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Extraordinary lengths were taken to make the boat completely airtight and impact-resistant. Using multiple layers of lightweight cloth has the same protective effect as using a heavier cloth, without obscuring the beauty and clarity of the finish.
The WEST SYSTEM epoxy prevents tangential movement in the wood by creating a 100% airtight and waterproof seal.
Of course, builder Steven Hirsh will always be ready to provide any necessary assistance for as long as you own the boat. The long and slender hollow in the bow enables the boat to part large waves and then gradually rise, reducing friction and pounding. Every inch of the boat reflects Steven Hirsha€™s commitment to optimal function and exceptional aesthetics. Location: Pontevedra, Spain Interesting pages and wooden construction technique. Frosty Previous Member   I always thought that 'Naga pelangi was built in Trengganu.
She was sold on to another Englishman and is now a charter vessel , I see her around occasionaly.
Although her scuppers were always awash she would go so far and no further, After a while one became quite confident in her capabilities. They say that the bark caulking will last the entire life of the boat, being over a hundred years. Price-wise and practically, would this sort of construction be suited to some more modern designs, and even the addition of some modern materials in parts (epoxy, carbon etc)? Ie, could the average person consider this sort of construction for something like a family round-the-worlder. Not that I am in the position to do so now or at any time in the near future, but I have for a long time thought about getting a boat such as this (but a bit smaller) built from traditional woods and construction techniques, with a sprinkling of modern materials and parts.
Location: Port Dickson, Malaysia Wooden boat construction photo Have a look at this link. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Deserted rusty old and broken wooden boat on the coast of a ocean Costa de la Luz in port Spain. I'm intrigued by Tunnel Stern designs like White's Rescue Minor and various Atkin designs like Sandpiper (another thread below) for positioning a fixed prop higher off shoal bottoms.
A lot of flat-bottomed inboard bottomed boats need a tunnel to keep the shaft angle within reasonable limits. Most tunnel stern boats are semi-planing - planing if very light - and indeed work well at displacement speeds except in reverse, when the prop cavitates.
With tunnel, yes some tunnel hulls can plane at certain speeds but they also have their own speed barrior, rather akin to the ram problems that had to be solved to get the aquajets into the really high speed bracket.
That's a seriously non-scientific version and some of the metaphores may annoy serious NAs and engineers.
Furthermore, the hull I am most interested in has a flat botton with no rocker, so a large prop really compromises shoal draft unless partially elevated into a tunnel hull. In theory it is basically just a pump and subject to cavitation problems if the design is not correct. I once put a 7hp ducati in a 20' semi-dry(dory fwd,sq stern) and built a tunnel and bilge keels.
I can understand why Rescue Minor and Sandpiper would tend to cavitate in reverse, because their transoms are concave across the bottom. Cobles are displacement beach boats with tunnel sterns, this one in build shows the tunnel clearly. It's my Shearwater hull, which is the most efficient 28-footer powered by 10-hp that I've ever seen.
The idea of supporting the prop bearing on a strut instead of extending a new new skeg right up to the prop appears worthy, with just enough skeg to support the forward part of the shaft along with a shoe to protect the prop and lower end of the rudder. I had started out mistakenly believeng Tunnel Props were limited to a White's Rescue Minor and some examples by Atkins.
Having been devoted to sailboats (now a 28-ft yawl) that only draw a few inches with their leeboards and rudders raised, I don't want to leap aboard a power boat that draws any more than necessary.
Old and abandoned derelict wooden passenger boat with damaged hull tied at dock half sinking in water after a hurricane.

To start, rot resistant woods were used throughout: old growth Western Red Cedar for the hull, New England white ash for the topsides, cypress for the mast and boom. But he decided it would be much more dynamic to design a boat that seamlessly converts from a skiff to a sailing rig. Strangley her rigging to windward never seemed to be stressed,-- yet with engine just running would quite easily achieve 6kts.
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The really old folks used skegs with struts and the alternative is a built in skeg with a stern bearing.
While I don't any of them sirvive, a number of smaller steamer were built with tunnel hulls with a counter stern on them.
Yet these three layers make for a nearly impenetrable seal, able to withstand millions of cycles of stress. His mastery is evident not only in the exceptional quality of the work, but by the fact that West has asked him to test new products for them.
Boat building is actually not the main reason that some of our tropical hardwood species driven to near extinction. Ducati was air cooled so I did not worry about the engine sucking mud or air, something you might consider. The last one that I know about was destroyed in the late 1960s, the ex lake steamer 'Rototiti', a picture of which appears in the National Maritime Museum in Auckland. Quality of that wood seems excellent but the specie seems to be in danger of extinction; and for a tree that takes 75 years to attain 64 cm diameter, all cares have to be taken to preserve it. She became British registered and we sailed her back to Malaysia in some pretty rough weather I seem to remember.
From the picture it would not appear to be a tunnel hull, appearing to be a perfectly normal deep draft counter sternvessel, but in reality it drew no more than 2 feet.

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