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The idea was to harness a customer's nostalgic desire of the old speedboats into being able to build such a boat from a well-made kit. Aside from the above rendering, I had a number of different files of shape data for the boat. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and even more little changes were noted during the assembly of the first boat here in Florida. The photo above shows hull #1 in frame only, before the covering boards or planking are added. One eventually must take the finished boat out for a ride, another privledge of being a designer, you get to ride your stuff! For more information on the Saetta Classic Speedboat in either kit or finished form, you may visit the Saetta Boats website at the following link.
If you have an antique or classic boat in need of restoration, please contact us to discuss your project. The idea for this concept came from two airplane kit builders, Kevin Kimball (at the wheel, above) of Kimball Enterprises in Zellwood, FL, and Bill Scheunemann of Precision Aero Marine in Juneau, WI.
The potential market is pretty big, well, at least bigger than classic airplane kits, and possibly a going business. I created a surface model in ProSurf for the new bottom that would match up well with the topside shape.
Tom Drake and Kevin Kimball kept a running record of notes, suggestions, and corrections, and fed these all back to Bill.
The photo below was taken shortly before the 2010 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival, here at the ramp in Mt.
The following photo galleries are a few examples of the projects we have completed for our clients and ourselves. Kevin Kimball is the licensed builder of the Pitts Model 12 acrobatic airplane which you can buy as a kit or completely finished. The key elements of such a venture are that a superb-looking classic boat could be built in anybody's garage, and since most standard garages are 21' long, that meant the boat could be only about 19' long.
One of the first drawings sent to SYDI to describe the new Saetta kit boat, at that point unnamed.

There was a fair bit of fairing to do to make the topsides and bottom meet up along the same chine curve. Bill and Kevin were able to have an early showing of hull #1 at the framing stage at the 2009 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival in Tavares, FL. The photo at left shows a close-up of the starboard covering board, the transom, and the planking. This stern view of Tom's 3rd on the trailer gives a good view of the transom, 20 deadrise, running gear, and finish. If you would like to discuss this boat or any similar project with SYDI, you may call or write to us at the Contact Us link below. Part of the allure of owning and restoring classic boats is learning the history behind them. Bill Scheunemann builds wood wing kits for the Pitts as well as for the Piper Cub, Waco, and many other airplanes. That's Bill in the bright blue shirt and tan baseball cap behind the boat at left, and me talking to a viewer on the right. Parts like these are cut in 3D, so you have only to set them in place, no bending involved, and they fit perfectly. In 1962, Newton commissioned Kenneth Smith, a well-known marine architect to design a diesel powered cruiser along the lines of a trawler.
This project started with a phone call from Bill asking for a proper naval architecture design for the bottom of their conceived speedboat kit. The other essential element was to take all the hard work out of shaping and fitting the parts. From my surface model, I created hull cuts at each frame and exported those shapes via a generic .dxf file into AutoCad.
On the right, the deck is shown before finishing and the new windshield, half of a two-part windshield (which I don't really care for) being placed on deck.
Inspired by this design, began production of a line of boats that became known as Grand Banks.Today, this design is recognized as the Grand Banks Heritage Series. They knew they had a good topside design, but they also realized that guaranteed good performance lay in the bottom design--everything below the chine.

That meant NC cutting for everything--every piece of wood comes completely cut to shape, in 3D, so that fitting and bending of wood parts is at the minimum.
In the AutoCad file, I rearranged the bottom shape frame templates so that Bill could feed them into other files that he needed to run his NC milling machine.
But one of the priveledges of being a boat designer is getting to meet the people at boat shows.
Originally built of wood, construction was changed to fiberglass at a new factory in Singapore in 1973. All joints are doweled and glued, so while some metal fasteners are used to hold glue joints tight together, none of them are left in the hull. With its walk-around decks, aft cockpit and roomy interior, the Grand Banks 46 Classic is one of the most desirable models that Grand Banks ever built.
The strongback on which the boat is built is also properly machined and included in the kit. After Bill cut the initial parts, he assembled them to test their fit, and then made changes accordingly. Amati’s Grand Banks Cruiser kit features a fiberglass hull with laser cut planking, wooden decks, metal, brass and resin fittings.
This also helped with the placement of dowels, brackets, and all the joint parts that were necessary for the kit.
It really was a long process to get the hundreds of parts to all fit together in a flawless fit. And, just like the real boat, it’s made for cruising with the addition of radio control equipment.

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