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The SL MkII has been designed to give you complete control over your music making software. Novation have worked with the major software companies so when you want to control instruments and effects, you simply click on the thing you want to control, touch the knob, fader or button, and its instantly assigned! Novation know that producers, musicians and sound designers want hands-on control of their music software without the headaches that come with controllers.
The SL MkII shows you exactly what software parameter you are controlling, and the value or amount. If you decide an equipment item is not suitable within 10 days of delivery, you can return it to us for a replacement or refund.
The Roland Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more.
With 88 pro-quality weighted keys, the A-88 sets a new standard for streamlined, portable MIDI controllers.
Featuring Rolanda€™s acclaimed Progressive Hammer Action design with Escapement, the A-88a€™s Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides the functions, appearance, and texture of keyboards found on our flagship pianos. The A-88 is the perfect MIDI keyboard to get the most out of your software-based pianos, soft synths, and sound modules. If youa€™re looking for grand piano action without the weight and bulk, look no further than the A-88. As iPad music apps continue to evolve and improve, youa€™ll want a pro-quality keyboard to play them.
The KS-18Z keyboard stand is attractive, easy to transport, and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest 88-key keyboard securely. This well-built, real-feel pedal comes with a non-slip rubber plate a€” essential when performing on hardwood or slip-prone surfaces a€” and an extended cable (2.2m) for stacked multi-keyboard setups. Durable expression pedal for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments to control a range of functions and effects parameters.
This contains information on the A-Series Keyboard ( A-49, A-88) driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. In addition, we have a library of Ownera€™s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. Novation have worked with each of the main DAW manufacturers to make sure each of the 56 knobs, faders and buttons control the things in your software that you need them to control.
Touching the touch-sensitive knobs and faders, brings up names (and values) of whatever they are controlling on the giant LCD display.
Its Ivory Feel-G weighted keyboard a€” a trusted asset found on high-end Roland workstations and digital pianos a€” brings a new level of grand piano luxury to the portable MIDI controller market.
Ita€™s equipped with advanced sensor technology, and the white keys feature a comfortable, moisture-absorbent surface that feels like real ivory. It provides clean connections via its recessed rear panel so you can place a computer monitor or laptop in the perfect position for creating music. The elegant Ivory Feel-G keyboard plays like a true grand, with superb action and natural resistance-gradation from the low to high keys.
Packed with great features such as Casio's famous Step-up Lesson System, audio inputs for a MP3 player, USB port for MIDI implementation and a pitch wheel for additional expression over sounds. The SA75 also features an LCD musical information system as well as the option of turning off the melodies of the 10 built-in songs, so that performers can play these themselves.
The included Interactive Yamaha Education Suite has 5 lessons, a chord dictionary, metronome, and over 100 songs to learn and improve your basic skills. Packed with great features such as Casio's famous Lighted Key Step-up Lesson System, audio inputs for a MP3 player, Mic Input, USB port for MIDI implementation.
Featuring all new grand piano samples and a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and weighing less than 25 lbs., the Casio Privia PX-130 is versatile enough for home, church, school or on stage. Weighing a mere 2 lbs., this roll up piano is extremely light-weight, making it ultra-portable.
Packed with great features such as Casio's famous Step-up Lesson System, audio inputs for a MP3 player and a USB port for MIDI.
Other features include 361 professional sounding XGlite voices, 12 drum kit sounds, 100 accompaniment styles, and rich reverb effect that adds concert-hall ambience to any performance.This Premium Package also comes with power supply adapter.
The WK-200 76 Key Musical Keyboard, with touch response, allows you to select up to 570 tones that include an array of sounds. KeyStudio makes it easy to command a library of virtual instruments, audition loops and compose songs in GarageBand, Logic and other Mac-compatible applications. This roll up piano is so portable that you can easily roll it up and bring it with you anywhere you go. Featuring all new grand piano samples and a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard and weighing only 26 lbs., the Casio Privia PX-330 is versatile enough for any home, studio or stage. Just call up a song from the 100 songs built in to the keyboard, select if you'd like to play the left or right hand part and hitStart. Featuring a 61 Key Piano Style Touch Sensitive Keyboard, 670 total onboard Tones, 200 Rhythms and Reverb plus Chorus Digital Effects. Offering a wide range of features and functions, the CTK-2100 keyboard includes 400 tones and 150 rhythms, sampling function, an audio-in jack that lets you play along with your favorite songs, USB port for connecting to a PC, and AHL audio technology for reproducing amazingly real grand piano and acoustic musical instrument sounds. First of all, the PSR-E323 has 61 full-size keys with Touch Response for the expressiveness of an acoustic piano. The LK230 features one of the most helpful learning systems in Casio's own Step-Up music education system.

The SL MkII can directly control your plug-in instruments and FX , you also get an Italian made, semi-weighted keyboard mechanism. It has been designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls to various software parameters quick and easy. With over 56 assignable controls, you need to be able to assign things quickly, and keep track of which knob, fader or button is controlling which bit of your software.
Automap's software edit page shows you a graphic of the entire control surface, with every control labelled, on your computer monitor. USB bus-powered operation allows for a clean, simple setup, while the two knobs, two switches, and D-BEAM controller are all easily accessible and intelligently arranged to make your workflow fast and fluid. For quick control over your external instruments, the A-88a€™s dedicated Dual and Split buttons let you instantly access layers and zones.
All this makes CTK-3000 more realistic and expressive than ever before at this price range. Casio includes a hands-free headset microphone so you can sing along with all of your favorite songs. It includes the following demonstration songs: 1) American Patrol, (2) Fly Me to the Moon, (3) Caplown Races, (4) Besame Mucho, (5) Little Brown Jug, (6) Song Of Spring, (7) Music Box Dancer, (8) Nocturne.
The Yamaha Portable Grand voice and over 500 other voices plus onboard speaker system make sure things sound good, too. All this makes CTK-4000 more realistic and expressive than ever before at this price range.
The microKORG delivers the quality sounds and features you expect from Korg at a price that will astound you. The Casio keyboard's Voice Pad function enables not only voice samples, but also other effects and sounds you can play back using the pads. A large LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings, keyboard keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play more informative and enjoyable than ever before. The sleek controller features 49 synth-action keys plus pitch bend and modulation wheels, sustain pedal input and more. Featuring 61 keys, 128 tones and 100 rhythms, this roll up piano is truly a must have for any piano player.
The keyboard will light up the key that you're supposed to play and , the song will actually stop and wait for you to find the correct key! Packed with great features such as Casio's famous Step-up Lesson System, audio inputs for a MP3 player, pitch wheel for additional expression over sounds, Line Outputs and a USB port for MIDI. For the absolute beginner, this keyboard features the Yamaha Education Suite system with 5 lessons, including a "Keys to Success" function that helps you hone your skills. LED rings around the knobs instantly show the value of whatever they're controlling, and each button lights up when switched on. For players looking for great weighted-keyboard action in a portable package, the A-88 is the best MIDI controller available.
Other settings can be accessed via the Function button, which lets you use the keys to perform additional tasks printed above the keyboard. You can also map the A-88a€™s controllers automatically to SuperNATURAL instruments such as the INTEGRA-7 sound module or JUPITER-80 and JUPITER-50 synthesizers. You also have a 300-title music database, 6-track sequencer, and USB port for computer connectivity. Easily connect the Casio WK210 keyboard workstation to an MP3 player, microphone, and then to a PC. Simply connect it to your Mac OS X computer with a single USB cable and start playing.49-Note, Synth-Action Keyboard The KeyStudio keeps things simple with a 49-note keyboard and basic controls. The pads feature the heart and soul of hip hop: the MPC Note Repeat function and Swing parameters.
All of the tools you need are found in the keyboard, including how to play chords.Yamaha Education SuiteThe included Yamaha Education Suite works in conjunction with the EZ-200's special guide lamps for a intuitive learning experience. All this makes CTK-5000 more realistic and expressive than ever before at this price range. And that's not all; the LK230 has plenty more to offer, including the AHL sound source boasting 48 notes, 150 rhythms, an extended automatic accompaniment feature with ON-bass chord and a large, easy-to-read display.
It features 76 non-weighted keys that not only look like piano keys but have a Graded Soft Touch (GST) action with different levels of resistance, making it easier for a budding musician to move to an acoustic or digital piano.
The PSR-E413 offers Sound Control Knobs and five types of master EQ that you can tweak to tailor sounds and effects.
The Casio keyboard not only offers a wealth of sound diversity, rendered effectively via the AHL sound chip, but also a vast array of timbres (570) and rhythms (180).
Consider it done with the on-board Digital Effects which will add another dimension to your playing. Use the octave up and down buttons to hit higher and lower notes, and the pitch bend and modulation wheels for added expression. The Akai MPK49 Performance Controller also has its own arpeggiator, for creating quick, creative riffs in seconds.
This package is bundled with professional closed-cup headphones, single x-braced stand, and power supply. The DGX-230 delivers on its piano theme with a special mode of fingering called Full Keyboard Mode. This allows you to assign knobs, faders and buttons, by simply clicking on the software parameter, and touching the control. The Arpeggiator delivers 100 different patterns and beats.The PSR-E413 also includes USB connectivity, allowing for the transfer of songs and styles between the keyboard and your computer.

The Casio WK210 even has a number of treats for fans of eccentric beats, as the scale tuning functions open up a whole new world of Asian quarter tones or the classical tempering of baroque music.The Casio keyboard's 76 dynamic piano-look touch keys provide ample space for music.
This powerful instrument also features an on-board sequencer, for unmatched creative possibilities!
The Akai MPK49 features MPC 'Full Level' and '12 Levels' functions on its pads, and MPC Swing can be applied to both Note Repeat and Arpeggio functions.
The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary.
Now you can learn your favorite songs on the Internet.Once you've got the hang of the basics, the keybaord has a 2-track sequencer to record 5 of your own songs with up to 10,000 notes. This allows the player to play the keyboard like a piano; for example a chord with the right hand and bass notes with the left. This can be used for educational purposes or for musicians to play along with pieces that are downloaded into the Yamaha PSRE413. The WK210 keyboard's 6-octave scope offers the best range of options and ideal freedom for turning your musical ideas into reality.
Tap Tempo and time-division buttons allow for real-time control of Note Repeat and Arpeggio clock speeds. You can create sound effects for a party or other events, or use sounds to compose music (1 sound; 1-second sampling time).
Use 482 built-in voices, 106 rhythm styles (including 12 drum kits) to create your own masterpiece.
The Casio WK210 is equipped with 570 quality AHL tones which create clear and dynamic sounds, including all sounds and rhythms found in classical piano pieces, as well as many other genres.The 76-key Casio WK210 keyboard plays up to 48 voices at the same time, giving you sound diversity at its best. The Akai MPK49 delivers an amazing 76 assignable controls, with assignable inputs that include an expression pedal, footswitch, pitch bend and modulation wheel. The Yamaha PSR-E323 has 9 reverbs, 4 chorus, and 26 types of harmony for genuine creativity with your sound. Traditional portable keyboards normally require you to chord on the left side of the keyboard, in the bass section, which is foreign to most piano players.
This makes interpretation of a wide range of musical pieces a pure pleasure.Casio Step-Up Learning system The improved Casio step-up learning system is based on the principal of learning by playing. The WK-200 also features a new 10 second sampling feature, which will allow you to sample almost anything that you can think of! The PSR-E323 can be powered by the optional Yamaha PA-130 AC adapter power supply (sku#336005) or six AA batteries (not included). When the keys are struck in time with the music, the notes are corrected to match chords of the song being played. You can layer two different tones (such as piano and strings) or split the keyboard down the middle for an ensemble approach. As in traditional piano lessons, the practice piece is split up into individual bar sections and learned step-by-step. The DGX230 has 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on included CD-ROM for you to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite.
For a piano gift that will keep on giving for years to come, roll up piano is an awesome choice. The Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel and five other knobs provide flexible realtime control over filter cutoff, attack, release and other important parameters. With the DGX-230, you have the equivalent of a built-in multi-track recorder to record one or multiple instrument parts at a time and assign each part to a different track.
Six tracks are provided to accommodate sophisticated melodies, chord accompaniment and rhythm parts. Connect the CTK-4000 to a computer using a USB cable and exchange MIDI data between the two devices. The DGX-230 comes with 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on an included CD-ROM and an interactive lesson system, divided into left and right hand parts, for learning them.
Send play data from the keyboard to music software running on your computer, or send MIDI data from your computer to the keyboard for playback. In addition, you have the ability to connect to a computer via USB, download more songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM (PC only), and use all of the Yamaha Education Suite features to help you learn to play them. Now, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on the web and your computer. In addition, once connected, you can play your songs into the computer (PC and Mac), edit them if necessary, and e-mail them to your friends and family. And with General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatibility, song data always plays back with the correct sounds.
Step Up Lesson takes you through practice of the right hand part, left hand part, and both hand parts for each phrase of a song.
Each time you play a chord with your left hand the appropriate accompaniment will play automatically. You can select from among 12 types of Auto Harmonize to suit the type of music you are playing.
There are 90 different arpeggio patterns from which to choose in order to match the music you are playing.

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