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The S08 is equipped with Yamaha's original Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard-a true weighted 88-note keyboard based on the highly acclaimed Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard found in the Yamaha P series digital pianos.
From beautiful grand pianos and orchestral instruments to punchy synthesizers and bass sounds for the dance floor, the S08 gives you the equivalent of 28 MB* worth of high-quality AWM2 voices-over 700 in all.
The S08 is fully compatible with Yamaha XG and General MIDI Level 2 specifications, both of which provide an extended range of instruments and effects over the original General MIDI standard. Unlike the small displays used in competing keyboards, the S08's custom liquid crystal display makes it easy to see the currently selected voice and other information at a glance. A newly designed playback sequencer lets you play back standard MIDI files (format 0) directly from a SmartMedia memory card. Although the S08 is a 88-note weighted action synthesizer, its light weight makes it the ideal keyboard for the gigging musician who needs portability yet demands the feel of a real piano. Having hundreds of voices at your fingertips is a wonderful thingActhat is, until you find yourself having to look through them one by one to find that particular string voice you liked so much. Scrolling through voices and editing parameters is easier than ever thanks to a convenient control dial.
Equipped with a USB MIDI interface, the S08 can connect directly to any USB equipped Windows or Macintosh computer. Came with everything i needed to get started right out of the box; power supply, manual, driver CD.
Yes, this is worthy of my hard earned $999.99, Trust me, i have looked all over and for under a grand you cant beat it with anything in its class. I thought it had built-in speakers when I bought it, but I have a system at home and it was easy enough to plug into that. Haven't done a lot of tweaking but for getting basic sounds etc it's pretty straightforward. Compared to other 88-key pro boards, this is about the cheapest you're going to find, and I am very happy with it. When the USB port broke, I called Yamaha who referred me to a local authorized repair shop. Hi peeps.Not being a keyboard guy but needing a keyboard for the odd jam, would any one have any suggestions for an inexpensive 88 key weighted Digital Piano or similar ?The main criteria is that it has midi out on it via 5 pin DIN (without using a converter) and have good sound for piano and a few other simple ones.
Originally Posted By Dave HorneI was surprised to read that there are 88 key weighted keyboards that do not have MIDI Out. Working through Czerny's first baby beginning steps for classical piano.Hoping to graduate well within two years of study. If you can buy an ES100 for much less than a PX-350, do it.The ES100 has nice action and piano sounds.
Originally Posted By PianoMan51ww:I wouldn't limit your search to keyboards that have the original MIDI connector. FWIW, the ES100 seems popular, I am sure you have your own taste, just as anyone else, so you may care to listen to some of the demos as well to get an idea.
Originally Posted By wwarriorEdit - Ah wait - I think you are using a MIDI to USB adapter - which I have - they work ok for taking a 5 Pin DIN into a computers Usb port, but I don't believe you can go the opposite way.

Originally Posted By Frederic LYou can be more affirmative : most of the USB-MIDI cable are made to connect only a computer. Originally Posted By Alexander BorroFWIW, the ES100 seems popular, I am sure you have your own taste, just as anyone else, so you may care to listen to some of the demos as well to get an idea.Yes - I am thinking about this one a lot now. Although a graded keyboard is ideal for playing piano sounds (it's designed so that the lower keys have a heavier touch), it's not practical for playing voices such as drums and basses.
And to ensure the highest standards of voice quality, the S08 uses Yamaha's own 24-bit effects processing chip to provide you with a complete range of high-quality effects, including 17 reverb types, 17 chorus types and 54 variation effects such as delay and distortion. Transferring MIDI files to a SmartMedia card from your Mac or PC is smooth and easy thanks to the included Card Filer software.
The Category Search function makes it a snap to find just the voice you're looking for by allowing you to search through the preset voices by instrument type-such as Piano, Organ, Bass or Strings.
That is alarming news.The original MIDI is fast, performs very well with low latency, easy to troubleshoot, and is practically foolproof.
It sure is - and it's making my quest that much harder.Here's a pic of my current KB setup - that's with the S08 behaving and the keys sitting up properly.
The S08's BH keyboard has been specially designed to accommodate both the need for weighted feel and quick response across the entire length of the keyboard, allowing you to enjoy smooth weighted action regardless of which voice you play. When connected to an external sequencer, up to 16 instrument parts can be played simultaneously for composing and playing back fully arranged songs. The S08's Chain Playback function gives you uninterrupted playback of up to 100 songs-perfect for live performance or simply practicing at home with sequenced accompaniments.
I've already followed the YouTube video on how to fix it and managed to get a few more years out of it but it's gotten worse now so I've decided to buy another sub $ 600 one.I do like the Korg but it does seem a bit sparse for functionality.
And because the S08 provides up to 64 notes of polyphony, you need not worry about running out of notes when playing long sustaining passages or sequencing complex arrangements.
It seems very well build; that is keys are solid and not flimsy, buttons are not going to break off and oh, did i say it looks good? There exists a converter with a USB-B plug (Kenton), but it does work only with USB class compliant devices (the devices which doesn't require a specific driver).Perhaps some USB keyboards have a usefull USB-B plug (made for memory stick).
In the PX series, there's also the PX3, PX330, and I believe any PX model where the middle number is a 0, 1, or 2. I do not have experience with Graded action versus the Balanced action of the S08 so I cannot speak to the difference there. I do like the S08 and would be happy to get it repaired - but only if the key problem could be solved. If I were to put my finger on it, For me the midrange seems lacking in the Kawais, not enough body to the tone, higher up there is some nice sounds, and plenty bass too.
I just couldn't fall in love with the Kawai sounds ( out of box anyway ) compared to other models.

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