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Now for a list of Rowboats, length and width and website link for each rowboat are included. Hopefully having a list of a very large number of rowboats will assist potential boat builders in knowing what boats are out there. A free download of this list is available as a text file, just put the text into your html page, and thats all that is needed. So I'm thinking I'll build a nice little dinghy for the boat I'm in the process of buying - I figure why wait?
Not having any experience here, I'm wondering about the difference between the pram style, with a flat bow, versus the style that's basically a tiny rowboat, with a pointy bow.
All other things being equal, what can one expect the differences to be, in general, between the pram style and the non-pram style of dinghy?
In some ways, an 8' pram dinghy is like an 11' transom ended dinghy, which is like a 14' double-ended dinghy.

For a pram bowed tender that has to really perform in poor sea conditions, handle store transportation lots of people that needs to be stable and dry my favourite is John Welsford's big strong 'Sherpa'.
I have a feeling it is the rise of the bow that is a big help with directional stability when towing.
She tows great, we had three adults and a teen yesterday rowing to the mooring and she just looks great! Yes, I read your thread about your recent cruise, with not a small amount of envy and jealousy rising within me.
Note that my first attempt at a list and I have found over 400 different rowboats (450 as of Jan 2016). To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Take the 14' double ended one, cut off the aft three feet, put in a transom; cut three feet off the bow, put on another transom, you've got an 8' pram.

These small tubs have a lot of rocker and the stem or the front transom are normally carried above the water unless they are very heavily loaded.
Please note it is not easy to find the borderline between a rowing boat that can be sailed, and a sailboat that can in theory be rowed. The stitch-and-glue chined pram that I also am looking at is only about 50 lbs total, which makes it attractive for hauling up on deck, and the owner tells me he has had four people with their stuff, for about 900 lbs., in it with no problem.

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