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Our legendary stereo sampled grand piano voice offers a superbly realistic tone, whilst the compact dimensions and light weight of the NP31 make this instrument a truly 'personal' piano.
Please note that we are only able to supply this item within the UK, Republic of Ireland and Republic of Malta. Hu?ng d?n nay Ti?n D?t vi?t danh cho nh?ng ai luon mu?n tim hi?u lam th? nao d? choi Piano nhung chua mua dan va chua co d?nh hu?ng ro rang trong vi?c h?c Piano.
N?u b?n khong ph?i la m?t nh?c si thi cu?c hanh trinh h?c dan Piano s? c?c k? thu v? va d? dang hon nh?ng gi b?n tu?ng.
Tru?c khi b?t d?u h?c dan Piano r?t nhi?u ngu?i thu?ng nghi theo hu?ng h?c Piano r?t kho va t? cho r?ng minh khong thanh cong du?c. Minh khong co nang khi?u am nh?c nen khong th? h?c dan Piano, h?c dan Guitar, h?c dan Organ hay cac nh?c c? khac. D? h?c du?c dan Piano c?n d?u tu r?t nhi?u th?i gian va cong s?c, minh khong co d? th?i gian d? h?c Piano.
Nh?ng nh?n d?nh sai l?m v? qua trinh h?c dan Piano la rao c?n l?n cho ngu?i yeu thich Piano d?n g?n hon v?i “ong vua c?a cac lo?i nh?c c?” nay.
Choi dan Piano la m?t cach tuy?t v?i d? thu gian va thoat ra kh?i nh?ng r?c r?i, phi?n ph?c x?y ra xung quanh b?n nhanh nh?t. B?n s? ngay cang cu?n hut hon b?t k? b?n la ai, gi?i tinh nao, mau da nao hay bao nhieu tu?i.
B?n s? co co h?i l?n d? hoa nh?p vao m?t c?ng d?ng c?a nh?ng ngu?i r? nang d?ng, vui v? va sang t?o; gi?ng nhu b?n dang tim hi?u m?t mon ngo?i ng?.
B?n s? b?t d?u nghe du?c nh?ng tam s? c?a nh?c s? ho?c ngu?i choi trong cac b?n nh?c khac nhau.
Tru?c khi th?c s? b?t d?u m?t s? bai t?p th?c hanh, b?n s? c?n m?t cay dan Piano co ho?c dan Piano di?n. Dan Piano di?n khong c?n ph?i di?u ch?nh thu?ng xuyen, nh? g?n hon va cung c?p nhi?u tinh nang hon nen co th? noi day la m?t trong nh?ng nh?c c? linh ho?t nh?t. V?i khoa h?c dan Piano chuyen sau danh cho m?i l?a tu?i, phuong phap gi?ng d?y tien ti?n du?c cac gi?ng vien day d?n kinh nghi?m va co phuong phap giao d?c am nh?c tr?c ti?p d?ng l?p thi du b?n la ai, du b?n chua bi?t gi v? am nh?c khi b?n theo h?c t?i cac trung tam, con du?ng tr? thanh nh?ng tay choi Piano th?c th? s? nhanh hon. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.

Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. If the musical genius in you is itching to get out, but that grand piano just wont fit though your apartment door, fear not!
Perfect for classical compositions as well as any other style that requires acoustic piano.Grand Piano 2Clear piano with bright reverb. Bai vi?t sau day nh?m d?m b?o r?ng b?t c? ai co mong mu?n choi dan Piano d?u co th? tim ki?m cac thong tin c?n thi?t nh?t cho vi?c mua dan va h?c dan.
Nhung khi b?t d?u vao h?c va tr?i qua nh?ng giai do?n khac nhau, da s? d?u nh?n ra r?ng m?i lo l?ng ban d?u c?a h? la khong dung.
S? th?t la, h?c Piano khong don gi?n nhu di d?o trong cong vien, nhung n?u b?n danh m?t vai gi? va t?p trung vao cac k? nang m?i, b?n s? co th? choi m?t s? bai hat don gi?n s?m hon r?t nhi?u so v?i b?n nghi. Nh?ng y?u t? tam ly ma b?n “b?t du?c” trong m?t bai hat s? giup b?n sang t?o ra b?n nh?c c?a rieng minh. Cung gi?ng nhu khi t?p di xe d?p, ph?i m?t m?t th?i gian d? b?n tim hi?u cac b? ph?n c?a xe d?p, v?n hanh nhu th? nao, d?p xe nhu th? nao, d?t xe nhu th? nao, gi? thang b?ng nhu th? nao…?
Dan Piano Acoustic la l?a ch?n tuy?t v?i nhung m?t s? h?n ch? c?a lo?i nh?c c? nay cung la chi ti?t b?n c?n quan tam: kich thu?c, tr?ng lu?ng, gia c? va chi phi b?o tri. V?i s? phat tri?n c?a cong ngh?,vu?t b?c thi cay dan Piano di?n hi?n nay hoan toan co th? c?nh tranh v?i cac thi?t k? Piano co va quan tr?ng nh?t la gia thanh dan r? hon Piano co r?t nhi?u.
Chung toi thu?ng khuyen b?n nen ch?n m?t cay dan Piano di?n m?i, vi m?u dan Piano di?n cu co th? co m?t s? nhu?c di?m ma b?n khong th? kh?c ph?c ho?c s?a ch?a du?c. M?t vai m?u dan co it phim hon nhung 88 phim la m?u dan t?t nh?t cho b?t c? ai co y d?nh theo h?c Piano. H?p am thu?ng co t? 3 n?t tr? len, n?u dung 3 n?t h? keu la triads (ph? thong l?m do), dung 4 n?t la tetrads, 5 la pentads va 6 la hexads. Nhu Ti?n D?t da noi, t? h?c dan Piano khong don gi?n nhung la m?t trong nh?ng di?u thu v? nh?t ma b?n nen tr?i nghi?m.
Khi luy?n t?p, b?n c?n chu y ngon tay, d?u hoa, tru?ng d?, d?u l?ng… d? khong b? t?p nh?m, t?p sai sau nay s?a l?i r?t m?t th?i gian.
N?u b?n c?n mua dan Piano hay tu v?n them v? cach choi dan co th? d?n v?i Nh?c c? Ti?n D?t d? co du?c ch?t lu?ng d?ch v? t?t nh?t.

And, unlike the old fashioned ticking metronome, the sound can be heard through headphones so you can still practise quietly.The touch sensitivity of the keyboard can be adjusted or even turned off completely which is useful for anyone who cannot press the keys firmly.
N?u m?i quan tam chinh c?a b?n la khong co nang khi?u am nh?c b?m sinh thi b?n nen gi?i t?a cang th?ng vi no khong ph?i la m?t cai gi do nh?t thi?t cac b?n c?n. S? h?p d?n c?a dan Piano co ban d?u co th? lam b?t c? ai choang ng?p, nhung sau giai do?n ban d?u qua di, co th? b?n s? nh?n th?y r?ng b?n than dan Piano co khong ph?i la l?a ch?n h?p ly nh?t.
Ben c?nh do dan Piano di?n m?i khong b? m?t gia nhanh nen khi mu?n nang c?p len cay dan Piano co ho?c dan Piano chuyen nghi?p b?n s? d? dang ban l?i. H?c dan Piano, b?n cung tr?i qua t?t c? qua trinh kham pha va th? nghi?m cach ng?i dan, cach nh?n phim, cach s? d?ng pedal, cach nh? n?t nhanh nh?t, cach luy?n ngon, ch?y gam…. You can even record and play back your tunes, or learn how to play along with pre-programmed songs.
Khong ph?i ai cung co th? t? h?c Piano, vi v?y n?u b?n c?m th?y r?ng b?n khong d? t? tin d? vu?t qua qua trinh t? h?c ban d?u thi m?t giao vien co th? giup d? b?n r?t nhi?u.
With the added benefits of helping you strengthen your fingers on its durable surface, and being extremely portable, the iPlay Piano ensures you will always have piano lessons at your fingertips!
Graded Soft Touch keyboard With Yamaha's Graded Soft Touch keyboard, the lower keys are heavier in touch and the higher keys are lighter, just as on an actual piano, whilst retaining the softer touch of a digital keyboard. Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) stereo sampling Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling is a system which uses sound wave data that mirrors the tone and expression of the original instrument by using advanced digital technologies. Built-in stereo speaker system This instrument uses highly efficient amplifiers that create a poweful, natural sound from a compact speaker system.
10 voices including Natural Grand Piano An ultra-realistic piano sound together with a selection of other instrument voices, controlled through an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard.

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