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Last week Lee and I interviewed Markus Zierhofer, a young composer from Austria who we think is definitely worth an introduction. Additionally he has scored a considerable amount of short films already including REM which has just been nominated at for the Shocking Shorts Award 2015 in Germany.
But Markus is also interested in Trailer Music projects and has done some already for American Television. Right now Markus is writing music from time to time for an Austrian artist performing as a magician at the Britain’s Got Talent show. While composing 74 pieces for concerts and 10 pieces for orchestras including two piano concerts over the last few years Markus also has a lot of experience in arranging and flew last year to New Zealand to meet the Symphony Orchestra of St. During the last couple of years the production and mockup side became more present in his life as well. Also in the last 20 years, especially with more and more upcoming minimalist film music styles, a very big amount of the Film Music is commercial music [like pop music]. The problem is if you record a small orchestra for example and you don’t record at the Air Studios in London [or something alike]it sounds old-fashioned. It would be the best thing to play the instrument yourself to get an idea of what it feels like to play it.
For the picture and for your facebook page or website it’s always good to be conducting. It’s better to sit in a booth also because the instruments are mostly split in bigger recording sessions. Furthermore we talked about the Hollywood Music Workshop he attended from the very beginning in 2009. Before we ended the interview we came to talk about what he’d be interesting in working on. Make sure to like to visit Markus Zierhofer’s website, his Facebook page, his Twitter account and his Souncloud channel. I want the pre-schooler to WANT to take piano lessons and if they have been asking for them, chances are good that they will excel. If a music teacher has recommended that a pre-schooler take piano lessons, then chances are that the child has exceptional musical ability and will excel in the lessons. After having taught pre-schoolers for over ten years, I can honestly say that I get excited about having the opportunity to teach them!  They have turned out to be some of the best, most creative and happy piano students that I have had! At Emily Lowe’s Music Star Studios, we have teachers who have been through a training course on teaching pre-schoolers piano lessons.  If you are interested in learning more, please click here!
While still in college on a full music scholarship working towards her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance, Emily Lowe began her teaching career.
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If it has been more than 6 months since your piano was tuned, it will certainly benefit from a tuning. Over the next few months I will be writing a series of articles answering questions about pianos from piano students. Doug keeps up an active blog on piano teaching on his piano teaching website, Portland Piano Lab.
The environmental stability around the piano also plays a large role in how often a piano needs to be tuned. A piano near a drafty window or door, or in a drafty area is going to have a much harder time staying in tune. Placing your piano in the most environmentally stable part of your house will go a long ways in keeping the tuning stable. The last major factor in determining how often a piano should be tuned is the needs of the people playing the piano. If the piano is in the home for the grandkids to play their pieces on twice a year, it probably only needs to get tuned every 1-3 years. Pianos used by performers, teachers and recording studios usually need to be tuned at least twice a year if not more! Buying a used piano from a private party is risky business, but can be very rewarding if you know what you are looking for. It is safest to hire a piano technician to inspect a piano before you purchase, but if you choose not, or cannot, please educate yourself a little and seriously look through the piano before committing time, space and money to a piano.
A note that isn’t sounding may just have a coin stuck under the keys, or it may be broken and need repair. Play each note starting at the bottom and take note of continuity of tone through out the keyboard and make sure each note moves up and down freely without sticking or continuing to ring after the note is released.
The soundboard amplifies the vibrations of the strings and produces either pleasing or poor tone. Cracked bridges are not easy to see unless you are really looking for them, but they produce horrible buzzes that are very expensive to repair.
If you are paying movers to transport your piano (which I recommend), or even if you are moving it yourself, consider the distance and logistics of transportation. Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Sohmer, Knabe and Steinway are all solid well built instruments that have few problems and high resale value. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what to look out for when looking to buy a used piano. Different combinations of the 18 college students, high school students and alumni performed ensemble pieces by Bach Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, Vandall, Poulenc and Mozart. Pianos are complicated machines with many parts, but unlike most instruments, everything is closed up behind the case so we hardly ever see what a piano really is. The Hammers: The hammers are part of the action, but they are important enough they get their own paragraph. Pinblock: The pinblock holds the tuning pins tightly in place to the piano can be finely tuned and hopefully stay in tune!
There is actually a lot of felt throughout the action of a piano, which is what leads to the confusion. There are also tiny pieces of felt below the keys to keep the key at the right height and regulate how deeply the key can be pressed down. I was talking to one of my customers and he was explaining to me that he had downloaded a guitar tuning app on his phone and had been checking the piano to see if it was out of tune. In piano tuning, there are three important factors that all need to come into place: the temperament, the unisons, and the basic pitch level. The third element of tuning, which is the element the guitar tuning app completely failed to pick up is the purity of unisons. First, I’ve been working hard on a harpsichord that I bought this summer and got into my teaching studio. The week after I picked up my harpsichord, another harpsichord came into Portland Piano Company and I’ve been working at getting it back into shape. I’ve been tuning at Reed College all week and they have 3 harpsichords along with around 25 pianos in their music building. On the other extreme, I tuned a piano in a second story music studio that had no air conditioning. A brand new piano will be unsteady for a couple years just due to the elasticity of  new steel strings. It is spendy, but I think hiring professionals will be be faster and cheaper (if you count your time) compared to doing it yourself.
Valuing time at $20 per hour, that comes to $245 and a lot of pain (imagine two 150lb guys pushing a full-size upright out of a basement and up a frozen hill on a sheet of plywood)! Grand pianos are even harder to move since you have to take the legs and pedal lyre off and turn the piano on its side to move safely. A to Z Moving  - A to Z Moving works closely with Classic Pianos in SE Portland and I have had good moving experiences with them as well. Providing piano tuning and repair in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham,Vancouver, and the surrounding areas. Enjoy this world-class opportunity to hear young musicians from around the globe perform on a Steinway grand piano. A concert of varied classical piano pieces, played by some of the top pre-college pianists in the world on the library’s Steinway piano. Posted in Events and tagged classical, library events, live music, music, University of Kansas.
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After completing his Bachelor degree in Classical Composition as well as Piano and Education at Vienna he’s now studying for his Masters in Film Music at the Film University Babelsberg.
His first solo album will be published soon as well by the German Production Music publisher Klanglobby for Documentaries. I began with the piano when I was four and was always playing around and then figuring out what sounds good. The thinking is different between composing for concerts and for pop music. Putting long story short, nowadays film-scoring is an interesting path in the middle of the extremes of classical modern music and stereotype commercial music. The reason for that is not only that the films have changed but also that the popularity of „Music for Media“ and technology has changed. About how to create sounds that are really in the film aesthetic and also [you have to be able to work]only with sounds and noises. You don’t always have the possibility to do it often but if you have it or if you have a friend who has a cello for example then just take some lessons and play [to find out]what you have to do to create this sound or to play live, how it really feels like and how the movement is.
The Hollywood Music Workshop is an event that takes place in Austria, where renowned people from Hollywood and the Film Music industry in general, share their expertise with aspiring composers that wish to learn directly from those with in-depth knowledge and experience. Then yesterday, Markus shared this little track with us which is perfect to end our introduction to Markus Zierhofer, a young and aspiring Austrian composer we are sure you will hear from in the future! Emily (a Nashville native) teaches 25 piano students weekly, performs regularly around town, charts the Nashville Number Sytem for bands and does studio work as well!
I remember my father developing the books when I was a child, and testing them out on my sister, Julie around 1970.
This is another post answering a series of questions about pianos given to me by  students of Doug Hanvey.
Different people have different abilities to hear, notice, or be bothered by an out-of-tune piano. I would start with the E’s on either side of middle C (E3 and E4 in the piano technician world). My piano teacher friend Doug Hanvey gathered questions about the piano from some of his students and I will trying to answer them!

It depends on the quality and eccentricities of your piano, the environment around the piano, and the needs of the people playing the piano. A temperature change will slightly change the size of the string, changing the tension and putting it out of tune. The quality and age of the piano’s strings and various friction points the strings pass over also effect the stability of a tuning.
If regular practice is happening on the piano, it’s more important that it stay more precisely in tune.
They need to be at a consistantly high quality if sound all the time and the truth is, a piano is constantly wanting to get out of tune! I have served many people who have purchased, or picked up a free piano off Craigslist and sometimes they got a fantastic deal, and sometimes the piano is a horrible wreck and free was too high a price. Most of the things you need to inspect are inside the piano, so don’t be afraid to open the lid and take off any case panels that are easily removable. The soundboard can be easily viewed by lifting the lid in a grand, or looking at the back of an upright.
Cabinets can be refinished or touched up and keys can be resurfaced, but it all adds to the cost. Baldwin, Hamilton, Acrosonic, Chickering and Wurlitzer are commonly found on the used market for reasonable prices and while not as solid as the first names mentioned, they are American made will usually be good solid pianos. I know people who perform in the concert, I know piano technicians who tune for it, and I tune for some of the performers, but I’ve never actually gone to one of the concerts. The bass strings are steel wound with copper wire to increase the diameter and make the pitch lower. Uprights and grands have very different actions, but they accomplish the same goal: throw the felt hammer into the string to begin the vibrations. The hammers produce the tone, so their quality and condition are very important in how your piano sounds. The dampers don’t wear our nearly as fast as the hammers, but they can get hard and crusty if they are exposed to damp conditions.
There are lots of moving parts inside a piano and the felt bushings help many of the parts move easily and noiselessly. I just looked through all the pieces on my upright piano action model and there are generally 25 pieces of felt for each note. But since there are so many felt parts inside a piano, it’s helpful to be more specific. He had delayed getting it tuned because the guitar tuning app didn’t indicate it was very far off. I’ve come across pianos so flat the that when I play the A key, what actually sounds is G#, or even a G natural in some cases!
Sometimes it sounds in tune with itself (the temperament and unisons are fine) but the basic pitch level is way off.
My wife and I had our third child join us at the end of May and we’ve been very busy ever since!
My alma mater, George Fox University wasn’t using their instrument and they gave it to me for a very good price! It was extremely dirty, and I found that cleaning the delicate harpsichord is much more time consuming than cleaning a modern piano! It easily got up to 90 degrees during summer days and cooled down to mid 50′s at night. If you can keep the humidity between 45% and 55% and the temperature fluctuating no more than 10 degrees, your piano will have a much better chance of staying in tune.
If a piano hasn’t been tuned in many years, the stings usually stretch bringing the piano very flat of A440.
If you’re moving within the Portland area, most movers are going to charge $150-$250 (depending on location, situation and number of stairs involved). I could have paid movers $150 and they would have done it faster, safer and and I wouldn’t have had to spend my Saturday morning working on it! Measure it and compare those measurements with the space you will be moving into or through. Lifting a piano into the bed of a pickup without a ramp is not only very difficult, but unsafe. Grand pianos should be wrapped in blankets or shrink wrapped for protection and strapped tightly so the lid doesn’t open while moving. This special performance is brought to you by young pianists attending the 2012 International Institute for Young Musicians at the University of Kansas.
These kids that are performing can really play that piano—how much do they have to practice? At the International Institute for Young Musicians, they practice three to five hours a day. What we always hear when audiences hear these young people is that they are amazed and enjoy every note.
I started our Summer Music Academy to provide world-class educational opportunities for top young pianists from across the globe. They take other music classes and have time for recreational activity, shopping and hanging out–all the things young people like to do.
The visible rites by which the sacraments are celebrated signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament. Furthermore he has scored a couple of games already and works at the moment on several projects developed by the Games Academy in Berlin. On the other hand I wasn’t hindered by the barrier of working with a computer like other colleagues had when they composed for orchestras because I just grew up with it.
If you know your tools on the production side it can have a really big influence on the film score you’re writing because you have more possibilities especially with electronic music. I recently recorded a piece with orchestra [the Star Citizen clan theme from the beginning of the article] and have done a mockup with samples before and played it to some people and all said they prefer the mockup version – not the orchestra version. Now we are used to the perfect sample sound – and of course everything is always evolving around what a movie needs – but that’s the problem I guess. Emily’s Music Star Studios in Nashville, TN and has been on the Board of the Nashville Area Music Teachers Association for over ten years.
All teachers must have either a degree in Music or extensive teaching experience with excellent references. Many of the principles he developed as a basis for his theory of music instruction I have used as a basis for my current graduate studies in Instructional Design. Depending on your experience, how you grew up, your native language, any other instruments you may have played and your innate sense of pitch, your ability to determine how out of tune your piano is will drastically vary!
Then walk that octave down the keyboard chromatically and evaluate how clean, pure and consistent the octaves sound.
The tuning pins for all 200 strings on a piano are driven into a block of laminated rock maple.
Wood will expand and contract with changes in humidity and the strings and other metal parts will actually interact with the temperature, shrinking when it’s cold and expanding when it is warm. One of the disadvantages of the piano as a starting instrument is that it does little to develop a good sense of pitch (compared to stringed or wind instruments where you have to adjust the pitch you are producing).
As soon as I walk away from a piano after tuning, that 40,000 pounds of pressure on the piano and the law of entropy begin working on getting that piano out of tune again. The average piano will be kept happy getting tuned every 6-12 months so that’s my general recommendation. If many keys are slow or sticking when depressed, you could be looking at a large repair bill. Resurfacing a set of hammers will run $150-$300 and replacing a set is often more expensive than many used pianos are worth. If the keys are ivory and only a couple are chipped or missing, that is usually an easy repair to replaced the few missing or damaged pieces, but if they keys are in bad shape throughout, you are looking at another $300 repair. If several bass strings buzz when you play through each note, take off the panel underneath and inspect the bridge for cracks. Young Chang and newer Kohler & Campbells tend to look very nice but usually have more maintenance issues.
Kenn Willson, the piano professor at George Fox University coordinated a massive 6 piano, 18 pianist concert. Classic Pianos provided 5 wonderful pianos for us and Clark Forster (no relation to myself) prepared and tuned the instruments.
I got to play this Mozart two piano sonata with a fellow GFU alumni and we had a great time with this great piece (the video here is a little weird, but a great performance of the piece). Preparing this concert gave me an appreciation of the work and coordination that goes into this kind of event. As the hammers strike the strings thousands of times over the life of the piano, the felt wears off the hammer and the hammer changes shape, becoming flat instead of round at the tip. Each note (the lower 60+ notes at least) has a felt damper that is pressed against the string to stop vibrations until you play the key. Then the dampers will make vibrate against the string and make an unpleasant buzzing noise when they break contact or come back into contact with the string. There are two felt bushings inside each key that help the wooden key stay in the correct place, and help it move up and down without rattling against the metal pins that hold it in place. I checked the piano and it was severely out of tune, but in such a way that the free tuning app wouldn’t really tell the user what he needed to know.
Sometimes the unisons and pitch are fine, but the temperament is really bad so extended chords sound really jarring and ugly. I worked on this instrument while I was in college, but it has been very gratifying to have more time to get it playing really well.
One of the two courses of strings had no tension on it at all, so it has taken a lot of tunings to get it stabilized. This tiny instrument has a painting of Reed College buildings inside the lid with “The Swing” in one corner and tonsured monks playing Frisbee in the other corner! I hard at work getting school pianos in shape before school starts again in a couple weeks!
Even a wonderful piano with a very careful tuning won’t stay in tune for more than 24 hours in those conditions! Quality factors include the style and make of the pinblock, the quality of the steel used in the strings, the precision taken in manufacturing brass wound bass strings, the care taken in making the piano’s bridges, and the angles and precision in the various pressure bearing points along the string.
If you make a mistake and the piano lands on your leg or arm, you pay the doctor bill and 8 weeks of productivity!
If not tied down very securely, the piano can tip out of the bed which is not good for the car or piano!
Here’s an interview with its president and CEO Scott Smith about what those in attendance can expect to hear.

At home, their practice time will have to be fit in around homework and other responsibilities, so it will vary somewhat from day to day.
They are unique in that they have this special talent that requires them to focus much more intensely than is usual for students their age. However for the first time in our website’s history the audio files were corrupted somehow and we are happy that he agreed on doing it all again via Skype. You also have to care about the implementation of the music with FMod for example because it’s really important for the impact in the game. And it’s interesting that nowadays everyone does it because of the progress in technology. If you’re getting more experienced with electronic or pop music you can get more interesting soundscapes by using plugins or knowledge about how to make special sounds for the film score, like self-sampled and recorded sounds. It’s always great to work with live instruments but you have to find out what makes sense in the normal film scoring. Having taught hundreds of students in the greater Nashville area, Emily’s philosophy is that music is to be loved, not just learned and she believes that there are specific steps to achieving that goal. All performance skills are assessed and background checks are run to ensure that every teacher is a perfect fit with Ms. If a piano has gone through a change in temperature or humidity the octaves in this section often go out of tune. I have a grand piano go sharp while I was tuning it just because it was right below an AC vent! Sometimes a small crack won’t affect the tone much, but if you are considering spending much money on the instrument, or if the cracks are numerous or very wide, stay away.
If the hammers are extremely grooved from striking the strings so many times through the years, that also tells you other parts are probably worn out as well. I have seen houses that were remodeled while the piano was downstairs and it no longer fits through the hallway to get out of the house!
I participated in a 4 piano concert while I was a student there several years ago and I was pleased to be invited back for a bigger and better “Monster Piano Concert“!
The plate is easily visible on a grand, but you have to remove case parts to see it on an upright. The quality and condition of the hammers has a huge impact on the quality of sound your piano produces.
These felt hammers need to be re-shaped several times over the pianos lifetime to maintain good tone. As you play the key, the hammer launches forward to hit the string and the damper lifts at the same time to let the string actually sound. The end effect of this was the brand new Kawai grand piano wasn’t tuned for more than a full year after it was purchased and moved into the home.
Drastic changes in humidity and temperature can also make the basic pitch of the piano go up or down without ruining the temperament and unisons. If those strings aren’t tuned exactly the same, that key will sound out of tune all by itself. I have also been experimenting with historical tunings, specifically the Lehman-Bach tuning which sounds awesome on the harpsichord. The cold air chilled the steel strings, shrinking the metal and made the piano go sharp as I was working on it!
As a piano gets older, some parts may begin to wear and make the piano’s tuning less stable again. If you use the wrong technique, its possible to twist the pin’s tip outside the pinblock so the note is in tune, but as that steel bends back, the note will go out of tune in a few days.
Two strong men can handily lift a spinet or small console, but you’re moving anything bigger, or moving it far without a good dolly, you will want four men. The amount of grace given is infinite; The amount of grace received depends on the state of our soul.
But at the same time I played around with the computer as well, recorded instruments and produced music with the computer which had sampled orchestras. Of course it depends on the style but when it comes to Epic Music for example, this is not music really made to be played by a real orchestra. Because if it’s only some chords, some staccato strings and then at the bottom just celli and basses it would cost a lot of money if you record it live and won’t sound like it when you do it with samples and send it to the director. If you understand how the instruments are played and you understand the technical side of the instrument you will also hear the strong parts and the weak parts of each instrument in sample libraries. Students must learn how to read music, be taught proper technique and be exposed to music’s many different styles and roots. If one or two notes sound very different or stick out from the ones around them, that’s also a pretty good sign your unisons are out and your piano should be tuned. This section seems most susceptible because of the transition from the bass strings on one bridge, to the regular treble strings on the other bridge. If their practice piano is at one pitch and their teacher’s piano is actually in tune, a young pianist will ne hearing different things depending on what instrument they are playing and will not develop that sense of pitch. And the then someone calls me telling me that their piano is massively out of tune, but when I get to tune it, it’s actually very close, but they are just more sensitive. In addition to decreasing the quality of tone, cracks can also produce very annoying buzzes and decreases the overall volume of the piano. Thin but dense felt is put between wood and metal parts so parts can move, but be stable and quiet.
When the key bushings wear, the key will start wobbling and wiggling instead of moving straight up and down.
It was probably very out of tune most of that year and hindering rather than helping the young student practicing on it to develop a good ear and sense of pitch! When the soundboard absorbs moisture, the wood gets bigger, and since the soundboard is locked within the cast-iron plate, the crown will rise. Over the next weeks and months, this pressure will redistribute over the instrument and knock your piano out of tune again! For example, a really close violin: It has a completely different stylistic or meaning for the film if the violin is recorded very close or very far away with alot of reverb. When you see all the production music [making-of] videos… Do you really think this is great music to play? Basically you should really work with live instruments, I really like it, but you really have to decide what makes sense and what doesn’t.
The understanding of good orchestration and the understanding of what sounds good is going to get better. Please feel free to contact me if you would like some insight into LAG’s development.
Out of tune unisons are usually easiest thing to hear when checking a piano and the first thing to go out after a piano is tuned.
If the unisons are out, you might notice its hard to compare the tuning fork with the note (because you may have 3 slightly different pitches coming from the piano!).
If it hasn’t been tuned for that long, its very possible that strings will start to break when it is brought up to pitch. There are many complications and there have been many theories and methods to setting a good temperament over the years. When the crown rises, it raises the bridge the strings pass over increasing the tension on the string, raising the pitch and putting the piano out of tune. Other major problems that don’t routinely come up can completely destabilize a piano.
Understanding how the piano works, how the string is divided into several (usually 4-5) different tension bearing sections, and how the tuning pin can be manipulated will help in getting a solid, long-lasting tuning. A run-of-the-mill furniture dolly will work for many uprights, but try to get something bigger with larger rubber wheels if possible.
Then after my graduation, I wrote more than 6 pieces for orchestra, which were also being performed, and had the honor to compose a concerto for piano and orchestra for the yearly orchestra concert of the school.
Basically, one must divide up the 12 notes of the octave into 12 equal and pleasing intervals for the temperament to be correct in the modern world of music (many temperaments through history have not been equal, but that’s what we generally used today). The cast-iron plate which holds the piano’s 40,000lbs of pressure can crack (very bad!), the soundboard could crack, or the bridges which the pins pass over could crack.
I use firm key blows while tuning to help equalize the tension over all four distinct sections of the string. The small wheels on furniture dollies don’t go over doorways very well, and are not very easy to turn accurately.
They act as a semipermeable membrane, where God's grace flows into us, and we are allowed into heaven for a short while. At that time I had also been the first contrabass of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Lower Austria till 2014. You can create really nice and human sounding pieces with small ensembles and they are really authentic and not generic.
Most pianos go flat over time if not tuned, but they can go sharp as well if exposed to a humidity increase. Then the felt has to be treated with chemicals, or eased by hand to make the hammer or whippin move freely again. Many modern tuners use computer programs on a device to help set a really good temperament while tuning.
Sometimes I end up tuning the same piano a week or only a few days apart and usually the temperament and overall pitch of the piano is fine, but the unisons will have to be corrected. Sanctifying grace is a share in divine life, freely given by God to His children, you and me, through the sacraments.
You can even be more creative when you only have one microphone and one really good sounding room and you can produce it and modify it. If this isn’t done well, the first time a strong player plays something loud on the instrument, the strings will equalize, and it will go out of tune. You can very easily damage your piano and the repair bill for a couple dings or scratches can easily be higher than what you might have paid professionals to move your instrument.
And I see that it’s getting better on this regard because you now hire orchestrators in the budget who make the music really playable for an orchestra.
Cover the piano with thick blankets if you can, leaving gaps to reach important handles and handholds. As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so he who eats me will live because of me.

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