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Tyros is well known for industry leading content quality but now Tyros4 raises the bar even higher with its amazing array of sparkling new voices and styles. The Tyros4 has an expanded and enhanced set of exceptionally authentic Voices,and gives you the means to play these Voices more naturally and with greater expressiveness. The Styles of the Tyros4 have been vastly enhanced with the expert use of new Super Articulation and Super Articulation 2 Voices. The newly enhanced Vocal Harmony 2 (VH2) processing engine delivers superior sound, lightning-fast processing, and comprehensive, flexible control of the harmonies applied to your singing voice. Tyros4 is an open-ended instrument that lets you continually expand the available content for your creative explorations. Tyros4 lets you record your performances as audio data, with two different methods, Simple (quick and easy recording to a single audio track) and Multi Track (overdub recording for complex songs). With the enormous wealth of data available on the instrument (including your own Song and Audio data), the Music Finder function lets you instantly find and call up what you need. The Tyros4 can also be directly connected to the Internet with the Internet Direct Connection function, allowing you to download special content without the need for a computer.
No need for separate recording hardware—you can record your keyboard performance as well as your own singing or the sound of other instruments directly to the Tyros4! Please refer to “Related Products” below.* You can connect your instrument using Yamaha's i-MX1 interface. You’ll hear something different as soon as you play Tyros4’s classical choir Voices: the sound is incredibly natural thanks to Ambient Sampling. Together with technologies such as Super Articulation, Tyros4’s pop vocals use Yamaha’s latest voicing technology, Wave Cycling, to bring hugely versatile vocal creativity to your performances.
The Tyros4 features a variety of accompaniment and rhythmic backing patterns (called “Styles”) in a variety of different musical genres including pop, jazz, and many others. Premium Packs provide a full upgrade for your Tyros4 by adding new Premium Voices, Premium Styles, One Touch Settings, Multi-Pads, registrations and demonstration songs.
Premium Voices are single new sounds that are perfectly balanced addition to your Tyros4's built-in factory content. The pack boasts 25 expertly sampled voices that a wide range of traditional Latin instruments; showcasing a variety of dynamic Latin Guitars, Octave Pianos, Bandolims, Cavaquihnos, and two complete Brazilian inspired drum kits! Turn your Tyros4 into a Vintage Synth!The Vintage Synth Pack has 50 expertly recreated synth voices that feature the most recognizable sounds of analog synthesizers, amazing arpeggios, and dance-ready beats from the 80’s and 90’s!
The SA2 Baritone Saxophones deliver the most authentic and expressive sounds with Yamaha’s Super Articulation 2 technology, giving Tyros4 users a bona fide Bari Sax Man at their fingertips. The SA2 Female Vocals offer two unique Voices that range from operatic to soothing, and are perfect for a variety of classical and contemporary ballads.
The Entertainer Pack is the perfect solution for all entertainers, duos or bands, providing an array of sounds synonymous with the typical musical genres of Germany and neighboring Alpine nations. From the Jodeling vocals of the Alps to the party music of Carnival, Oktoberfest and Apri-Ski, the Entertainer Pack provides the perfect set of tools to increase the professionalism and authenticity of performances! Included in the pack are a variety of Voices which simulate classic electronic piano sounds.
The PSR-2100 is the instrument of choice for many professional and semi-professional musicians, home hobbyists, singers and songwriters because this keyboard is all about sound.
The PSR-2100 features a huge 32MB of wave ROM that is on par or higher than many professional synthesizers. If you are a fan of that vintage organ sound, then look no further than the PSR-2100 Organ Flutes. This past couple of years has seen a resurgence in TV talent shows that is adding new talent and vitality to the music market and entertainment field. Add a choir to provide more depth and emotion to a ballad or expand your singing range with the unique Gender function. In the past, when you wanted to learn a new song, you would probably head off to your local music store where hopefully they had the piano sheet music for the song you eagerly were looking to play and sing. By connecting the PSR-2100 to your computer you can transfer the digital sheet music into your keyboard and it will play the song for you as the music and lyrics scroll by in the screen. The PSR-2100 features Styles (accompaniment patterns) in a variety of different musical genres including Rock, Jazz, Latin, Country and Dance. There are many tools in the keyboard that make it easy to be a power user from the first day you own the keyboard.
Direct Access Button: Press this button and the function you would like to adjust, for example Pitch Bend, and the LCD screen instantly takes you there.
One Touch Setting (OTS): Provides you with a recommended voice with effects for each Section of each Style (4 per style).
Multi Pads: These four buttons change to match the genre of each Style (or you can change them yourself) and can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard playing. Built-in Help: Help messages give you explanations & descriptions of the main functions and features found in the keyboard. Demo: In addition to the main demos showing some of the more advanced features found in the keyboard, there is also a short demo for every sound.

Mixing Console: To change voices, adjust levels, panning, transpose, tuning, pitch bend and effects on various tracks or parts that you play, simply press the Mixing Console button and make adjustments using graphical representations of rotary pots and faders. Registration Memory: Set the keyboard up just the way you like and take a digital snapshot by memorizing it to one of the Registration buttons. Pour voir le produit et son prix, cliquez sur la vignette, ou sur le lien en jaune au dessus de la vignette. Hi I had purchased a Yamaha PSR I455 and it also has the display problem even after one month. Anonymous posted: ---------------- "However, I did find, when removing the old part, that the LCD main ribbon cable was folded (crimped) twice by the manufacturer to better align the wire with it's connector on the main circuit board. Before purchasing a replacement LCD, try a couple of things first: 1) Adjust the contrast knob on the back to see if you can make the image usable. Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. In particular, the instrument has many new Super Articulation Choir Voices, with amazingly realistic and natural human voice sounds?giving you even more expressive capability.
Greater and more expressive variations in the MegaVoices have been employed as well, particularly in the Scat and Gospel Voices. It also has a Synth Vocoder feature, providing the dynamic, popular vocoder effect for a variety of luscious and even other-worldly sounds. Since the created audio data is saved in WAV file format, you can edit your recordings on computer and share it over the Internet or burn your own original CD. Enhancements include a convenient, easy-to-use IDC Setup Wizard, as well as new security options, with WPA2 and WPA. The audio is captured to the built-in hard disk drive as digital audio data—with absolutely noise-free audio quality.
For sampling, microphones are normally positioned close to the instrument to capture a direct sound which includes very little of the rooms ambience. Tyros4 is packed with different vocal articulations such as Aah, Bah, Bee, Doh etc., and Wave Cycling varies the articulation of the Voice as you play.
The Style features Auto Accompaniment, letting you produce automatic accompaniment playback simply by playing “chords” with your left hand. The authenticity spreads to the 10 included Styles, featuring Samba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Bossa Nova, and Bolero rhythms. The voices feature a variety analog waveforms and samples from the quintessential early digital synths, a complete set of vintage sound fx, and a collection of sounds from early drum machines! This expansion pack includes two amazing new Sax sounds: the SA2 Funk Baritone Saxophone voice has all the grit and growl you need to get that groovy Motown sound, and the SA2 Pop Baritone Saxophone features a smoother, breathier tone that is perfect for jazz standards and pop ballads. Yamaha’s Super Articulation 2 technology adds breath and control to each voice that provides a more realistic sound. The unique sounds of these pianos were a result of their particular construction, in which metal tines or reeds were struck by hammers, with the sound then amplified by electromagnetic pickups.
If you are familiar with other hi-end Arranger Workstations from Yamaha, you'll be amazed to find out that the PSR-2100 has 50% more wave ROM than the PSR9000 and 100% more than the PSR-2000 that it replaces and more wave ROM translates to better sound. And Yamaha puts this wave ROM to good use with an ample selection of over 800 voices, including 14 Sweet, 6 Cool! Whether you sing for fun or for a living, the PSR-2100 has features that help you sound great.
The harmony function can be triggered in real time from 3 different sources; left hand chords, right hand notes or from a track in a MIDI file. All you have to do is play the chords with your left hand as you perform and the selected Style will automatically play along, instantly following the chords you play.
The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style and the correct tempo.
Recording starts as soon as you start playing the keyboard and will record everything you play – the Style, Left & Layer Voices and Multi pads or a single track. RESTUSB to a computer (very easy to connect to your computer) driver yamaha zawarteBrak ANY problems!?
It's a difference you can instantly hear - one that inspires you to new creative heights and lets you play your dream!
With computer and audio editing software, you can also edit the sound file as needed, and then re-import it to the Tyros4.
For Tyros4’s new classical choirs, the microphone positions were carefully adjusted to capture not only the sound of the choir but also the ambience of the room, resulting in unprecedented clarity and realism of sound. This means that you can now play incredibly realistic “shoo-bee-doo-bah” and scat vocals with remarkable ease!
This lets you automatically recreate the sound of a full band or orchestra?even if you’re playing by yourself! This expansion pack features 2 beautiful new Voices: the SA2 Female Classic Voice is full and strong, with variable vibrato and amazing vocal range, and the SA2 Female Ballad voice is sweet and mellow, with an equally impressive range, and softer, lighter vibrato, making it ideal for modern ballads.
It is also the first in the line to feature organ flutes with virtual drawbars and a vocal harmony unit that allows you to back up your singing performance with stunning 3-part harmony (including your original voice).

You can make adjustments in real time that include flute footage volume, rotary speaker speed and type, organ type, vibrato, percussive attack and length, response and EQ. The keyboard is equipped with a Microphone input (MIC not included) and a professional Vocal Harmony function, which transposes your voice in realtime, giving you 3-part harmony including your original voice. For example, the screen on the PSR-2100 is able to show you mixer settings at a glance, the chords you are playing, what sounds are on the right and left side of the keyboard, what Style or MIDI file is currently playing, score and lyrics. Recently, Yamaha, Hal Leonard and Sebelius got together to create digital interactive sheet music. For example, on a jazz style, one OTS might be piano, the next jazz guitar with a little echo, the third sax with reverb and the forth might be piano and vibes layered. Vous pouvez rendre votre contenu inaccessible sur ce site - en l'excluant de l'indexation par le robot du moteur Bing. I will not take it apart myself over the fear of it breaking the piano and the folk's around here in my neck of the woods are not so helpful in fixing it for me.
My Yamaha DGX620 had the same problem but cleaning all contacts I fix it, and now the display is full, optimal working.
I've had my Roland D-5 for 40+ years and the screen is still the same as it was when it was purchased.
Since the created audio data is saved in WAV file format, you can easily share your performances over the Internet or burn your own original CD. Check out the demonstration videos below, or head to Yamaha MusicSoft to spice up your Tyros4 with a little Latin flavor!
A selection of carefully programmed Styles offer the perfect beats and backing band to play electronic music from around the globe, and make good use of these amazing new voices, and the pack boasts 2 complete sets of registrations to get you started! And finally, you'll find a huge array of innovative features and functions tailored to the special needs of live and studio musicians including Quick Record, a large LCD with Score and Lyric capability, USB connectivity, 4 sections to each style, User memory for storing data, 32 channels of MIDI via USB and fixed level line-outs that make it easy to capture the creative moment.
Once you get it the way you like, then simply save the new voice and call it up any time you like. In fact, if you record a song into the PSR-2100 using the arranger features, it will not only display the notes you played, but the chords as well. We have beefed up the "Yamaha Education Suite" (YES) found on previous models with the new version, Version IV. It just did a nice modius strip kind of curve." ---------------- That is also exactly what I did and 4 years later the LCD has not had this issue again. The instrument also supports MP3 data, allowing you to play back files in that popular format.
Sweet Voices are special voices from Yamaha that reproduce all the natural expression and vibrato of their respective acoustic instruments. And because the PSR-2100 has 2 Foot Pedal jacks, you can assign one to control rotary speed for smooth, hands free operation. The lyrics advance as the song does and the harmony will come and go at the appropriate times. The bottom line about having a bigger screen is that it's your window into how the music is being created – you might as well make it a big one.
For example, you could use the A section for the Verse, B section for the Chorus, C for the Bridge and D for a Solo. In addition to the standard left and right hand lessons Version IV includes "Your Tempo" and "Repeat & Learn" modes.
In addition, each Style has 3 different Intros and Endings and will automatically fill, if you like, between sections. The keyboard comes with 30 pre-loaded songs, Flash ROM memory for adding more, and 70 additional selections on CD-ROM. So would Yamaha send a tech to my house for free to fix it or is this something that's going to cost me? Voices feature samples of electronically amplified instruments like Jazz Guitar and Electric Piano. You will need to solder 2 small connections (if you don't know how to solder go to youtube). Voices use stereo samples to ensure the most accurate reproduction of each instrument's natural presence, resonance and vibrato. Whether you're looking for a keyboard to make demo songs, playing live gigs or simply looking for a lot of sound value for your dollar, you'll like what you hear from the 2100. PSR-295 is the first in line with recording capability and also has a new Performance Assistant technology, which allows you to play along with songs and not make a mistake - even if you're a complete beginner!
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Remove ALL the ribbon cables (notice how they are oriented and where they go, you will need to replace these latter) except the main one (top right corner since flipped on face and you are looking from the Top of the piano). 8.

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