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Longer strings can vibrate more accurately than the shorter and produce wider overtones; therefore they have a richer and fuller sound. The touch - Grand pianos come with a far more responsive key action due to the double escapement technique,. This allows the pianist to express and play nuances which can not be done in regular upright pianos. Duplex Scaling system - In regular pianos there is a portion of the string that is "unused". It means that you get exactly the same acoustic piano with an option to silence the strings and connecting to headphones. For example, the GB1 which is a grand baby piano just 4'11'' long (149cm) costs $12,000-15,000. On the other hand, the Yamaha handcrafted CF6 Concert Grand is almost two times longer ( 9' or 275 cm) and costs $ 85,000.
Quality: The biggest pianos are the grand concert pianos which are used in professional concerts, competitions, recordings etc.
These pianos must be superior because they represent the company; therefore a great effort is made when building them.
Refinishing: You can find two pianos of the same model, refinished differently, and difference of thousands of dollars in price. Yamaha has produced various collections of grand pianos; each of them is aimed to specific needs. The classic collection includes smaller grand pianos ( baby grand pianos ) which suit small rooms.

The Conservatory Collection includes reliable grand pianos which can bear hours of playing. The Conservatory Concert Collection includes durable pianos which are bigger with a richer and fuller sound, and therefore placed on stages.
The crowning glory of Yamaha grand pianos is the Premium Collection which is hand-crafted and built of the highest quality of materials. Despite the high quality, these pianos are quite affordable, and when you put them in a room or a home salon you get a rich and a full sound. The GC1 or GC1M - Length: 5'3" (161 cm) is built similar to the C1, having the duplex scaling and a rich and warm tonal character. It is a much affordable piano than the C1 because Yamaha use cost-saving materials for its production. This is quite affordable in comparison to other grand pianos manufactured by other companies. The Yamaha C5 is one of the most popular grand pianos placed on main stages of conservatories and other music schools. This collection (also known as the C series) is specially produced for music schools and conservatories. Not only they are larger, they are built of higher quality of materials and in a careful process of production.
The Premium Piano Collection is the leading choice of the finest schools and conservatories due to its rich sound, touch, consistency and durability. With a full, resonant tone that only a grand piano can possess, the GC1 series provides superior performance at an affordable price.

The beautiful GC1M combines the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the coveted C1 grand with cost-saving advantages in materials and production to create an instrument that’s both expressive and uncommonly affordable. Finest-quality, thread-cut, chromium-plated steel for pins that will not slip, twist or rust.
Vertical-grain select mountain-grown solid spruce, the world's best amplifying wood, with spruce ribs and wood soundboard buttons, all ribs notched into the soundboard liner. Highest-quality vertical laminated maple bridges help prevent cracks in the bridge, with cantilevered bass bridge for longer strings and better tone. The Duplex Scaling system allows resonance of this portion, therefore it vibrates immensely enriching the sound. For example, Yamaha C7 in Black Polyester costs about $ 42,000 while the same piano in White Polyester costs around $ 50,000. Music Box Manchester does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, currency or completeness of this information and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in this information.
When the piano is larger it means that there is much more material involved in building it.

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