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If the 150lb boat is too much for her, sell it and have her get a boat with a 65lb hull: The Snark. After all the research and brainstorming I did for her, it was very frustrating, especially since I think I can do it with my idea for $30 or so total materials cost. So basically I told her that whenever I go boating with her, she will have arranged to have the boat floating in the water before I touch it, and have it stowed when we're done. Location: Chicago area Funny thing is, we're at opposite ends of the scale.
She took a sailing course at Northwestern University, several years in fact because it's the cheapest way to rent a boat in the Chicago area. If it were me, I'd put a roof rack on my car and do the flip-over-the-back plan like the rear load electric doodad, only the boat we're talking about isn't heavy enough to justify an electric motor or even cables to anything except the back corners.
Looks similar to what I would be trying in this situation, but as I said it's no longer my problem.
Once I saw a pic of Klepper type two man fabric kayak sailing rig that seemed to use dis-joined paddles as side-boards.
To me, the addition of both a sail AND side boards on a two man kayak is just too much extra gear on too small a boat. Location: Cincinnati, Oh I think what this thread now needs is a picture of what a tiny Laser looks like taking up a whole slip.
Of course I can drop the tailgate on my pickup to see the trailer in my inside mirror, but she won't be able to do that in her RAV4.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The Kimberley RIB is an excellent car topper boat due to it's light weight and integrated loader system. Use an electric trolling motor (for 3.1m) – battery & solar packs available for easy power!
The boat takes a special lightweight hitch arm on the front (with small rotating jockey wheel) that can connect to most hitches with a hole like a Treg. In the rear are 4 lightweight wheels that pin onto the alloy track frame so that the boat can be towed and backed into the water from the campsite. Neoprene layer to better protect it and save the hypalon tubes material from the “flying” fishing hooks of one’s partner! The Bimini is made from stainless steel and the support straps can be reset to give virtually 180 Degree casting and fishing from either seat. The aluminium seats are provided with padded seat cushions that strap to the seats so they stay put. Whether you're a recreational boater, keen fisherman, tournament fisherman, or simply want to get the family on the water, CrossXCountry Boats has the configuration to meet your needs. Our Car Toppers have a well thought out layout and incredibly light weight, yet strong construction.

The result of our exceptionally light weight yet strong and durable construction is that your CrossXCountry can be towed by 4-cylinder cars on non-braked trailers. In addition, our boats run faster and more economically on lower horsepower engines – this means significantly lower daily boat fuel running costs. Our boats, in fact the whole package has been carefully designed to provide purposeful boats that don’t cost the world to buy or run. From the lake, to the river and open water you need a boat that has the right combination of stability, safety, comfort and style.
EFFICIENT – Uses about 1% of the power in a 75 amp-hr vehicle battery in the electric model. Originally Posted by thedutchtouch in a tent or under the stars is fine, but is this even possible? I have several car-toppers, mostly ultralight canoes around 20 lb that can be loaded with one hand but are not practical for overnighting, and a 10 ft, 60 lb sailboat which can also be cartopped by one with ease, and could perhaps be modified, but too much of a squeeze for two, I think. Location: Australia I guess the key issue is where the thing is going to be anchored overnight. I guess what I'm saying is your assumptions are correct and small, light boats are not well suited to spending the night on the water, just too much motion with the slightest of provocation. In know people who routinely spend the night on 200 pound (91 kilo) boats, but this wouldn't be the typical car topper. My earliest cruising was done on small boats hauled ashore and provisioned with the standard gear as one would bring when backpacking- light tent, camp stove, sleeping pads etc. Boat for this type of cruising range from the smallest of open shells to canoes and kayaks. Out at the shore on the back bay of Assateague Island there are National park 'trails' that are really mapped out courses through the back salt marshes. Also before I got into larger cruising boats I had imagined longer cruises (around Nova Scotias cape Breton Island) and others.
It was written in United Kingdom ~1945 and carries all one needs to know to cruise small boats. A real pleasure to read as it was filled with that simple wonder over boats- the outfitting and driving them towards that destination of one desire.
Location: North of Cuba If you can sew you can make a customized tent that snaps onto the hull at the end of the day and taken down in the morning. Location: Milwaukee, WI I think that a 12' flat bottom boat can easily be cartopped.
Location: spain A 15ft aluminium Jon boat comfortably sleeps two for overnight cruises and easily fits into the trunk of most mid size sedans . Originally Posted by michael pierzga A 15ft aluminium Jon boat comfortably sleeps two for overnight cruises and easily fits into the trunk of most mid size sedans . You drag the boat up tot he stern of the vehicle, pick up the bow over your head, and slowly drag the boat forward until you can rest the bow on the roof rack.

For this, I have a couple of boatd bolted to the roof rack, the boat slides over them without scratching anything. I now have a wood frame that goes under the transom instead of the cardboard, to protect it and provide space for my fingers, I use a rug to protect the van's finish, and I fasten a pair of 2 x 4's across the roof rack to provide a soft, smooth surface to slide the boat forward. It would be easier if it were a bit longer as it would balance better when transitioning from the position shown to horizontal on top of the van. I run the wheels off my small boat trailer, but in my Mazda pickup, I can't see the darn thing in any of my mirrors. Add accessories including designer vinyl hull wrap, upgraded seats, rod locker and hand rails to personalise your ride.
One person can load and unload 100 lb of boat or thereabouts which more or less any car can handle, two could manage around 150 lb - car and the law permitting. I built it with a transom and my method for car-topping it is to stand it on end leaning against the back of my van, then I lift the stern raising only half the boat weight until the foredeck is resting on the roof rack, then I slide it forward.
Once it's there, walk 'round the stern of the boat, lift it over your head, and push the boat forwad on to the roof-rack. When you set the bow on the roofrack, it wont stay there, as the dolly will roll backwards. A reasonably fit woman would have no trouble at all with this boat and car-topping arrangement. Unique for their single person operation, Rhino Boat Loaders will give years of boating pleasure.
For person-power propulsion nothing beats a canoe IMHO for capacity and ease of moving through the water; there are some nice rowboats but do you want to cruise for days facing backwards? The boat tilts up and its lowered automatically by the two lines unwinding off the power roller. While you're asleep, it's a non-issue, but falling asleep in an uncomfortable environment, requires you to be extremely tired.
Lengthen the car top rack, lengthen the car to accomadate a civilized craft or simply modify your rig into a car boat live aboard.
You learned a little on how to steer future situations, on how to make them go this way or that way.
You can likely get away with less than 2 foot extenders, just buy the adjustable type at a truck stop. The lines on the power roller turn, lifting the boat and pulling it forward to its automatically secured position.

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