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The latest model in the Contemporary Piano range of Yamaha’s P-series is the P45B, which is aimed as a replacement and a successor of the previous P-35 model.
The Yamaha P45B has been launched as a successor to the very successful P-35, and it contains various upgrades from its predecessor.
The latest Yamaha P45B is an ideal musical instrument for beginners who want to be able to experience the quality of a real, acoustic piano at an affordable price. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. Having played this digital piano numerous times I found the sound to be fantastic and extremely realistic when compared to an acoustic piano. The excellent range of piano sounds that you can choose from are fun to explore, and allows the player to choose the type of piano sound they prefer.
The touch and feel of this piano is excellent, and you can really tell that no expense has been spared. I have played hundreds of pianos over the years, ranging from ?200 to ?100,000, and to experience this kind of excellent response from the keys was a pleasant surprise.
The graded hammer standard effect (GHS) that is present with this piano makes a huge difference.
When you come across a digital piano that has GHS, it basically means that the keys are heavier in the bass and get lighter as you move up the piano keys to the treble.
At just over ?300.00, this digital piano is perfect for a beginner who wants to spend a sensible amount of money on their pursuit of becoming a piano player. Most people assume that buying a piano will cost a fortune, but technology has moved on so much these days that digital pianos provide a far better quality for the money in comparison with an acoustic. Not only perfect for a beginner, but experienced professionals who teach and gig can enjoy this model as it can easily switch from a home piano to a stage piano in minutes.
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With both being more than a century old companies, Yamaha has an equally impressive line up of products consisting of digital pianos (numbering around 250 odd models now), which are nothing short of classic. These models are placed at the back end of Yamaha’s digital piano spectrum and range between $500-$1,000.

The new model has a contemporary design with a small footprint which allows for better portability and storage at home and outdoors.
Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action – The GHS weighted action provides heavy touch in the low end keys and a much lighter touch in the high end keys, like a real acoustic piano. 64-note Polyphony – This is an upgraded feature from the P-35, which had a 32-note polyphony. USB connectivity – The USB-to-Host port allows you to connect with computers and mobile phones, using the various educational, music creation or entertainment software applications. Reverb and Chorus Effect – Another USP of the P45B is the additional feature of Chorus along with the Reverb effect, which you do not find at this price range in other digital pianos of various brands. Single Button Function – The P45B has a unique Single Button feature which allows you to change various settings in the piano at the touch of a single button. The P45B has the same 88-key weighted action as the P-35, but along with an improved piano sound quality and the upgrade to 64-note polyphony, it edges out its predecessor in performance terms. It also boasts of a compact, lightweight design which allows for better portability and makes it ideal for using at home as well as outdoors. Often you expect a piano of this price range to struggle when it comes to sound and touch, but the Yamaha P-45 delivers with ease.
This creates an extremely realistic action, and the touch and feel mimics that of an acoustic piano. Sure, there are cheaper options, and maybe even the option of buying a keyboard if you are a little nervous about fully committing to a piano; but if you are confident that learning to play the piano is for you and that you’ll still be going strong in a few years time, then the Yamaha P-45 is an excellent choice, and one that you won’t regret. He came to me for lessons and was serious right from the off, but naturally didn’t want to spend too much money.
The Yamaha P-45 is also quite light and easy to transport, and doesn’t hardly take up any room. Yamaha divides its various models into different categories based on the built in technology and features they have to offer (and Price, of course).
Yamaha had launched P-35 as the most affordable 88-key, weighted keyboard digital piano and it proved out to be a major success, especially among beginners and college goers. It is an 88-key weighted action digital piano, which uses Yamaha’s Stereo AWM (Advance Wave Management) to create its rich music library. A 64-not polyphony allows the player to perform moderately dense musical passages even while using heavy sustain pedal, without cutting off any dropped notes.

While the Split mode allows two different sounds in the lower and higher end of the keyboard. Yamaha has also done away with the old 5-pin MIDI and introduced an USB-to-Port connectivity option, which allows the P45B to connect with a host of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and laptops.
All in all, it is another successful addition to Yamaha’s legendary repertoire of digital pianos and not just carries forward the tradition of the P-35, but enhances it (in some cases at least).
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. My personal favourite is being able to combine the piano and strings together to make a wonderful mellow sound which you can’t get with an acoustic.
When I showed him the Yamaha P-45, he couldn’t believe that he was able to get a proper piano with the full 88 weighted keys for so little money.
Besonderen Wert hat Yamaha auf ein authentisches Spielgefuhl gelegt und beiden Varianten eine Graded Hammer Tastatur mit Decklagen aus synthetischem Elfenbein spendiert. This was because it allowed people to experience the quality of a real acoustic piano, at a very affordable price in the form of a portable digital piano. Enhancing the successful tradition of P-35, the new Yamaha P45B boasts of an upgraded 64-note polyphony for a rich, deep quality of music. It serves as a perfect learning instrument for beginners, as they get to perfect their finger technique with the GHS action and be ready for when the time comes to play an acoustic piano. Thus, you can play say, a bass guitar in the lower half while piano on the upper half of the keyboard.
However, like the P-35, the new P45B does not have any recording option either, which if added to the P45B would have made it a much better package.
Der Pianoklang wird durch Yamahas Pure CF Sound Engine erzeugt und hat eine 192-stimmmige Polyphonie.Mit dem Dual-Modus konnen zwei Sounds gleichzeitig gespielt werden und der Duo-Modus erlaubt das Splitten der Tastatur in zwei identische Bereiche.
No other digital piano offers a GHS action at this price range, making it a great value for money instrument for beginners, students, small bands or for casual home usage.

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