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Musical Keyboard shops in Bangalore - Buy musical keyboard instrument Casio and Yamaha brands. Dealer and supplier of musical instruments in Bangalore - Koramangala and Basavanagudi- Best Price in inductry- Guitars Violin Tabla Drums Keyboards Sitar Harmonium Veena - We deliver all types of string instruments - Reed instruments - Rythem Instruments -Electric Indian Instruments- Wind Instruments. With a versatile range of sounds and functions, the PSR-E243 is the ideal instrument for aspiring musicians who are just starting out. Creates a stereo image wider than the speakers using Yamaha's digital signal processing technology. With a stunning variety of voices and styles, the PSR-E343 opens the door to a world of musical enjoyment.
Yamaha's unique Melody Suppressor function suppresses the melody line in your favorite songs so that you can play along. It has 497 dynamic, high quality, natural sounding voices, 106 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Practice at your individual level with the new advanced Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions. 497 high-quality instrument voices, including 5 Chinese voices and 106 accompaniment styles.
Includes Two Indian Voices to enrich your experience playing Indian Content - Sitar and Shehnai. PSR-I425 has 514 Voices and 162 Styles, including 10 Indian Voices and 12 Indian Styles, and is loaded with new features such as sound control knobs that give the user real time control effects, filters, envelope generator and tempo. Two assignable knobs on the panel give you flexible, powerful real-time control of filter (Voice or Style), effect settings, sound envelope (Attack and Release) and style tempo. Digital Music Notebook (available as a free download) is a major new multimedia platform for music learning and performance.

The Yamaha PSR-I455 PortaTone has been specially optimized for recreating the unique sound of Indian instruments in your keyboard performances and sequences. 19 voices feature Indian instruments and 26 styles provide automatic accompaniment ideal for Indian music. Naturally, the electronic tabla and tampuraa€”which are indispensable to this type of musica€”can also be found here.
The PSR-I455 can replicate a diverse range of instruments and musical genres from countries and regions all over the world, not just India.
Featuring 16 patterns with five different sections, the PSR-I455 faithfully recreates the sound of the electronic tabla and tampura, rivaling stand-alone machines in the process. With a USB flash memory device plugged into the keyboarda€™s USB TO DEVICE terminal, you can easily save and load your own songs, as well as exchange data with a PC or another connected device. The new psre423 yamaha keyboard price psre423 yamaha keyboard counter genuine What kind of psre423 yamaha keyboard. Featuring unique Ultra Wide Stereo technology for a wide stereo image and great sound, this keyboard also offers onboard lessons that make learning music easy, and more importantly, fun! Now, the playback of the selected song is continuously adjusted to the tempo of the player's performance.
Hone your technique with the onboard lessons, then when you're ready, connect to a portable music player and use the unique Melody Suppressor function to jump in and play right along.
Just connect any device with a line output, such as a mobile device, a computer, a mixer, or even another keyboard, to the AUX-in port and hear yourself play along with your favorite artists.
Now, the playback of the selected song is continuously adjusted to the tempo of the player's performance. It provides 50 different Arpeggio types that automatically generate useful patterns and phrases that change depending on the notes and chords you play.

One dedicated button brings up a great sounding piano, stunningly rich and authentic in its sound as well as setting up the keyboard to play as a piano. Connections and setup are exceptionally easy, and you can play back your computer recorded parts with different instrument sounds - all from a single instrument.
The built-in tone generator handles virtually any MIDI song file--from commercially available music data to songs created on computer or other MIDI instruments. In fact, this keyboarda€™s tabla and tampura can be set and played in exactly the same way as stand-alone instruments.
You can even use the AUX-in port to simply enjoy playback from your audio device.e Stereo presets can be selected. The panel settings will automatically be adjusted for the ideal combination of sounds and style!
All you have to do is play on the keyboard--alternately on the left- and right-hand ranges of the keyboard, for example--and you'll sound like a pro as long as you play in time with the music.
Naturally, it plays back conventional GM song data, but it also is compatible with the enhanced XGlite format, ensuring high sound quality. Whata€™s more, the PSR-I455 also comes with raga-mode practice songs that can be conveniently used for instrument and voice training.
Furthermore, this instrument allows Music Database files transferred from a computer or stored on a USB flash memory device.

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