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Frequently, parents choose an upright piano for a first piano; they range in height from 36 to 51 inches.
Buying from a piano store—or even just looking at pianos there—is worthwhile because you can try out many kinds of pianos at once to see what appeals to you. By the way, no piano should ever be placed on an outside wall of the house because dampness is lethal to a piano. Some of the best brands of pianos are Steinway or Steinway & Sons (the “Cadillac” of pianos), Baldwin, Wurlitzer, Chickering, Yamaha, Kawai, Samick, Bechstein, Ibich, Pleyel, Gaveau, Kemble, Chappel, Petrof, and Scholze. Digital pianos with weighted keys give a similar feel to playing an acoustic piano and are a much better choice than those that are not weighted.
Buying a piano is an important decision because a good piano should last you many years and can provide unlimited pleasure.
Author of Tennessee Literary Luminaries: From Cormac McCarthy to Robert Penn Warren (The History Press, 2013) Sue Freeman Culverhouse has been a freelance writer for the past 36 years. She moved to Springfield, Tennessee in 2003 with her sculptor husband, Bill a retired attorney. Sue teaches music and writing at Watauga Elementary School in Ridgetop, Tennessee to approximately 500 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. For beginner piano learners or those who prefer something more compact in size and yet still retain the piano touch, Yamaha digital pianos provide just the right answer. For more serious learners or pianists looking for an instrument of high standards of quality and performance, we have both Yamaha and Kawai examination models of used pianos for sale in our store. A piano can last as long as 40 years and can be as expensive a purchase as an automobile if you buy top quality.
Many parents realize the importance of early training if a child is to become an accomplished musician.

It is critical if you are going to choose this method to take someone who is knowledgeable about pianos with you. The tone of a piano—even that of instruments of the same brand and style—is very individual.
Ivory keys can be cleaned by using a damp cloth (not dripping because you don’t want any water to go between the keys) and solid white toothpaste (on the white keys only). A digital piano usually comes with the sounds of many other instruments programmed into its database.
Digital pianos can also come in a grand piano case and they are from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Beginning in 1976, she published magazines articles in Americana, Historic Preservation, American Horticulturist, Flower and Garden, The Albemarle Magazine, and many others. Sue has one daughter,  Susan Leigh Miller who teaches poetry and creative writing at Rutgers University.
She also publishes a literary magazine each year; all work in the magazine is written and illustrated by the students. We are an authorised Yamaha dealer, offering both new Yamaha digital pianos and used upright pianos for sale in our store. Before purchasing a piano, you should always test it personally to choose the one you like the most.
Yamaha offers their famous models such as the psr series as a portable digital keyboard as well as the grand series in 76 and 88 key versions like the DGX series.
On the other hand, most parents, unless they are pianists themselves, rarely understand the complexity of buying a piano. Very few children start out practicing at home on a grand piano unless there is already one in the family.

If you buy a traditional acoustic piano, you need to commit to having the piano tuned without fail at least every six months.
Try out many pianos until you are satisfied that you are making the choice that is right for you. Interested buyers may view and test on both types of pianos at one go, so as to make a more informed choice and purchase the right piano which will best work for you. A piano with uneven tone or poor touch will adversely affect your learning and playing interest, hence it is very important to find the piano with the right feel for your children or yourself.
Plastic keys can be cleaned with a mild solution of vinegar and water, making sure no water goes between the keys. Our friendly staff will also be around to provide you with 'live' demonstration on the various piano models we have in our store and share with you some professional opinion on the type of piano which will best cater to your individual needs. Older pianos ranging from 36 to 37 inches high, called spinets, are no longer built because of their inferior sound quality; it is still possible to buy one of these (used, of course) pianos, however, for a beginner. If these pins are allowed to remain in an “out of tune” position for years, they most likely will not hold tuning well even after they are tuned repeatedly. If you know someone who tunes pianos, you should take this person along when you are looking at used pianos—even if you have to pay the person (and that’s only fair!) for his experience. The small sum you pay the “expert” may save you hundreds of dollars and prevent your buying a faulty instrument.

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