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This Yamaha style piano bench is a high quality piano bench constructed with a solid wood frame and legs.
The piano bench features a padded vinyl inset top with wood trim, a deep, routed-in music storage compartment, heavy duty brass hardware, and protective caps on the bottom of the piano legs to prevent damage to your floors.
Choosing a grand piano bench can be difficult, with the numerous styles, brands, and pricing available on today's market. An upright piano bench is typically 30 inches wide, whereas a grand piano bench is 35 inches wide, and comfortably seats two (hence also being called a duet).
Each piano bench carries with it its own advantages, and you should select the one that best fits your needs. Wood top piano benches are known for their elegance, as their beautiful finish compliments your piano and produces a luxurious look.
Adjustable piano benches and artist benches offer the ultimate in style, comfort, and usability, and have become the preferred choice of musicians.
Finally, artist benches are considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing piano and bench combination. While both are adjustable, an artist bench has a "skirt" around the lower part of the seat, hiding the adjustable mechanism of the piano bench when fully raised. Deciding between a vinyl piano bench and a leather piano bench can come down to a number of factors, depending on the buyer's situation and preferences. With the high number of cheap Chinese imported piano benches flooding the American market, we felt this is an important question to address. Price tends to be the primary consideration for most customers when it comes purchasing a piano bench, and foreign imports are a great way to get a piano bench at an affordable price. The quality of the piano bench you need can very well be related to how often you play the piano. If you are looking for an antique style grand piano bench, we recommend taking a look at the line of Jansen piano benches, and their Louis XV leg style. Putting together a piano bench requires only a few steps, attaching the leg to the brackets in the frame. Originally Posted By TheodoreMost people are not aware that the NU1 and the CLP-585 have the same grand piano sample, but different actions.
Originally Posted By MRCOriginally Posted By TheodoreMost people are not aware that the NU1 and the CLP-585 have the same grand piano sample, but different actions. Hi again dear friends of the forum.I was talking with a friend about wanting to buy the NU1 and he told me that if I was going digital and not acoustic the best Piano right now in sound and feeling is the Roland LX-17. Originally Posted By tekaeefixeOriginally Posted By MRCNo, I don't agree with those comments about the NU1 action.
Originally Posted By MRCOriginally Posted By tekaeefixeOriginally Posted By MRCNo, I don't agree with those comments about the NU1 action. I think only you can solve this dilemma by sitting in front of each and seeing which one you prefer. Hi everybody After careful consideration I changed my mind and bought a Yamaha N2.Thank you all for the help! Originally Posted By Chris WarrenCongratulations tekaeefixe - I think I'm going to be doing the same as you. Originally Posted By MRCIf I had had the budget I would have bought an N1 or N2 instead of the NU1.
All equipped with brass plated hinges and lid supports, assembly is quick and easy, with wrench included.
Unlike most imported piano benches, this Empire piano bench's music compartment is routed in (meaning that it is inserted into a groove in the wooden frame), instead of stapled like you will find on most imported piano benches. Alaska, Hawaii and International shoppers, please email us for a shipping quote (including your address and the product you are looking at). Thus we have assembled this beginners guide to buying a piano bench for those who are unsure of what they want or need. If you have a grand piano, it's important to get a grand piano bench, because it will be proportional to the size of your piano. With a similar design to the traditional wood top piano bench, the benefit of an upholstered top piano bench is its padding, as sitting for long hours on a piece of wood can become quite comfortable.
First, they are the most comfortable piano benches on the market, as they will have more padding than even an upholstered top piano bench.

As an example, when you see a Steinway Piano in a concert hall, it will have an jansen artist bench with it. With an adjustable piano bench on the other hand, you will see the raising mechanism when the bench is raised. For people with children, a vinyl bench is great, because vinyl is easy to repair--you can get a repair kit at your local Fred Meyers. Leather bench tops "breathe" slightly better than vinyl, therefore it is more comfortable to sit on over long periods of time. The number one overriding factor in determining the price of a piano bench is the quality of materials used, and that is what distinguishes American made piano benches from Chinese imports. American manufacturer piano benches use hardwood (primarily maple) from the East Coast and Canada. While some of the difference comes from the adjustable mechanism (which is another huge difference in quality between imported and American made benches) and the fact that the Jansen has a thicker padded top, it's clear that there is a big difference in the weight of the wood.
You need an attractive piece of wood with smaller grains to produce a truly beautiful finish.
Cheaper materials and labor, combined with a high number of manufacturers competing for business, allows the consumer to be able to buy a decent quality piano bench at a much lower price than they wood be able to from an American manufacturer. It is by far the best imported artist bench, and is an incredible deal starting at $129.99. If you are someone who occasionally plays, then you do not necessarily need a heavier and stronger piano bench.
If you're looking for the highest quality piano bench, buy one manufactured in the United States (in particular, we recommend looking at Jansen piano benches).
Specifically, we recommend the Jansen artist piano bench, as Steinway contracts Jansen to make their artist benches.
Because you can only learn to play a piano you have, not one that is still in the shop :-)All the best with finding a good teacher and lots of fun with the piano!
Years after you buy it, a worn wood top piano bench can always be refinished, producing a like-new bench.
Another advantage is that vinyl and foam padding are less expensive materials than finished wood, so an upholstered top piano bench will be a little less expensive than a wood top piano bench. Second, their adjustable height mechanism allows the pianist to adjust their piano bench to the optimal playing height.
In sum, adjustable piano benches and artist benches are deservedly the most popular piano benches on the market. I once asked one of our manufacturers why this was, and he explained to me that the wood used from the East Coast and Canada has a tighter gain, which makes for a stronger and more solid wood.
The key then, when looking for a less expensive piano bench, is to choose the right one (as some are very good quality, and others are, simply put, pieces of junk). If you are looking for a fixed height piano bench, we believe Schaff imports the nicest of this style.
Remember a high quality piano bench can last decades, so sometimes it's worth spending the extra money.
If you're seen a Steinway Piano in a concert hall, the artist bench with it is a Jansen Artist Bench.
If you see a Steinway piano in a concert hall with an adjustable artist bench, it is a Jansen.
The low end benches will have a filling that will stop being elastic after about two months.
I mean if you cant play Moonlight Sonata there is something really wrong :PThank you for the advice MRC I can play Moonlight 1st movement with soft and gradual to loud dynamic just fine on my NU1, even with adequate sustain from the LH across bars, and even to my teachers satisfaction. I always use this setting (minor annoyance: I must remember to set it each time I turn the piano on, as the setting is not remembered). You need to play them for yourself - you really will get nothing out of asking this question on a forum.
Through headphones I prefer the sound of the NU1: I think the samples may be more detailed and the string resonance modelling slightly better. Plus you can you safely store a good amount of sheet music in the compartment, without having to worry about the bottom falling out over time--which it will if it's stapled in, as they slowly work themselves loose.
The correct playing position and posture is important for all pianists, and these adjustable benches will definitely allow you to find yours.

In general, the advice we give to customers who ask this question is, if you're going to walk by your piano bench the next 20 years and think to yourself "I wonder if I should have got leather," then you should get a leather piano bench (our finest leather piano bench is our jansen artist bench. You'll notice that the chinese imported benches make up for their inferior wood quality by using a high polish lacquer. We have evaluated a number of foreign imported benches, and have compiled what we believe to be the highest quality and best value.
As well, if the piano bench is for children, then something like the OSP artist bench, which weighs 22 pounds, would be absolutely perfect. Through speakers the N2 wins, though: the superior speaker system more than makes up for the slightly inferior sound engine.
Spilling juice on the bench top won't damage it, as it could with vinyl or leather, and there is also no upholstered top to rip. It may cost a little more, but in over 15 years, I've never heard of someone saying they regret getting it. This does not mean these piano benches are unattractive, when in fact they can produce a very nice high polished look, but it is something you want to consider when deciding on a piano bench. If on the other hand, you are the type of person who plays often and spends many hours at the piano, we recommend going with a higher quality American made bench. The more expensive, USA made piano benches tend to be more attractive, as they don't look cheap. Anyone that says one sounds better than another is giving personal opinion; they play different, but the tone generator is the same. Maybe the sound is better because the Yamaha NU1 is a model from 2011 and the Roland is really new but the action must be better in the Yamaha because its mechanic.Right?If it was up to you which one would you buy? An artist bench or adjustable piano bench, depending on the brand, lets you adjust the bench between 18 inches and 21 or 22 inches. On many of the cheaper imported piano benches found on the market today, the vinyl used looks cheap, and is not particularly comfortable.
Another thing to consider with this thick lacquer and high polish gloss is that it is known to chip, especially on the cheapest of imported benches. The quality of the wood and craftsmanship will prevent your bench from breaking down over time.
A piano bench is a piece of furniture, and can be an ideal accessory that helps bring out the beauty of your piano. The CFX piano sample is the same, but the speaker systems are different: I've tested both instruments side by side and they sound quite different. There is something like this with JoyTunes Piano Maestro and Kawai in the US.flowkey anyway has a number of free songs you can test it with. For this price do you think its good quality?Thank you all Can you guys help me with this?
The actions in other Rolands I have tried did not feel enough like acoustic actions to my taste, but maybe the new action is different. For the piano benches sold on this site however, you do not have to worry about that, as we only carry benches made with top quality materials (Jansen for example uses a furniture grade, naugahyde vinyl). If your piano is the focal part of your room, we recommend getting a nice looking, high quality piano bench to compliment your piano. Also, the 585 has more advanced resonance modelling that better simulates the interactions between vibrating strings and soundboard. This means that even through headphones there are subtle differences in the sound.Additionally, the 585 permits you to customise the sound, by changing the brilliance level and the string resonance parameters, while the NU1 has no such possibilities. Isn't these two items good ?- piano bench Discacciati 105- headphone Sennheiser HD-558And by the way I have a doubt about the benches (I only want black high gloss and leather bench) : The second image (the more classic) looks uncomfortable but again I don't know. It is terrible- nowhere close to a real acoustic piano, which is such a shame considering how much work has gone into it.

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