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If you look at all the features of the Yamaha P80 you can see how it was almost built for students or teachers. Because the Yamaha P80 was designed to be a simple digital piano it really has most benefit for beginners or instructors. Even though you can plug headphones directly into the P80 the sound of the keys hitting the plastic remind players of the clatter of keys on a computer keyboard. But like any purchase you make, it’s a good idea to consider many options and possibilities. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. The sound of digital pianos varies, that is why you must have heard someone saying that a piano has a brighter or a warmer sound than the other.
Yamaha digital pianos are considered among the best digital pianos available, if not better than its competitors.
Essentially, the Yamaha Arius YDP142 is one of a series of mid-range static digital pianos that are considered as furniture style range, lending a classic piano look to your home’s interior.
Aside from a somewhat weak control panel, there are excessively enough reasons to choose the Yamaha YDP142. The Yamaha P-155 digital piano offers professional quality sound with Yamaha's legendary piano touch.
FREEADS in Canada DISCLAIMER: As with any online transaction, it is up to the buyer to verify the accuracy of the information provided. The Yamaha YPT-240 measures 945 millimeters by width, 117 millimeters by height and 347 millimeters by depth. The different types of effects available on this keyboard are; master EQ, reverb, ultra-wide stereo, chorus and it also has a panel sustain function in the menu. As many piano teachers would recommend for a beginner, you should try and find a piano that will help you focus on the important things necessary to get a good foundation in playing your instrument. First, it is a Full Grand piano sized keyboard giving you 88 keys to practice many octaves with.
At only 37 pounds, the P80 is able to be tucked away in a closet when you’re not using it, to travel in the car with you when going to lessons, or even to gigs once you become more comfortable playing for people around you. There are concerns about some of the features for this piano such as the pedal not working as a acoustic piano would. If you are just getting started learning how to play, than the Yamaha P80 digital piano is perfect for you. However, aspiring pianists, must be able to understand its key features when choosing a digital piano. Yamaha pianos, by far, are the most popular digital pianos owing to it construction and tone quality, surpassing those of other leading brands.

These types of pianos combine high-quality sound with a decent touch to come up with an instrument that is perfect, both for beginners and seasoned musicians. The Yamaha YDP 142 digital piano allows you to work with a keyboard setting that suits you as select from among the three touch sensitivity levels, depending on your playing style and finger strength. This digital piano allows you to either have a half-damper or continuous pedaling controls, similar to the smoothness, details, subtleties and nuancesof pedaling a grand piano.
Equipped with damper resonance technology, this digital piano digitally produces the sympathetic sound of the interaction between the strings of acoustic pianos.
Armed with the latest and exclusive Yamaha Acoustic Optimizer technology, the Yamaha YDP142gives you enriched tone and sound resonance at any volume levels. You can record your performance through the built-in 2-track song recorder of the Yamaha YDP142.
You can liven up your piano sessions by bringing your creativity a notch higher, utilizing different musical instrument voices together, such as the strings and piano. It is basically equipped with a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, specifically designed for proper fingering techniques and make way for easy transitions when played.
These are acclaimed recordings played on Yamaha’s CFIIIS 9 concert grand piano, to let you experience a number of dynamic levels of pure and delicate concert power.
Whether you're practicing at home or away, performing solo or in a band you'll have top-shelf Yamaha digital piano technologies at your fingertips. This web site and its owners only facilitate a location for information to be presented by the seller or sellers agent and do not verify any information provided. This is the ideal musical instrument for people aspiring to be musicians but are just getting started. These lesson functions enable a selected song to be played back and get adjusted continuously to a tempo relative to the performance of the player.
This makes it capable to alter and tailor the sound output for an optimized sound in listening situations which are different. Even pianists would tell you that what they are truly looking for in a digital piano is for authentic sound and piano action. Unlike other digital pianos, the P80 has weighted keys that give you the feel of playing on a acoustic piano. It sustains only the notes that were hit and the subtleties of how an acoustic piano will vibrate when played are lost in the digital piano. Even the people around you might start to feel a bit frustrated with all the clicking that you are making. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. A good piano must be able to provide authentic piano touch and a suitable tone for its player, similar to that of the grand piano.

Among Yamaha’s selection of digital pianos that are currently creating waves in the music industry is the Yamaha YDP 142.
It also features Damper Resonance to digitally animate the depth of an acoustic piano when pedaling, plus an Intelligent Acoustic Control, to ensure a full and balanced tone at any volume levels. Needless to say, the Yamaha YDP 142 is up between the big players as not many other digital pianos can give you more power to play. This Yamaha digital piano has advanced sampling functions and the ultra-expressive Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard.
This keyboard features Ultra wide Stereo technology for the production of great sound and a wide stereo image.
It is possible to produce an ultra-wide stereo since the Yamaha YPT-240 is equipped with Yamaha’s very own technology for processing digital signals. It can be purchased online on sites like amazon where it goes for $149.48 and it is shipped for free! These were the goals for Yamaha while creating the P80 and it might be just what you are looking for. Soon after you get more comfortable, the rest of the P80’s features can become more useful to creating your own unique sound. This is a common concern that many people have about digital pianos who are used to playing on acoustic ones. It flawlessly responds to your skill level, whether you are working your way from a beginner status to a more advanced player or you are simply brushing up on your acting prowess to prepare for a powerful concert performance.
The Yamaha YPT-240 digital piano comes equipped with on-board lessons for learning, hence making music easier and more fun to learn.
This technology makes the creation of a stereo image which is wider than the speakers possible. There is also a custom liquid crystal display and a control panel, everything efficiently put together. Some owners of the P80 have said that if one key breaks that all the keys need to be replaced in order to fix it and that the cost from Yamaha is high enough to consider buying a new keyboard since this keyboard is no longer being manufactured. The technology for generating tones in this keyboard is AWM Stereo type Sampling and it has a maximum number of 32 polyphony. It has a playback format of SMF and one disadvantage is that this format cannot be changed when recording.

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