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Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. A collection of supplementary pieces ranging from folk and classical through to showtunes and popular songs for young clarinet players. Students from Beijing City International School, Yew Chung International School and Dulwich College tell us their New Year's resolutions, big and small. Thoughts from Cheryla€™s mother, ST: a€?We support whatever decision Cheryl makes, as long as it is her passion a€“ I want her to wake up every day enjoying what she does.
Thoughts from Nathana€™s father, Ron: a€?Ia€™m proud he is setting goals that are thoughtful and come from his desire to help others.

Thoughts from Laurena€™s mother, Terri: a€?We've been very busy adjusting to Beijing, and because school hours are so long here therea€™s not much time left [in each day]. Some excellent pieces to allow players to try a number of different styles.Only slightly negative is that some of the pieces are too short, but as a "sampler" of some great genres it points the player in the right direction(s)Just a shame the series stops at Grade 4.
After having lived in Los Angeles for three years, coming here was a big adjustment a€“ the pollution, the difference in curriculum, the stress of impending graduation and college applications; everything just adds up and doesna€™t compare to my experience in LA. But I tell myself that these are just short-term a€?sufferingsa€?, and after six months, I get to do what I want for the rest of my life. To that end, we arranged for an internship at a reputable architecture firm so she could be sure about what she was getting into. With practice, I guess you could saya€¦ Thinking through my actions before actually taking them will help me act in a kinder way.

My wife and I have tried to instil the idea that being a good person isna€™t just a€?talka€?, but must be lived out by showing care about others in our daily lives.
As a consequence, things that used to be a part of our life, such as playing the piano, have been put aside.

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