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After trying a lot of MS and Logitech keyboards in various shops I came across this HP keyboard which came with an HP desktop system. I have been typing code and technical docs since 1972 and this keyboard is the best I have ever used. I just bought an HP Elite keyboard and so far everything works fine except the numbers on the number pad.
The solar-powered wireless keyboard that makes battery hassles a thing of the past in a streamlined, comfortable design.
Here's a peripheral kit with a really bizarre name that makes me think about a PCI Express SSD, or something similarly expansive from the storage industry.
Adesso is the company name, and the products are called Tru-Form Media 1500GB Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse.

The keyboard has a sloped split design and is pretty curvy, seeking to ensure that your hands are always comfortably situated. 2.4 GHz wireless tech is used for the mouse, which happens to be similarly designed, with low hand strain in mind. I ordered a second keyboard to see if maybe there was a defect with the first one but this second keyboard has the same problem. If you have questions as I work on the review, click the link above and leave comments with your questions. The reciver is a ugly looking puck thing.You also have to synic the mouse and the puck by holding done a button for a while when you first get it which is annoying. It came with a wireless optical mouse however it quit working so I had to replace it with a corded usb mouse which i wasn;t happy about.

Compared to my microsoft multimedia keybaord the keys on this have more resitance and make more noise when you use them. Personally I don't think it is very comfortable to type on comarede to the before mentioned keyboard.

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