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This type of Humming sound problem are most likely due to either earthing problem or due to some faulty capacitors hence I decide to directly check the amplifier section. So I have downloaded IC data from the internet for reference for IC BA 5417 and I have decided to test the capacitors which are directly grounded from IC (Because I am getting Humming from both the speakers if you get humming from only one speaker then test respected output pins i.e. I found the 1000uf 25 volt e-cap bad and this is the reason why it causes the humming sound. This article was prepared for you by Yogesh Panchal who works as a Computer Hardware Engineer in Mumbai India. P.S- Do you know of any your friends who would benefit from this content that you are reading now? Hi Yogesh Panchal, this e-cap causes a lot of hum that goes out for the speakers, its ESR value must be high. I don’t have ESR meter or capacitance meter yet; I just took a chance because most of time I have directly replaced the capacitors which are directly grounded from IC voltage supply Pin in audio system with Humming problem and capacitors also not that much expensive.

Good instincts but I think you should buy an ESR meter which will sooner or later help your repair work.
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