Sport, and Arima boats do.

Saltwater boaters sometimes favor inboard drive, finding it easier to maintain in that trickier environment. Cancellations can be made up 14 days before the hire date without the loss of your deposit. The sloped windshield on the port side is a hatch, folding open and allowing one to walk right up onto the foredeck. With inboard power, the engine and propeller provide straight-ahead pushing, while a rudder directs the force and the boat’s travel. But, dockside handling requires different techniques than sterndrives, which are steerable in forward and reverse.

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