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Here in Bali there is much more to do than just sightseeing, cultural tours, visiting temples and rice paddies. If you'd like to go fishing, diving, snorkeling or just enjoy a relaxing adventure boat tour around Bali, then you have found the right address - "FISHING BALI"!!
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If simplicity is your forte when it comes to life and fishing, you might want to look into the dinghies. Flat boats are another simple fishing boat option that delivers a no-frills fishing trip with their flat-top design and lightweight frame.
If you prefer to fish with more than two or three of your buddies, you may be interested in a bowrider boat. Deck boats, hence the name, are another vessel that provide generous deck space to hold multiple people, fishermen or water-sport accessories.

We from "FISHING BALI" specialized in making our customers and friends holiday in Bali unforgettable.
The licence sets out where you can fish, what you are not allowed to fish and the limits for the stocks you are allowed to fish and land. Dubbed on of the least complex fishing boats on the market, the dinghy is small and lightweight, which makes it perfect to strap onto the roof of a car or even tow behind a larger boat to deliver versatility in fishing location. These vessels can venture into shallow parts of the water that are less than two-feet deep, which makes them a great resource for costal areas. This marine model can comfortably hold between six and ten people, which makes it a very popular style for people who like to travel in large groups. Dually matched with a powerful engine, these boats are great for water sports and recreational fishing.
With our personal German and English-speaking guides you will come as a guest, leave as a friend and for sure you will look forward to come back.

There are different types of licence, depending on the length of your fishing boat, the species fished and the waters where you will fishing.There are a few exceptions, but generally you need a licence to be able to sell any of your catch.
For unbeatable convenience and portability, try the inflatable boats, which deliver a fishing vessel that’s easy to store and very low in cost. This vessel is designed so that all of the boat controls are located in the very center of the boat to grant extra deck space for fishing and other activities.

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