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Location: San Juan Islands I can see where the shadows on the hull may have confused the OP. You have to agree that picture shows something different unusual at least for my experiences. Originally Posted by Dryfeet I can see where the shadows on the hull may have confused the OP. I would very much appreciate any comments whether sofar anything wrong with the following diamentions.
Location: Eustis, FL The hull form modeled there, wold typically be referred to as a freak and not to be taken very seriously, for obvious reasons. Location: Lakeland Fl USA I presume that the middle drawing is the curve of areas of your boat. Location: auckland nz If you're going to carry a cat rig right up front, you will need more substance there to carry mast weight and more buoyancy for the sail power to lean onto - and not push the bow down - as will surely happen with your fine bowed design, hard steering will result.
Your as drawn boat would be okay with a conventional rig stepped further aft, then you could keep your fine and hollow bow, which you obviously like. This 18 foot design carries a double cat rig (sketch) and balances very well, is powerful and fast.

Location: argentina Adriano, you are more or less ok on some buttocks of the bodyplan view, but far away on the other views. Originally Posted by quequen Adriano, you are more or less ok on some buttocks of the bodyplan view, but far away on the other views. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. This cat boat had clearly seen lots of use over the years – it was in a big bank of grass just waiting for another trip out on the water. This act of kindness made her known around her neighbourhood and whenever people couldn't take care of their cats anymore, they would bring them to Henriette. A beautiful old cat boat with a long stern over-hang resting peacefully in Edgartown Harbor. A catboat is a traditional hull of wide flat form, usually centerboard, with beam typically half of length,and with a single mast mounted far forward. You will surely wish to change the lines of the boat so that the area distribution is a lot closer to the curve of a conventional boat. Not saying this is the apotheosis of dinghy design but just an example of a similar sized hull to your own.

This is a larger painting for me – I usually work smaller, but my wife has recently encouraged me to work at larger sizes. So just as we had to stop by a cat cafe in Tokyo and became regulars of the cat sanctuary inside the Botanical Garden of Valencia, on our last visit to Amsterdam, we stopped by the cat boat to play a bit and make some new friends. They developed as working sail for the shallow waters around Cape Cod and Long island sound, but are now usually pleasure craft.
If you're concerned about dragging sterns in light airs, you just shift crew forward and to leeward, which leaves a fine clean wake. Ciao, ajmes Silver Raven View Public Profile View Silver Raven's Gallery Find all posts by Silver Raven Page 1 of 3 1 23 > « Displacement vs Actual Wts?

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