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This single straight shaft Volvo diesel delivers speeds to 29 knots at 5 gallons of fuel per hour.
For maximum interior room, "playing-the-fish" machine, with performance and unsurpassed maneuverability start with our 6" wider versus the Whitewater hull, the Rogue Jet Fastwater Center Console Inboard Jet Boats.
Each Fastwater Center Console Inboard Jet Boats from Rogue Jet incorporates a 4th generation hull design and 4th generation propulsion system that delivers the smoothest ride, best performance, best efficiency and strongest construction in the industry. That is not a pretty sight, and we hope and pray you never find yourself in that situation. Contact us to receive a detailed Fastwater CC datasheet and list of available options or to arrange an up close and personal encounter with a Rogue Jet. 2 tons hanging off the ass end, no way - an outboard with 250HP in 2 cycle format comes in at under 500lbs and a 4 stroke comes in under 600lbs, compare that to one 350 CU with transmission of 900lbs for inboard! A new replacement name brand ( Crusader) MPI 350 300HP will run $9K plus installation ( without trans).
If you don't have to worry about running aground, you can't beat the clean layout, rough water performance, and simplicity of an inboard.
Originally Posted by Edward Teach The problem with an inboard motor with drive shaft and prop(s) hanging down is the same problem a naked man has jumping barbed wire fences. Lastly, as others have noted, having the weight of that V8 in the low center of the boat is infinitely better than hanging it off of the stern.
Originally Posted by masssalt Keep in mind that statistics show that 90% of American boaters trailer to use their boats. You may have been to fix your daddy's Chevy on the side of the road with a screwdriver and a match book cover but you had a better chance of having to do it.
IB or OB Here are my thoughts OB #1 more storage room #2 holds more fuel #3 faster more hp #4 safer with (gas) power #5 trim motor up for low water #6 easyer to control. 8m Fiberglass walkaround fishing boat with inboard engine (7500 Center Console), View fishing boats sales, ATOMIX Product Details from Atomix Boats Co., Ltd.
A number of years back, I found myself between jobs and contemplating trying to start my own design business. Her layout is also pretty straightforward with a raised casting platform forward featuring two large fish boxes. To insure a no-compromise boat each Fastwater Center Console includes 46 standard features (more standard features than any other manufacturer).
Select from 3 different Chevy Kodiak MarineV-8 inboard engines balanced & performance tuned with a Hamilton 212 Turbo Impeller, the most efficient and powerful Jet available.
Choose from a virtually unlimited choice of marine grade paint colors, blend the stripping, add the color-coordinated interior, and finish with the high gloss Aluminum hull and diamond plate shine. Imagine that you are running at full throttle (45 to 50 mph) and you see a diver surface 60 feet in front of you.

BUT, wouldn't it be re-assuring knowing your driving a Rogue Jet boat that will stop completely in just 2 boat lengths.
Fuel efficiency of a 4 stroke outboard can be better than your 350 inboard and in most cases is!
I think the general simplicity of outboards has made them the choice of smaller (up to what?
Its a lot simpler to hang an outboard on the back and not worry about the thru shaft, packing, rudder, etc. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In the boat business, designers are never unemployed, they are actually "consultants." I didn't have many potential customers, but I did have some free time on my hands which led to this design. While I was working on it, I called Sport-Craft Boats in Perry, Florida to see if they might need someone to design for them.
Aft of the console are a couple more hatches to give access to the propeller alley and the steering gear.
The end result is a formula for a beautiful boat that will also look great 20 years from now. Also with the diesel I burn 6 gallons per hour at 19 knots.The draft is only 18 inches and I'm mostly at 2 feet of water and never had any problems. Her hull is a conventional modified-V with a fine entry flattening to about 16 degrees at the transom. The console is somewhat unique in that it incorporated a pop-up electronics box similar to those on the large Carolina sport fisherman.
Her laminate schedule calls for a cored hull which allows larger spans between the stringers, thus making room for larger fuel tanks. I envision her with outboard power instead of the inboard, a solid hull bottom and generally simple construction. Travel through a mere 5 inches of water in shallow water situations or climb boulder driven rapids with confidence and control.
The dazzling blend of throaty horsepower, luxurious amenities and extensive user comforts; like suspension seats, integrated heater and defroster and a Top Gun canvas enclosure, round out each Rogue Jet's broad-based appeal.
She has a single engine, shallow draft and makes a great riding and capable boat for all Nantucket waters including offshore. A 4 stroke 250HP outboard gets more HP per cu inch then a 350 5.7 l inboard, and provides just as good or better fuel economy.
Mine was launched up and over something floating under water at around 20mph after Isabel without so much as a ding on the prop.
The cost for smashing a big outboard into the same thing would likely have been a bit more than that.

To make a long story short, after showing them this design and offering some advice on their stringer systems, I was offered the job of Director of Engineering.
She has relatively wide chines that are angled down at about 5 degrees to help throw spray down and out. Although they normally use an electric powered lift, this one was designed to use gas struts in order to keep the costs down. She would look gorgeous with teak covering boards, teak rod racks and maybe a little more teak on her console. Your Rogue Jet will give you and your family versatility and freedom to go where other boats stay on the trailer.
Superior hull design & construction, state-of-the-art engines, jet pumps, and only the best components throughout every boat leads to the industry's highest customer satisfaction.
As a former outboard guy, I had to learn that stereotyped ideas do not apply to all inboard hull types. I would then have something interesting to show any potential clients I might be able to drum up.
Back aft, her 16" diameter propeller rides in a shallow tunnel which keeps her draft under 26" at the prop.
I believe I may have been ahead of my time in 1994 as a short time later I saw a similar design on a new Grady-White center console! I know teak is considered old fashioned and high-maintenance these days, but white poly-plastic just doesn't leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy! But I was convinced by demonstrations and then proved it to myself the hard way that full keel inboards are among the toughest boats out there. Over time, my responsibilities grew to include lamination, OSHA, EPA and even advertising photographer.
One of the benefits of my keel boat over an outboard for running around in water where the birds are standing is that my raw water pickup is just a few inches under the surface and nearly in the middle of the hull rather than stuck down in the goo on the foot of an outboard.
I remember when those came out with the small Yanmar, they were not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but supposedly had a range of over 600 miles!!!!! I do believe that in later years, they addressed the complaint of it being slow by upgrading from the very understressed 115-120 or so hp diesel to the 170 hp version. Also if you swerve, the stern of the boat will still swing over the diver and chew them up with the prop.

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