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Buy any Tyros5 from June onwards and get a free Gold Bundle when you register your product online. Yamaha has taken some of the innovative concepts and features of its Clavinova(R), Synthesizer, Pro Audio and Portable Keyboard line, added a brand new technology called Mega Voice(R), and put it all together in a futuristic keyboard called TYROS. TYROS is the first keyboard from Yamaha to include a brand new technology called Mega Voice.
Of course, no professional Yamaha digital workstation would be complete without a full complement of XG voices and with TYROS you can be assured that XG and General MIDI sequences will sound their absolute best. The 300 musical Styles found in this digital workstation are best described as having a backup band at your fingertips.
In addition to the many different chording techniques provided on previous Yamaha keyboards, TYROS also includes an AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode in both dedicated left hand mode and full keyboard mode. Yamaha has always had great Styles, but with TYROS, they are taken to new heights of realism because of the Mega Voice Technology. This same team of programmers also decided to apply their musical knowledge and expertise to some of the R&B and Latin styles in TYROS.
Getting where you want quickly, without pressing a lot of buttons, was first and foremost when designing the panel layout. The Direct Access button makes navigating through functions and menus easier and quicker than ever. TYROS is equipped with a professional Vocal Harmony function, which transposes your voice in realtime, allowing you to back up your singing performance with stunning 4-part harmony (including your original voice). In addition, you can select a Style to play along with your digital sheet music, and the Style will "read" the chords and play in time as the music advances.
In addition to the other Score features above, TYROS has some unbelievable features for people looking to have the keyboard help them along a little.
Polyphony, the number of notes a keyboard is capable of playing simultaneously, is like the horsepower of a car - the more there is, the more power you have. TYROS is compatible with the large selection of PSR-9000 and 9000PRO software available on the market. In addition to the main stereo outputs, two auxiliary audio outputs are provided for you to make sophisticated mixes by routing voices or the Mic signal separately to an external mixing board or effects processors. Other features include the ability to record and play back at tempos from 5-500 bpm, full tuning capability in 0.2 Hz increments, -2 to + 2 octave change on parts, as well as dedicated Upper Octave buttons for quick changes while you play.
Just a Dream Machine, I have been playing since 1961 and this is the most enjoyable Keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of Playing, When You start playing this Tyros You just can't stop, I have added a 40GB Hard Drive and now there is not limit to Styles and Voices You can store on the Drive, EXCELLENT!!, EXCELLENT!!
This Keyboard is layed out so nice even my 11 Year Old Grandaughter had no trouble finding all kinds of wonderful sounds. I Don't care for the Silver Plastic (Gives it a Cheap Look) It would look much better in some kind of real wood enclosure or at least done in a high gloss Black Finish, But the Sound is unbelievable, the sound is what sold me Not it's appearence. I also have the PSR-3000 and it is every bit as good as the Tyros and at less then half the price.
The Cheap Silver Look has to go, (My Thoughts) it's ease of use is Outstanding and the Sound is Second to no other keyboard out there, The lights let you know where your at all the time, Thats Cool, I still think if this keyboard was available in High Gloss Black Finish, More would sell just because of the appearence. It will be Very Hard to Find a keyboard that can out perform this one, Like I said before I'm 67 Years Old and have been a performing Musician since 1961, This is just the best Keyboard ever Produced.
The Mega sound systen is MUCH closer to the real thing than any other keyboard or sampling device. I don't know what system would give you quite the number of packages and MIDI compatability that this keyboard has.
The sheer look of the machine when you turn it on and the lights and the LCD lighted screen comes up is just awsome! Perpetuating the Tyros line for the third time, Yamaha presents a new, high-technology arranger keyboard that provides a rarely achieved musicality.
Like its predecessors, the Tyros 3 is fitted inside a PVC housing with gray aluminum finish on the top and black finish on the bottom. The connectivity of Tyros 3 is quite impressive and it shows that you have a top-range product in your hands.
The Music Finder function allows you to find accompaniments within a database of 1850 presets, some of which recall well-known songs–these styles are no MIDI files but comprehensive settings for the whole device (styles and sounds) in a given music genre).
Used as an arranger, the Tyros 3 can play up to three right-hand voices, one left-hand voice, eight style presets and four pad riffs simultaneously for a total of 128 voices of polyphony. The nylon acoustic, steel acoustic and electric guitar presets are on the same outstanding level. Unlike Korg arrangers that integrate a powerful synth with access to every single synthesis parameter, the Tyros 3 doesn't allow detailed editing directly from the user interface. Each style includes three intros, four variations, four fill-ins, one break and three endings. But clearly the most daring part is the management of complex chords with harmonization rules that can be set for each track depending on the chord variations played. The Tyros 3 includes a 16-track sequencer with 16 MIDI channels and 300 kb capacity per song (over 100,000 notes).
The direct-to-disc function allows you to record one stereo track via the audio inputs or to import a file from an external USB storage device.
The Tyros 3 allows you to open the voice mixer whenever you want, so you can control and see a graphic representation of all used channels. As a last remark we should mention that the Tyros 3 can manage different microtonal scales quite smoothly and they are fully editable graphically.
Perpetuant pour la troisieme fois la lignee Tyros, Yamaha presente un nouvel arrangeur ultra sophistique et d’une musicalite rarement egalee. Comme ses predecesseurs, le Tyros 3 est embarque dans une carcasse en plastique gris alu sur le dessus et noir sur le dessous.
Au centre de la machine, difficile de manquer le grand ecran VGA 640 x 480 points de 7,5 pouces. La connectique du Tyros 3 est plutot impressionnante, la on est bien dans le haut de gamme. Plus les arrangeurs se perfectionnent, plus ils deviennent parfois complexes a prendre en main, donc plus ils perdent de spontaneite, ce qui va a l’encontre de leur raison d’etre.
La fonction Music Finder permet de trouver un genre d’arrangement parmi une base de donnees de 1850 reglages, evoquant des titres connus (attention, ce ne sont pas des Midifiles, juste des reglages complets de la machine – styles et sons - dans un genre donne). Utilise comme arrangeur, le Tyros 3 est capable de jouer simultanement 3 programmes main droite, 1 programme main gauche, 8 programmes sur ses pistes de styles et 4 riffs sur les Pads, pour un total de 128 voix de polyphonie. Les guitares sont tout aussi excellentes, acoustique nylon, acoustique acier et electriques, utilisant des samples tres musicaux et des effets de simulation de qualite. Contrairement aux arrangeurs Korg qui offrent un puissant synthe incorpore, avec acces a tous les parametres de synthese, le Tyros 3 ne permet pas l’edition en detail directement depuis son interface utilisateur.
Le Tyros 3 est equipe d’un sequenceur 16 pistes sur 16 canaux Midi d’une capacite de 300 ko par morceau (plus de 100.000 notes). L’un des talons d’Achille de la plupart des arrangeurs est sans conteste la section effets.
Tous ces effets sont de puissants multieffets offrant jusqu’a 16 parametres, certains modifiables en temps reel. La fonction direct-to-disc permet de capturer 1 piste stereo a partir des entrees audio ou d’importer un fichier depuis un peripherique de stockage USB. Une Playlist permet de gerer facilement une liste de morceaux a jouer dans un ordre predefini.
A tout moment, le Tyros 3 permet d’entrer dans le mixeur de voix, qui offre un controle et une representation graphique de tous les canaux utilises.
Terminons en signalant que le Tyros 3 sait gerer de maniere tres souple differentes gammes microtonales.
Le Tyros 3 est l’aboutissement d’une serie d’arrangeurs haut de gamme commencee depuis plusieurs annees. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement et profitez des tarifs speciaux reserves aux membres Audiofanzine.
It's groundbreaking, it's exciting, it's cutting edge and it just may be the finest keyboard you have ever heard, seen or played. So, what is Mega Voice Most digital keyboards create their sound from recording or sampling instruments and when you press the keys, you're playing back the sample.
Choose a category of music (like Rock, Country or R&B), select a Style from the menu and play your favorite song. For example, in left hand mode, you can play chords using 2 notes and TYROS will select the correct chord, based on the previous chord, allowing you to do descending bass lines without switching to "On Bass" mode. When you combine this extraordinary programming ability with the tremendous sounds in the keyboard, you can't help but make good music. For example, for live playing, the Music Finder feature lets you can call up a song by title, and TYROS will automatically set itself up with the right musical Style, tempo, sounds and DSP effects. For example, to change the foot pedal function, press Direct Access and press the foot pedal.
In addition to ambient reverbs and lush choruses, a vast selection of dedicated vocal effects are provided, including insertion effects, noise gate, compressor and 3-band EQ. Score Display opens the door to many state-of-the-art features not found in other keyboards.
In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world. Now, when you want to name songs and directories, simply connect to your computer, and edit directories and files to your hearts content. As stated earlier, the TYROS digital workstation is capable of 32 channels of MIDI over USB.
And if you happen to be upgrading from these keyboards, you'll be able to import most of your old data, including Registration Memory settings, Custom Styles, Multi Pad settings and Custom Voices* made from sampled waveforms.
With the MFC10, you can freely control Auto Accompaniment Styles and select Registration Memories without ever taking your hands off the keyboard. There is a two and a half minute overview that explains the Mega Voice Technology with musical examples.
To make selection easy and fast, TYROS introduces a new function called 10-key that works in conjunction with the list view.
With the system's professional, rugged keyboard I feel it wil be quite awhile before it quits on me. Those gadgets became educational tools for children and then for adults looking for strong musical sensations. Considering its price range, I would have preferred a brushed aluminum housing that made it look more classy without adding much weight.
It starts with the phones and USB-To-Device connectors located on the front left and right side respectively. The internal 80GB hard drive is empty, as well as the two slots underneath the cover that can fit two identical 64 - 512 MB, 168-pin DIMM memory modules.
Yamaha wisely provided transpose controls (two to transpose in semitone steps and two to transpose in octave steps), which are very simple but useful for live applications (octave transposition is dedicated to the right hand in accompaniment mode and to the whole keyboard in Full mode). When the left-hand part is disabled, the Tyros 3 plays up to three sound layers on the whole keyboard (with or without accompaniment). A style includes up to 15 rhythm sections with eight channels over 32 bars with a limit of 120 kb per style. Quite often you'll find yourself missing dedicated DSPs to process several parts of an accompaniment simultaneously. Gadgets devenus outils pedagogiques pour enfants puis adultes en recherche de sensations musicales fortes, ce sont aujourd’hui de puissantes stations de production, dotees de ROM enormes, memoires pour les samples, DTD, ports USB… Certains constructeurs incorporent des pans entiers de technologie developpee sur leurs workstations, a tel point que celles-ci n’ont qu’a bien se tenir. Pour ce niveau de gamme, on aurait prefere une coque en alu brosse, bien plus classe et tout aussi legere.
A commencer par les prises casque et USB To Device judicieusement situees sur le devant (l’une a gauche, l’autre a droite). Le disque dur interne 80 Go est vide, tout comme les 2 emplacements, situes sous le capot, permettant d’accueillir des barrettes DIMM 168 broches de 64 a 512 Mo, uniquement par paire et de meme capacite. Evitant cela, le Tyros 3 offre un paquet de fonctions pour simplifier la vie de l’utilisateur.
Autre attention simple mais utile pour le live, Yamaha a judicieusement prevu 2 touches de transposition par demi-ton et 2 touches de transposition a l’octave (reservee aux parties main droite en mode arrangement et a tout le clavier en mode Full). Lorsque la partie main gauche est desactivee, le Tyros 3 reproduit jusqu’a 3 couches sonores sur tout le clavier (avec ou sans arrangement). Pour reproduire les differentes techniques de jeu de guitare (notamment), le Tyros 3 incorpore des multiechantillons en couche baptises MegaVoices, dont le son varie suivant la velocite de frappe.
Dommage, car l’ecran permettrait pas mal de choses… Il faut donc se contenter, en edition directe, des principaux parametres de synthese : volume, reponse dynamique, portamento, action de la molette sur certains parametres (filtre, amplitude, 3 destinations du LFO), idem pour la pression, coupure du filtre, resonance, ADR de volume, vibrato, depart vers la reverbe et le chorus, choix du DSP (numero de Preset et parametre module en temps reel), EQ 2 bandes et selection du type d’harmonies (ajoutees des que l’harmoniseur est active).
Un style comprend jusqu’a 15 sections rythmiques de 8 pistes, avec 32 mesures, a concurrence de 120 ko par style. Dans ce dernier cas, le Tyros 3 gere l’alteration de differents intervalles lorsqu’on passe en mineur (diminution ou augmentation des tierce, quinte, sixte, septieme…) suivant differentes regles fondamentales d’harmonie : melodique, harmonique, naturel, dorien. On manque souvent de DSP separes pour faire sonner les differentes parties d’arrangement qui tournent ensemble. Les listes peuvent etre editees, triees dans tous les sens, c’est vraiment facile d’importer un nouveau morceau et de rearranger le tout, a concurrence de 500 fichiers par liste ! It combines the quality of sound, stylistic detail and ease of use of a Clavinova digital piano, incredible editing control over sounds and sequences like their professional Motif(R) synthesizers, built-in mixer technology and DSP effects from their world-renowned Pro Audio experience, and the ability to carry it under one arm from their Portable Keyboard Department - it weighs in at a mere 27 pounds. Previous to Mega Voice Technology, in traditional sampling, an instrument's pitch was recorded at different increments (C C# D D# etc.) and that was about it.

TYROS has an outstanding 96MB of Wave ROM packed with some of the finest voices you have ever heard - over 1100 voices in all. Because the Unplugged Styles are guitar-focused, a major amount of time and effort was dedicated to making sure that these Styles "voice" like a guitar would, on both regular and extended chords.
When using disks with lyric information, TYROS will display the lyrics in the color VGA screen as well as output the lyric information to an external TV monitor.
For example, you can make TYROS display any track you select in a MIDI file, or display piano style notation with two tracks at once (bass & treble clefs).
TYROS takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of top-quality digital effects, including 34 reverb types, 26 chorus types and five blocks of 183 insertion effects ranging from spacious delays to cutting edge distortion. You can copy, delete and move files between various storage devices (Flash ROM, floppy disk drive, optional hard drive) and your computer and organize your data into directories. You are also able to layer 3 voices in the right hand in addition to a separate left hand voice while the MIDI channels are playing back (that's 36 simultaneous tracks) or when the Style engine is turned on. In addition, TYROS introduces a new feature to Yamaha keyboards called Song Position Pointer. Plus you can use the foot pedal for realtime control of volume, expression, brightness, effects depth and more.
Then, if you would like to learn more, there are submenus that will take you through just about anything you might want to know with A-B examples and explanations. And when you're looking for something that will spice up your performance, hit one of the four Multi-pads and TYROS will play an appropriate phrase or loop that matches whatever chord you're playing.
Using the buttons under the display, 10-key allows you to simply enter the number of the item and it's instantly selected.
The only problem I found with the system is the plugin harness that comes with the TRS-MS01 is fragile and the RCA plug can snap off very easily. Today, they are powerful production workstations with a large ROM, sample memories, DTD, USB port, etc. Even if it is not made for that, do consider getting a carry case because the part underneath the keys tends to bend if you push on it. There's a browser included in the Tyros 3 OS, and you can use the 16 function buttons to control it.
But the Tyros 3 avoids this by providing plenty of convenient functions that make user's life easier.
In order to recreate the different guitar playing techniques, the Tyros 3 includes multisample layers called MegaVoices whose sound changes according to the playing velocity. Thus, you can only access the main synthesis parameters through direct editing: volume, dynamic response, portamento, wheel action on some parameters (filter, amplitude, three LFO destinations), pressure, filter cutoff, resonance, volume ADR, vibrato, reverb and chorus send, DSP selection (preset number and real-time parameter modulation), 2-band EQ and harmony-type selection (added as soon as the harmonizer is activated).
To make things easier, you can make variation changes with the AUTO FILL IN function so that the progression is perfect and musical. To program a style you have three programming options: real-time with overdub, step-by-step, or style assembly. You can have displayed simultaneously two channels of your choice (G key, F key), guitar chords and lyrics on the same score. Once you finished the multitrack recording, you can save it into the internal memory, the hard drive or via USB. The Tyros 3 defies this tradition with no less than nine dedicated DSPs, a global chorus and reverb, plus master compressor and EQ. You get plenty of presets so you don't have to edit everything from scratch: 42 reverb presets, 106 chorus presets (with reverb, delay, flanger, Leslie) and no less than 272 presets for each one of the nine DSP. It is really easy to import a new song and rearrange all songs–with up to 500 files per list! Its indisputable musicality is the instrument's most outstanding quality–leaving the competition far behind, especially when it come to the new SA2 sounds and their unique expressiveness. Meme si elle n’est pas faite pour cela, la partie situee sous les touches a tendance a plier quand on appuie dessus, autant investir dans une housse de transport.
Le navigateur est integre a l’OS du Tyros 3, les 2 x 8 touches de fonction servant a la navigation.
Pour faciliter les choses, le changement de variation peut s’operer avec fill-in automatique pour un enchainement parfait et musical. C’est une alternative a certains arrangeurs qui proposent des variations figees pour les accords majeurs, mineurs et septieme et qui, du coup, triplent ou quadruplent le nombre de motifs a programmer sans pour autant harmoniser tous les types d’accords.
On peut afficher 2 canaux simultanes au choix (cle de sol, cle de fa), les accords de guitare et les paroles, le tout sur la meme partition. Une fois l’enregistrement multipiste termine, il suffit de le sauvegarder (memoire interne, disque dur ou via USB). La Tyros 3 rompt avec cette tradition, puisqu’il offre pas moins de 9 DSP separes, un chorus global, une reverbe globale, un compresseur et un EQ maitre.
Elles peuvent ensuite etre sauvegardees (memoire interne ou externe) et rappelees a n’importe quel moment. La musicalite incontestable est ce qui frappe le plus sur cet instrument, mettant la concurrence a bonne distance, notamment grace aux nouvelles sonorites SA2 d’une rare expressivite. Unfortunately, that leaves out a lot of the subtle nuances that make an instrument sound unique. You'll find many new Live!, Cool and Sweet voices and 36 Drum Kits in addition to the new Mega Voice sounds.
Each Style has up to 8 different musical parts that provide drums, bass, guitar, horns, strings and any other musical instrument that suits the genre of music you have selected. For the ultimate realism, the guitar parts in these Styles were actually played (and programmed) by an LA session musician using a Yamaha Pacifica Guitar with a G50 MIDI converter!
New features in TYROS allow the user to disable all screens the audience sees except the lyric screen - no more distractions while you setup the keyboard for the next song. The keyboard will even display the note names, for those that would like to learn to read music.
Yamaha also includes a voice-editing software program that allows you to edit the internal voices in TYROS from your computer using a graphical interface. With this kind of capability, even the conventional 64 notes of polyphony featured on most other music workstations can run out quickly. This feature allows you to mark sections of a MIDI file that TYROS will either return to when you press a button or loop between.
Or, depending on the style of music you're playing, the keyboard may select some drum fills and flams.
Voices: Oboe, Violin, Harmonica, Mandolin, New Alto Sax, Mute Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute, Soprano Sax, Trombone, Pan Flute Live! Some manufacturers equip them with technologies developed originally for their workstations, which results in the latter being not so predominant anymore. It is surrounded by buttons for selecting sounds and styles, navigating within the different menu pages and direct editing of parameters. Lastly, on both ends of the rear panel are connectors for the manufacturer's optional Tyros 2 TRS-MS02 sound system that includes two satellites and one powered subwoofer. On the CD-ROM you'll find the voice editor and the user's manuals but no sounds, nor samples or additional styles.
You can even program three different split points to create four sections: chord, left-hand, right-hand 1-2, and right-hand 3. This allows you to create realistic rhythms in an accompaniment channel without having to use several software solutions. While you're playing, the four programmable pads are very convenient to trigger a percussion, an effect or a riff (from the 123 internal memories or from the user memories) synchronized to tempo (as loop or single pass).
It's an alternative to some arrangers that provide only fixed variations for major, minor and seventh chords, which forces you to program three or four times more variations without having the possibility to harmonize every chord type.
You've got everything you need to have fun: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, amp simulation, rotary speaker, enhancer, lo-fi and many effect combinations. The lists can then be saved in the internal (or an external) memory to be recalled anytime. The styles also gained more sound realism thanks to the new drum samples and the generous FX section.
Il est cerne de boutons de part et d’autre, permettant le choix des sons et styles, la navigation dans les differents onglets des pages de menu et l’edition directe des parametres. C’est aussi dans cette partie que l’on trouve la section direct-to-disc (nous y reviendrons) et les menus systeme.
Le CD-Rom contient l’editeur de voix et les manuels, mais ni sons, ni samples, ni styles supplementaires. En parcourant les differentes categories, nous avons egalement pu apprecier la qualite des basses, des kits de batterie (avec nouveaux echantillons dynamiques stereo), des accordeons (o combien vitaux pour un arrangeur !) et des cordes.
Enfin, le Tyros 3 offre la possibilite d’importer des echantillons stereo (Wav ou Aiff) et de les organiser sur le clavier. Chaque element comprend un multisample, avec tessiture et fenetre de velocite, 2 filtres multimodes resonants 6 ou 12 poles (types passe-bas, passe-bande, passe-haut, rejection de bande avec suivi clavier de la coupure a 4 segments), 1 LFO et 3 enveloppes multi segments. Les styles sont encore en progres par rapport aux precedents modeles, tirant parti d’une part, de la panoplie sonore etendue (dont les kits de batterie), d’autre part de la section effets permettant de gerer plusieurs DSP distincts suivant la partie rythmique et enfin, du puissant systeme de reconnaissance d’accords, gerant pas moins de 38 types d’accords jusqu’a 6 notes (pour ceux qui ont une main gauche tres developpee). En cours de jeu, rien de tel qu’utiliser les 4 pads programmables pour lancer ici une percussion, la un effet ou encore la un riff (parmi les 123 internes ou les memoires utilisateur), synchronise au tempo (en boucle ou en coup unique). Nous preferons l’approche de Yamaha sous forme de regles d’harmonie declinees a partir d’un seul accord majeur, plus rapide et beaucoup plus musical lorsqu’on commence a utiliser des combinaisons complexes. La signature et la quantisation de note sont parametrables, tout comme la couleur des notes et le facteur de zoom.
On peut aussi harmoniser tout ce qui passe dans l’entree micro, en particulier sa propre voix, en fonction des accords joues pour piloter l’arrangeur. Les styles ont egalement gagne en realisme, tirant parti de nouveaux echantillons de batterie et d’une section effets largement dimensionnee. The Organ Flutes on TYROS use Modeling Technology introduced on the 9000PRO - a whopping 91 independently oscillating voices to simulate the rotating tone generation wheels found in classic organs. You can rest assured that their Global Style Programmers take all of the work out of making realistic band tracks that you can use for live performance, studio work, song writing and MIDI file creation. In addition to that, four fully programmable One Touch Settings per style and unlimited Registration Memory locations (memory permitting) allow you to recall your favorite keyboard settings at the touch of a button, while the Disk Direct function eliminates having to wait for songs and styles to load. Of course, anything you record on the TYROS digital workstation can be notated, allowing you to view the different tracks of your own arrangements and compositions.
Vocal CueTime takes the technology a step further - the keyboard actually follows your singing!
In addition, you can open your favorite computer music-sequencing program and the TYROS USB will act as a MIDI interface providing 32 channels of MIDI.
TYROS features 128 notes of polyphony, freeing you up to add those musical tracks without having to worry about note dropout. Very handy for live players when they want to repeat the last chorus of a song a few times because they have a full dance floor. Voices: French Horns, Sax Section, Steel Guitar, Grand Piano, Brass Section, Nylon Guitar, Strings, Gospel Choir Live!
And you also have here the direct-to-disc section (more on this later) and the system menus. So this actually allows you to download every single free file there is: long live liberty! Now, let's listen to some factory presets among the 1500 available sounds in GM2 or XG standard. It's perfect to play the styles provided but very difficult to use for your own programming. Last but not least, the Tyros 3 gives you the possibility to import stereo samples (WAV or AIFF) and to control their layout on the keyboard. We prefer Yamaha's approach that uses harmony rules based on a single major chord, making the use of complex combinations faster and much more musical. You can also harmonize anything that comes into the mic input, especially your own voice, depending on the chords you play to control the arranger. The 61-note keyboard has an exceptional quality but unfortunately there's no 88-key version available. Rien a dire, ca fonctionne tres bien, le fait qu’il ne soit pas tactile ne pose aucun probleme et ca evite de trop le salir. La machine importe toutes les resolutions (mais les reconvertit en 16 bits) et differentes frequences (96, 88, 48, 44, 32, 22 et 11 kHz).
Lorsque l’arrangeur est active, l’harmonisation se fait sur la main gauche ou le clavier complet, avec ou sans inversion de basse, suivant differents doigtes plus ou moins simplifies (avec 2 doigts, on peut en faire des choses… sur le Tyros 3).
La lecture peut se faire entre 4 reperes assignables, avec possibilite de bouclage entre les reperes. Pas moins de 60 types d’harmonies vocales sont disponibles dans differents styles musicaux (country, jazz, classique, vocodeur…), ainsi que 10 memoires utilisateur. Quant au clavier 61 touches, il est d’une qualite exceptionnelle, mais helas il n’y a pas de versions 76 ou 88 touches. Yamaha Mega Voice technology provides open and mute string sounds, dead notes, hammering effects, slide effects, harmonics and a wide range of strum and body noises - putting back the missing elements that take a sampled guitar from sounding like a guitar played on a keyboard to a Mega Voice sampled guitar that sounds like, dare we say, a guitar! This color control center is surrounded by the many buttons and switches that you use to operate the keyboard. And now, with the color screen, all of the functions like realtime virtual drawbars and rotary speaker switches are photo-quality representations of the originals.
Pro-styles provide professional and exciting arrangements combined with perfect playability.

Using Vocal CueTime disks or any MIDI files that include the melody (for example: Tune1000(R)), you simply sing along to your favorite songs by following the bouncing ball as the lyrics advance. Ketron's Audia is a comprehensive audio loop machine with real-time pitch shifting and time stretching functions. It's the best light keyboard we have ever tested: straight response, perfect balance and full control.
The fact that it's not touch screen is not a problem at all, on the contrary that will help you keep it cleaner. It goes without saying that the main goal of the manufacturer is for us to buy sound or style banks online.
Navigating through the different categories, we also got to appreciate the quality sounds of the bass presets, the drum kits (with new dynamic stereo samples), the accordions (essential in an arranger!) and the strings.
It can import all bit rate resolutions (but converts them into 16 bits) and different sampling rates (96, 88, 48, 44, 32, 22 and 11 kHz). Styles have been improved compared to older models because they benefit from the extended sound range (e.g. In order to increase the feeling, you can edit the groove with standard swing functions and with a very interesting Push function that causes beats to be delayed or anticipated in order to add some "imprecision" to the tempo.
There's also an option to play back all songs within a folder either continuously or randomly, like a playlist. There are no less than 60 vocal harmony types available in several music styles (country, jazz, classical, vocoder, etc.) as well as ten user memories. In spite of its impressive number of settings, the Tyros 3 is highly ergonomic and easy to use, making it the ideal solution for professional stage applications.
Toutefois, l’objectif non feint du constructeur est de nous faire acheter des banques de sons ou de styles en ligne.
Les pianos acoustiques place d’emblee la barre tres haut, comme ce piano classique, ce piano jazz-rock et ce piano soft. La seule veritable deception provient des ch?urs classiques ou jazz, assez dates et compliques a faire sonner correctement. Differentes regles d’harmonisation permettent de definir les intervalles de chaque note harmonisee dans les differentes declinaisons d’accords (voir ci-apres). De meme, on peut activer une lecture continue ou aleatoire de tous les morceaux contenus dans un dossier donne, a la maniere d’une Playlist. Enfin, le compresseur maitre offre 5 Presets + 5 memoires (reglages du type, seuil, ratio et gain, tout comme l’EQ maitre. Bourre de reglages, le Tyros 3 n’en demeure pas moins une machine a l’ergonomie simple, ideale pour la scene pro. Conveniently, many of the panel buttons have lights, making the keyboard easy to negotiate even in less-than-optimum lighting situations.
Session-styles automatically enrich the player's chords with additional color notes or even harmonic progressions. The goal was to make it so you can grab your favorite fake book, sit down, select a jazz style and play. If the song file contains harmony information, the keyboard will add harmony in appropriate places. The Tyros 3 is not fancy and Yamaha decided to improve every possible function of the original concept: sound realism, harmonization, FX processor and user interface. Below the display, you'll find eight pairs of function buttons (to edit values in the menu pages) and nine very-much-appreciated sliders that not only allow you to edit faster with the integrated mixer (more on this later), but are crucial for the modeled drawbar organ presets. When you go to the Yamaha arrangers' website, you expect to find plenty of new resources for your favorite toy, but you should be ready to empty your credit card as well, given that the current free goodies are limited to a few choir sound banks. With its two 20-watt satellites plus 40-watt subwoofer and its well-balanced response, this compact sound system provides a quite good sound quality for private applications (in your home studio or living room). The user interface is very pleasant and full of color: folders with tabs for sounds and styles, a mixer for the different tracks, colored drawbars for modeled organs, etc. Among the presets you'll also find a rather good-sounding vibraphone, wood instruments and a harpsichord. You'll need software tools–provided for free by the manufacturer–to do the conversion and it may require several steps to achieve your goal, but it's doable. And a learn function allows you to "enslave" song playback to the notes you play or sing (song playback pauses as long as you play the wrong note or sing out of tune). In case you choose the latter, event filters allow you to do the job without losing time with jam-packed lists.
Last but not least, the master compressor has five presets and five memories (type, threshold, ratio and gain controls), just like the master EQ. People who like to mess around with sounds and styles will not be disappointed either, and the Tyros 3 is also a nice studio tool. Des qu’un programme de ce type est appele, l’ecran affiche une representation graphique des tirettes types Hammond B3, les curseurs permettant alors de les regler a la volee en live. Lorsqu’on va sur le site dedie aux arrangeurs Yamaha, on s’attend a plein de nouvelles ressources gentiment offertes pour notre nouveau gros joujou, mais on est vite amene a faire fumer sa carte de credit, les goodies se limitant a ce jour a quelques banques de ch?urs. Le Tyros 3 emprunte en effet le multiechantillon dynamique stereo tire des derniers Clavinova.
Les orgues echantillonnes sont de bon niveau, a part un probleme assez ennuyeux d’un echantillon trop fort et trop criard sur quelques notes d’un programme de B3. Les reglages sont moindres, mais disponibles touche par touche… pas de quoi se plaindre, d’autant qu’on peut partir d’un kit existant et y changer tout ce qu’on veut, en particulier l’assignation des echantillons (nous l’avons vu), le tout avec un graphisme ultra clair. Un mode d’apprentissage permet d’asservir la lecture du morceau en fonction des notes jouees ou chantees (tant qu’on joue ou tant qu’on chante faux, ca n’avance pas). Dans ce dernier cas, des filtres d’evenements permettent d’aller droit au but sans perdre de temps dans des listes surchargees.
Ceux qui aiment triturer les sons et les styles ne seront pas decus et le Tyros 3 est tout aussi a l’aise en studio. Basic-styles cover a wide range of music while the arrangement is kept basic and generic, and therefore extremely versatile. Great detail was spent on the walking bass and guitar parts, making sure that they voice correctly for extended chords (like 13s, sharp and flat 9s and sharp 11 chords). Yamaha has been constantly improving the layout of the different control sections since the first Tyros came out.
As soon as you select one of these presets, the display shows a graphic representation of some Hammond B3-like drawbars, that you can control with the sliders in real-time for live applications.
The Tyros 3 actually uses the dynamic stereo multisampling technology from the last Clavinova models. The only real disappointment are the classical and jazz choirs, whose sound is outdated and won't be easy to work with. The Tyros 3 offers lots of flexibility for tempo management: when you change the style, the new style either syncs to the current tempo or changes to its initial default tempo. A noteworthy disadvantage of the sequencer is that it is conceived for an arranger, in other words, it is based on a right-hand melody and an automatic harmonized accompaniment following a chord progression. However, we regret that the sound synthesis was "outsourced" to a software (considering the size of the display), and that the sequencer is based around the arranger. Resultat, un son realiste, ample, dynamique, sur toute la tessiture – a notre sens le meilleur son de piano sur un clavier, lecteurs d’echantillons et grosses workstations confondus !
Pour simuler les orgues a tirettes harmoniques, le Tyros 3 utilise une technologie de modelisation avec modification en temps reel des 9 pieds (voir encadre ci-dessous).
Chaque element est un multiechantillon dans lequel les echantillons sont assembles (tessiture, volume).
On peut globalement reprocher a ce sequenceur d’etre oriente arrangeur, c'est-a-dire base sur une melodie main droite et un accompagnement automatique harmonise suivant une progression d’accords. On regrettera cependant que la partie synthese sonore soit deportee sur un soft, compte tenu de la taille de l’ecran, et que le sequenceur soit oriente arrangeur.
When you get your hands on a TYROS, try the Slow, Moderate and Fast Jazz styles and the Slow and Moderate Jazz Waltz styles. On the positive side, it's quite convenient to have the possibility to download a lot of MIDI files and karaoke songs directly to your Tyros 3 and manage them easily.
The result is a realistic, wide and dynamic sound over the whole keyboard range–it is, to our ears, the best piano sound among keyboards, sample players or workstations! The sampled organs sound good, except for a quite annoying, much too loud and sharp-sounding sample on certain notes of a B3 preset.
Two buttons allow you to edit the value directly–a rotary control would have been much more convenient and faster, however a dedicated "Tap Tempo" button gives you the possibility to enter the desired tempo immediately. The all-plastic assembly and the few accessories provided are also disappointing, considering the price of the product. Le cote positif, c’est que c’est quand meme pratique de pouvoir telecharger un tas de Midifiles et morceaux de Karaoke directement et de les organiser tres vite sur le Tyros 3. On comprend les bruits selon lesquels l’incorporation de ce son aurait pose des problemes de segmentation au marketing de Yamaha… Les pianos electriques sont tout aussi impeccables, tels que Rhodes, CP80, Wurlitzer, Clavinet. Les sons de synthese ne sont pas en reste, avec des simulations assez convaincantes de machines classiques, a travers differents programmes de basses, leads, pads et polysynths, certains tires des Motifs. On peut egalement creer des kits de percussions, soit a partir d’un kit existant (en remplacant certains samples), soit a partir de zero. Enfin, signalons la fonction d’harmonisation main droite en fonction des accords joues main gauche. En cela, il se differencie des workstations dont les sequenceurs permettent d’enregistrer chaque piste en partant de zero.
Autres points de frustration, la construction tout plastique en regard du prix et le peu d’accessoires fournis. In order to simulate organ drawbars, the Tyros 3 uses a modeling technology with real-time adjustment of the nine sliders (see frame below). You can also create percussion kits either by starting from an existing kit (replacing some of the samples) or from scratch. Several harmonization rules allow you to define the intervals for each harmonized note of the different chord variations (see below).
Finally, do notice the right-hand harmonization function which depends on the chords played with the left hand.
We also regret that it is impossible to transfer some data directly between arranger tracks and sequencer tracks.
Les sections cuivres et cuivres solos sont egalement magnifiques, avec un coup de chapeau au nouveau sax jazz, expressif et baveux a souhait. Au global, le Tyros 3 offre la plus belle panoplie sonore de tous les lecteurs d’echantillons que nous ayons ecoutes a ce jour. A la difference du mode normal, les samples sont affectes 1 par 1, touche par touche, sur une seule couche et disposent de reglages additionnels de volume, panoramique et departs effet. Tres puissante, celle-ci peut se faire selon 26 styles de jeu differents et est memorisee avec chaque programme. On peut egalement regretter l’impossibilite de transferer directement des portions de donnees entre les pistes d’arrangeur et les pistes du sequenceur. Synthesized sounds aren't at a loss and offer quite convincing simulations of classic synths, thanks to several bass, lead, pad and polysynth presets, including some taken directly from the Motif Series. Unlike the normal mode, samples are assigned one by one and key by key in a single layer and have additional volume, pan and FX send settings.If you want to dive deep into synthesis and have full access to all synthesis parameters, you'll have to use the Voice Editor for PC and Mac provided on the CD-ROM.
This amazingly powerful function has 26 different playing styles and is saved within each preset.
Quand on lance un style sur le Tyros 3, difficile de ne pas poser les doigts sur le clavier et commencer a battre du pied… l’inspiration vient alors toute seule. The brass sections and solo brass instruments sound wonderful too, especially the new delightfully expressive and wet jazz sax. As a summary, the Tyros 3 provides the most pleasant sound set among all sample players we have heard to this day.
Celle-ci, mise en ?uvre automatiquement suivant l’analyse du jeu ou manuellement via 2 Switches dedies situes a gauche du clavier, permet de jouer differentes versions d’echantillons pour une meme note, non seulement en fonction de la velocite, mais egalement des intervalles et des repetitions. Nous ne pourrons en revanche pas donner de chiffres sur la taille de la Rom PCM utilisee, Yamaha Japon ayant refuse de nous communiquer ces donnees. It uses the new "Super Articulation 2" technology specifically developed for the Tyros 3: by automatically analyzing your playing, or manually via the two dedicated buttons on the left side of the keyboard, it allows you to play different sample versions for a same note, not only according to the velocity but also according to note intervals and repetitions. We cannot give you any information regarding the size of the PCM memory used because Yamaha Japan didn't provide us the data. Each element includes a multisample with pitch and velocity ranges, two 6 or 12-pole multimode resonant filters (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass or band-rejection with 4-segment keyboard split), one LFO and three multisegment envelopes.
You will also find a clarinet, a trumpet, a harmonica and a bagpipe with the same expressiveness, thanks to the same technology. There's no real reason to complain considering that you can start from an existing kit and change everything you want, especially the sample assignation (mentioned above), via a crystal clear graphic interface.
Loop playback available Number of Songs: Unlimited *1 - Save to User Drive, Floppy Drive or Opt.

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