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Presently, the Yamaha brand is considered among the highly recognisable brands in the world. However, such extensive marketing comes with a price tag that is unfortunately not paid for by Yamaha Corporation, but rather the supporters that purchase the brand. In the past 10-15 years Tampa Bay and other surrounding areas have been plagued with a Yamaha dealer network that offers no competition, but rather a monopoly.

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The reputation of Yamaha is largely due to its diversified portfolio of manufactured goods, which include boats, drums, engines, jet skis, motorcycles, trumpets just to name a few. The quality of these mass-produced products and Yamaha’s constant increase in quality control from the 60s-90s changed people’s perception about Yamaha pianos, which further helped the company solidify its position in the market place. Without competition, Yamaha  and their retailers are able to ask an insane, undeserved premium for their merchandise.

Yamaha dealers  will try to convince potential customers that their pianos offer better resale value as a result of superior name recognition, but this is simply not the case. The fact is that Yamaha dealer’s high retail prices ruin any chance of a new Yamaha piano buyer to resale their piano without substantial monetary loss.

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