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After visiting my local Yamaha dealer, I had the pleasure of trying out the new Yamaha PSR-S950 keyboard, packed full of accompaniment styles & voices as well as a myriad of additional features. The PSR-S950 workstation keyboard effectively blurs the line between digital and acoustic sound and the result will change your musical perceptions forever.
Thank you to Roger Hagarty of Roger’s Music for allowing me access to this keyboard for this recording. Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. My Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Box Set Unboxing video – certainly a lot of content here! Edna Halliday who ran Whitley Bay Organs has sadly passed away after a stroke in December 2015. So David and Chris are now on hand to answer your questions and will be happy to help you with your musical needs in the future. After 20 years in business One Man Band in Banbury Oxfordshire can continue to offer you the same high level of dedication and good old fashioned service, along with help videos, Tyros clubs and extensive after-sales support. Introducing the brand new Yamaha PSR-F50 keyboard, perfectly designed for students and beginners and musicians on the move, possessing the sound quality and durability you find in other Yamaha models. With the PSR-F50 model, Yamaha have focused on great quality functions packed in a lightweight, portable body.
To even further encourage and support beginners and teachers when learning the keyboard, Yamaha have included the Duo mode, which enables for two people to play on the same instrument.
This is an excellent gift for a beginner or a student that will make the learning fun and easy without breaking the bank.

Diana is the Piano & Strings specialist and looks after blogs and written content here at Normans.
Nuvo, the company behind popular plastic woodwind instruments have a new release - the jSax!
New pBuzz is set to be the next big thing for introducing younger players to the world of music. April 2016 has been the month for new releases from Yamaha, and their woodwind range is no exception!
We’ve recorded professional musicians to achieve authentic renditions of their instruments and playing nuances and now you can play alongside them.
Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications. In this article I will explore the features of this new keyboard and explain why this instrument might be the one for entry level keyboardists. Nevertheless, this keyboard features a 61 note keyboard, just as most standard instruments.
The layout and colour coded design of the instrument is easy for anyone to access and understand without even reading the manual. The metronome function helps develop a good sense of rhythm and time, and the transpose function allows you to change the tuning of your keyboard from -12 up to 0 and from 0 up to +12. Teachers will benefit from the duo practice mode and the simplistic layout of this keyboard, making sure the students do not get distracted by unnecessary features. She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages and, in her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything musical.
The PSR-S950’s other incredible features—including Vocal Harmony 2 and Super Articulation for thrilling instrumental and vocal support—will add a whole new perspective to your creativity.

It incorporates all the basics you need whether it is to start learning or if you are simply looking for a cool little instrument that you can take anywhere with you.
The PSR-F50 operates both on batteries and with a power adaptor, enhancing its portability even more. Although, the main focus for this keyboard is being beginner-friendly, the great sound quality of Yamaha has not been compromised. All the unnecessary and distracting features have been removed, allowing you to focus solely on the options you actually need. Finally, you can also plug your headphones into the keyboard in order to practice silently. The keyboard has a 2.5-watt stereo amplifier on each side and it is it has plenty of very realistic sounds and voices to choose from. Sticking to the basics has also made it one of the best value entry-level keyboards on the market. Yet, the instrument offers plenty of creative opportunities with 120 voices and 114 built-in accompaniment styles from all over the world thanks to fantastic quality AWM Stereo sampling. It includes 30 preset songs, variety of tempos and reverb and chorus effects all shown on a helpful, great quality LED display.

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