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I spoke briefly with Bruce and Vicki Bridwell, aboard their 1958 Skagit 20 Express (and note the classic Johnson outboard they’re running).
If you like the look classic boats, you can see a lot more of them at the La Conner Classic Yacht and Car Show each September in La Conner, Washington.
Recent CommentsChris watson on Bad News From BRP: Tim, Is there any corrosion preventative measure one can take to try and prevent this from happening.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post 30' Boat Molds For Sale mpwitte Fishing & Miscellaneous Items -- COMMERCIAL sellers only 1 09-21-2007 11:33 PM Do painted Steel boat molds molds work? Anyone who is taking on a boat restoration project will run into working with fiberglass and gel coats.
An extremely common problem that people face during boat repair is typically referred to as “Spider cracks.” These are small cracks in the in the gel coat of a boat that sits on top of the fiberglass coating. Cleaning and sanding must done in the area of the gouge, however, you should remove as little material as possible around the area. These are basic repairs that will equip you with the skills and experience necessary to handle more in-depth repairs that you might face later in addition to small aesthetic repairs that will certainly arise. I think of my C-Dory as a pocket cruiser with pint-sized, classic looks, but these boats are positively precious.

It turns out these folks are all associated with FiberGlassics Northwest, dedicated to the restoration and enjoyment of classic fiberglass cruising boats. The boat is in good shape with what I think to be the original sky blue paint (according to a couple of spots worn to the gel coat). School and real estate prevent me from dedicating the time that this business really needs. The techniques for dealing with both major and minor aesthetic repairs will soon take you down this road. Once your boat is in the kind of shape that you want, even the most minor damage should always be addressed. Last summer I refinish the floor (new fibermesh resin and gray epoxy) also the 71′ ezloader was stripped to metal and coated with self etching primer and the same gray epoxy also stainless and galvanized hardware replaced and new handcrank with belt style.
Whether you are working with a boat that needs major work or simply breathing new life into a slightly damaged vessel, a basic understanding of some of the common obstacles will be invaluable in getting your boat back on the water.
This damage occurs when a sharp object of some kind scrapes the hull of the boat and actually penetrates through to the fiberglass cloth that comprises a large part of the structural integrity of the vessel. Keeping your boat in the best condition possible gives you the tools you need to handle variations on virtually any type of repairs.

The boat had the transom rebuilt in around summer of 2000 (before I bought the boat) The motor is a 82-83′ 60hp mariner and runs great.
A large majority of the work in this repair involves prepping the area before actually using any fiberglass. For each layer of cloth, add a generous coat of resin that has been mixed with the hardening catalyst. Some exceptions may apply to oversized and overweight items, as well as tires and hazardous materials. After the cracks have been removed, you must re-coat the area using with a fresh gelcoat applied with a puddy knife. Once the cloth and resin are in place, allow it to sit over night before finishing the area with 120-grit sandpaper.

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